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The official website of the anime Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World has announced that season 2 of Re:Zero has been postponed due to an outbreak of the coronavirus!

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait a while to see Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu season 2).

White Fox employees explained that this change was due to the fact that part of the foundation was redistributed to Chinese organizations.

A unique work was done in Japan, but the painting and the explicit work is the result of a redistribution of organizations in China that were affected by participation restrictions due to the disaster, White Fox said.

Megumi Ogata, the character of Can Hanako-kun, agrees that fans should not freeze due to cancellations and delays. Via Twitter it receives information about a deterioration in the quality of traffic. She drew attention to the terrible situation in China, Korea and several countries which unfortunately do not yet broadcast television programmes. Every development or piece of creation can be painful, but each fulfils it as much as possible.

Luckily there will be two domes next season with 25 scenes. What’s a court of law, can you ask? For dialect beginners, the farm is a three-month broadcast area, depending on the physical season, usually consisting of 10 to 13 scenes.

This suggests that the Re:Zero S2 will consist of two corridors, as the main season was also a two-hour anime. This is all the more necessary because the next major plot curve is long enough to need more scenes to maintain a high pace of action.

Until then, there is no indication that next season will be part of the Court Anime. The Split-Course is a place where one takes a break of a few months in a single anime season before continuing the TV broadcast.

In addition, it was announced that the main period of the anime agreement will start in the first quarter of 2010. January 2020 will be broadcast again on Japanese television. In the new form, the scenes change according to the schedule and new activities are added. The director’s play contains OVA scene reports, so it’s worth seeing.

For some anime fans, it was enough that the second season of Re:Zero was finally confirmed after a fairly long break, I suppose. The official statement was made in Anime Japan in 2019. The main visual effects and the video trailer were put online for next season.

There is also a scene from Re:Zero OVA 2 called Frozen Bonds (Re:Zero Hyoketsu no Kizuna), which will be shown in Japanese cinemas in the autumn of 2019. In the context of the pride of the Blu-ray novel, which was full of the most important Blu-ray boxes, Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Frozen Bonds tells how Emilia Puck met during a visit to the mansion of Roswaal to become a candidate for the royal political race.

Anime fans have long suspected that Re:Zero season 2 is in the making. All this has been taken into account, the main season was a miracle of anime, Blu-ray/DVD, books of light and manga sold incredibly well, and the characters of the series stand out in the anime quartet of Isekay 2019. The OVA scenes have also refrained from recalculating the parts of the story that will appear in the next season.

Yonkou Productions guarantees that Season 2 of Re:Zero was initiated a long time ago, in 2017, but it was a carefully kept secret. However, this does not mean that Re:Zero will be continued from 2017.

The White Fox Studio team is coming back to make season 2 of Re:Zero. In addition, some recurring actors have been included in a video for next season.

Subaru plays Yusuke Kobayashi

Emilia plays the role of Rie Takahashi.

The puck is played by Yumi Uchiyama.

Aries (who?) plays Inori Minase.

Smasha plays against Rie Murakawa.

Beatrice plays the role of Satomi Arai.

In Rosvaal Takeshito plays the role of Koyasu.

Since the English name of the main season has inevitably been abandoned, everything will be created under the name Re:Zero Season 2.

The opening music (OP) of the second season of Re:Zero with the theme song is performed by Konomi Suzuki, who recently played the opening song of the main season. The final melody of the musical signal (ED) Save will be performed by the artist Nonok, who recently performed on the stages of Re:Zero OVA.

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