Everything known about the Deep Sea Dragon in Guild Wars 2

The Deep Sea Dragon is a rare aquatic creature that lives in the waters of Shiverpeak Mountains. The dragon can be found near waterfalls and springs, but it has been sighted further south than these locations as well. Despite its rarity, scholars have observed the dragon for several years now, learning much about this unique animal from their observations.

The “gw2 deep sea dragon” is a rare mob that can only be found in the depths of the ocean. It has a chance to drop an enchanted gemstone, which is used for crafting weapons and armor.

The Dragons of the Elders have always been the focus of guild wars 2. From fighting Zhaitan in the basic game to Mordemoth’s spectacular unveiling to confronting Kralkatorrik, the game has a lot to offer. These great monsters of nature are more associated with guild wars 2 than anything else. There’s a lot of conjecture and doubt regarding the last Dragon we’ll face as we approach the end of dragons expansion’s final weeks. This is all we know about the last Elder Dragon who has survived, as well as their history.

Dragons of the Elders

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The Dragons of the Elders have been in Tyria for a very long time and are known to be linked directly to various forms of nature. Feeding upon the magic of Tyria they use violent and vicious means to do so, gorging themselves until sated and then drifting into a well-fed nap, leaving behind a diminished and ruined world, ready to wake when they’re hungry once more.

All in all, the Dragons of the Elders are rather nasty and somewhat unstoppable forces of nature, each exuding control over different areas and aspects of Tyria. Zhaitan corrupts corpses and brings about decay and pestilence, whilst Jormag selects champions and affects the minds of those around it, it’s icy corruption claiming scores along the way.

Mordemoth seeks to corrupt via the power of dreams and nightmares, influencing entities such as the Sylvari to their cause, while Primordius penetrates across the globe, dispatching Destroyers to do its bidding. Kralkatorrik, of course, transforms his hatred into a Brand, corrupting with rage as he rips through the earth, leaving a purple Brand in his wake.

Even still, there is one Elder Dragon who has yet to be defeated.

Dragon of the Deep Sea

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According to the lore, the Dragon of the Deep Sea was merely theorized upon by scholars, dwelling somewhere in the Unending Ocean, lurking and stirring up horrors of the deep for fun. In confirmation of this being the last Elder Dragon, Taimi herself referred to it as the water dragon, and speculating that it had to certain extent control over the waves and tides, indicating that this beast might indeed be something lethal waiting in the depths.

We know now that some of the the Pact and Dragon’s Watch are well aware of both the general location and existence of the Dragon of the Deep Sea. This comes thanks to the finding of the Tome of the Five True Gods, however, most of the detail is missing or lost. The Tome does however manage to reveal the starting letter of the Dragon’s name and Taimi confirms this, referring to it as a name that starts with an S.

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A blue colored sphere symbolizing the dragon was seen with the orbs of its siblings in the The Machine cinematic, while the dragon’s watchful gaze featured briefly during the cinematic presented during The Way Forward task.

Some Norn have event speculated that the Dragon of the Deep Sea, should it exist, would be more powerful than any of its brethren as it was cloaked in tentacles beasts that would lash out and destroy.


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Since we approach the upcoming End of Dragons expansion, it’s feasible that the Dragon “S” may make an appearance sometime down the road, as both Elonian and Canthan sailors have talked about strange monsters they’d never seen before rising from the depths of the seas.

Though when and how is up to speculation, it’s certainly a possibility as the minions of Dragon of the Deep Sea have been around for a while. The krait invasion of quaggan lands and the accounts of the Largos, speaking of the horrors in their homelands in the Undendnig Ocean are absolute proof of the Dragon’s awakened state and presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aurene an elder dragon?

What does Mordremoth look like?

A: He is a giant, purple worm-like creature with three tentacles that end in fangs. His body is actually made up of smaller versions of himself, who he uses to attack enemies as well as create new life by sacrificing themselves and their own offspring.

Why did the gods leave Tyria?

A: Because they are gods and did not want to answer petty questions.

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