Everything you need to know about Cantha for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Cantha was once the capital of a great empire. Now it is home to ruins, wild creatures and explorers seeking fortune in its vast caverns. Cantha has two distinct areas: one that’s hot with jungles and deserts, known as Kaineng City; another icy land called Fahrnya Province.,

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In guild wars 2, there’s a lot to learn about the mythology. Unfortunately, if you’re not aware of what occurred previously, little nuances and hidden jewels might slip by you fast, and there’s a lot that can be neglected in Cantha, the setting for the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion. This is why we’ll go over a few brief points that you may not be aware of or may have forgotten.

The Importance of Cantha

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Cantha is the oldest of the Tyrian areas, and it is said to be one of the first human settlements. Cantha is also referred to be the origin of mankind in certain situations, however there is no clear confirmation of this. Until it was separated and shut off from the rest of Tyria, Cantha was a playable location in Guild Wars Factions.

Cantha has long been a crossroads for trade, business, and the arts. Unfortunately, it has also been a hotbed of conflict and struggle, as well as several political intrigues. Emperor Usoku’s decision to lock off Cantha’s borders and banish all non-humans from its beaches was particularly remarkable, implying that species like the Charr and Asura were not welcome at all.

Though commerce between the Empire of the Dragon and Lion’s Arch, the center for players and a huge port city, continued right up to the Rising of Orr, Cantha has been locked off and unavailable to players. Then, under the command of Zhaitan the Undead Dragon, dead ships cut off all sea-based commerce routes, thus cutting off Cantha and the rest of Tyria.

History of Cantha

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The most crucial events in Cantha’s history may be boiled down to two events. The first was the Jade Wind, which happened during the Dragon Age. The Jade Wind was a disastrous occurrence that wiped out the Jade Sea and the Echovald Forest. Shiro Tagachi’s deadly acts created the Jade Wind, which caused massive tsunami-like waves to rise from the ocean and become solid Jade almost quickly.

The rush of the Jade Wind’s power froze the Echovald Wilds’ woodlands, driving the fauna insane with the corrupt magical force. Even enormous Leviathans were kidnapped and encased in the waters by the tremendous Jade Wind. This Dragonjade, on the other hand, has proven very precious to the Canthans, who have managed to harness its power into the Jade Tech that we see today in New Kaineng City.

The reappearance of Shiro Tagachi, who had produced the Jade Wind by assassinating Emperor Angsiyan and then dying, was the second of Cantha’s major events. Shiro arose from the ashes, having not been completely destroyed previously, and proceeded to utilize his power to raise and corrupt spirits, becoming the Shiro’ken army. Shiro was only stopped from decimating the land of Cantha and murdering another Emperor by the intervention of the salt spray Dragon known as Kuunavang and the sacrifice of Master Togo.

Between the Kurzicks and the Luxons, there were significant wars; nonetheless, this conflict was mostly settled through time, yet tensions remained. The Tengu wars were cruel and long-lasting, yet everything looked to be well in Cantha when the peace treaties were signed and until the era of isolation.

Tyria and Cantha

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While Tyria and Cantha have long been separated, the latter has always remained proud of the Canthan region. The Lunar New Year festival held in Divinity’s Reach is celebrated according to the Canthan calendar and Dragon Festival, known in central Tyria as Dragon Bash. Before the Great Collapse in Divinity’s Reach, there was a whole Canthan district in the Man City

The Zephyrites were the latest to make contact with the Canthans, traveling there with their Zephyr Sanctum and trading with the natives. Some Canthan sailors have also washed up on shore, telling terrifying stories of the Deep Sea Dragon and other sea monsters.

Cantha’s Capital

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The remains of Kaineng City were used to build New Kaineng City. Kaineng City was previously known as a filthy, thief-infested megalopolis that become prosperous after the Jade Wind. Kaingeng City has had to be rebuilt and remodelled after the Rising of Orr and Zhaitan destroyed the city. It has evolved into a technological and development hotspot. Despite Emperor Usoku’s decree for non-humans to be evicted from Cantha, it seems that other species are present in the city. Conflicts still abound, with the Jade Brotherhood now being the most serious threat to Canthans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons the last expansion?

Will GW2 End of Dragons be free?

A: The current free trial of the game only lasts a few days and will end on June 1st. You can either pay for the full version or keep playing through Steam to get access to all updates, including Guild Wars 2s next expansion pack, Path of Fire.

Whats new in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons?

A: The newest expansion for Guild Wars 2 is called End of Dragons. Its the final chapter in a 6-year story that began with Heart of Thorns, which was released on September 22nd.

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