Every Class’s Perks and Ultimates in Super People

In a world made of superheroes, what exactly does it mean to be human? The answer is complicated. This past week was the release of Super People- an MMO with a twist on traditional gameplay. Playing as humans and powerhouses alike in this new AR game, players must use their own imagination to create unique characters that fit into the expansive universe created by developer BLVD Entertainment.

Super People allows players to take on the role of one of twelve classes, with class selection being rather random. Players may choose their classes with in-game cash, although it is otherwise randomized among the twelve presently offered.

It’s worth noting that perks aren’t chosen by players; instead, they’re earned via gaming and the consumption of capsules uncovered throughout a battle. Here’s a rundown of each class’s benefits, how to utilize them, and what to anticipate in a Super People battle.



The Driver is by far the most popular solo meta on the Super People seasonal leaderboards, with Drivers racking up hundreds of kills owing to armored cars and bullet curving.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

SMG class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Bullet with Intelligence (high-speed)

  • Bullets bend towards the direction of their targets.
  • Damage is increased by 5%.
  • Damage is increased by 10%.

Smart Bullets won’t do all of your aiming for you, but they will make a difference. It’s a nasty mix of compounded damage enhancements on weapons that seldom misses when Combat on Horseback additionally procs.


Mounted Combat

  • Mounted accuracy is +30 percent.
  • Mounted damage is increased by 5%.
  • Mounted damage is increased by 10%.

This perk card nearly completely mitigates accuracy debuffs from engaging inside a vehicle, and the perk’s two later levels stack well with High-speed Smart Bullet.


Vehicles are my home turf.

  • +5% damage and protection while near/in vehicles.
  • +7% damage and defense while near/in vehicles.
  • +10% damage and protection while near/in vehicles.

Active inside and around automobiles, this is a homeground bonus. It’s best to drive confrontations towards cars, if not inside, after this perk activates.


Resistance to Explosions

  • -Explosions and vehicle crashes cause 100% damage.
  • Nukes cause a -50 percent reduction in damage.
  • Most thrown missiles and Sniper Air Strikes give you a -50.

This card protects Super People against the majority of the weaknesses that vehicles have. It stacks nicely with the other green advantages, so if you have all three, you’ll have a lot of fun slamming other players. Both Glass that is bulletproof and the Homeground bonus stack nicely together.


Bulletproof Glass

  • All Interior Driver vehicles have a maximum HP of +15/+20/+25.
  • All Interior Driver vehicles have a 10%, 15%, or 20% increase in defense.

Bulletproof The perk term “glass” is deceptive; the glass is not bulletproof. Rather, it provides a percentage-based damage reduction to all projectiles fired at all players entering the vehicle.



  • With the vehicle ‘G,’ you may unlock Nitro Jump.
  • Increased efficacy by 30%.
  • After dismounting, press ‘G’ to unlock vehicle detonation.

With the Driver class, you may have a lot of fun. When this single perk card is maxed up, players may boost the vehicle, force it to leap, and then dive out. Detonate it and remove hostiles once it lands in a hard location. This may be used to lure opposing squads into an easy kill, but watch out for flanks and timing.


Smart Key

  • Monster Truck ultimate counts as use since it summons a nearby unattended vehicle once.
  • With a dodge roll, you may quickly dismount.
  • After dismounting, get 20 HP for 5 seconds.

By far the most fascinating level is the first one. Make a speedy escape after you’ve been made by summoning cars to your hard cover. Smart Key combines nicely with Nitro after all three levels are completed, since players may avoid rolling out of the car for explosion.


Intelligent Detector

  • Detects the presence of adjacent automobiles.
  • Detects adversaries who have made or utilized a capsule in the immediate vicinity.
  • Detects adversaries that have performed a super leap or teleport in the vicinity.

When other classes use their abilities to provide information on location to the Driver, Smart Detector comes into its own in the second and third levels. It may be utilized to gain an advantage over foes, however it is tough to perform when mounted.


Monster Truck is the ultimate.

  • Monster Truck is summoned with a 120 second cooldown.

Because the Monster Truck sits a little higher than other vehicles, adversaries may find it difficult to engage it. However, with other perk combinations, this creature seems to be indestructible.

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Expert in Firearms

The Firearms Expert is an excellent pick if you like guaranteeing fair odds in a gunfight. To employ the entire range of skills, you’ll need to hit your shots, but it’s tough to go toe-to-toe with a weapons master in a battle.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

SMG class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that the specialized weapon might vary from match to match.


Upgrade to augmented reality

  • Increased AR Damage by 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively.

An assault rifle should always be a good choice for the Firearms Expert. In contrast to the Specialized Weapon card, this is a guaranteed perk card for the AR.


Putting out the fire

  • Leaning angle and animation speed increased by 70%.
  • When leaning, you get a 20% bonus to your defense.
  • When leaning, damage is increased by 20%.

The Firearms Expert in CQC gains a lot of benefits from the Cover Fire merit card. If this happens, keep firefights close to hard cover. The lean is uncannily swift at level one and may catch adversaries off guard early on. The conflict becomes more one-sided as the game progresses.


Combine and Contrast

  • When the equipped weapon class matches, the damage increases by 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Users who want to utilize the Mix ‘n Match perk card must have two weapons of the same kind, such as two assault weapons or two SMGs. Unless rarity indicates differently, choose weapons depending on the levels red perk cards.


Evasion of a Headshot

  • -90 percent damage from a headshot (180 second cooldown).
  • Reduced cooldown (120 seconds).
  • Cooldown time has been reduced (60 seconds).

A ridiculous perk that can be used with head armor to totally negate a headshot. Although not completely dependable in combat, it may save players from a stray sniper. When fighting with leans, which might conspicuously reveal the head, keep time in mind.


Bullet Detector

  • The enemy’s bullet trajectory may be seen.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

Every enemy bullet creates a tracer, which works in both directions. This perk is useful on every run since it allows players to respond rapidly to fresh encounters.


Quick Aim

  • Weapon switching and ADS speed have been increased by 50%.
  • Weapon switching and ADS speed have been increased by 80%.
  • While switching guns, keep ADS active.

Quick Aim has its purposes, but it’s greatest when used in conjunction with the next perk, Shoot ‘n Run. The card is average without any further benefits.



  • While targeting, increase your movement speed by 30%.
  • While targeting, increase your movement speed by 60%.
  • While targeting, increase your movement speed by 120 percent.

When circling hard cover where enemy fighters are holed up, Shoot ‘n Run comes in handy. Shoot ‘n Run, if fully unlocked, enables Firearm Experts to clear residences at breakneck speed.


Reloading Tactically

  • Reload time is reduced by 50% for specialist weapons, while magazine capacity is increased by 10% for all guns.
  • All weapons get a 20% increase in magazine capacity.
  • All weapons get a 30% increase in magazine capacity.

Your first red perk, Specialized Weapon, is required for Tactical Reload. The combination of a large Specialized Weapon magazine and Tactical Reload assures a torrent of rounds.


Forcefield (ultimate)

  • All foes within a certain range are slowed, with a 60 second cooldown.

Forcefield, a Firearms Expert ultimate, may prevent players from changing cover. It may be used to catch squads trying to move to hard cover and shoot them down while they’re caught in the street.

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Soldier in a Gas Mask

A one-of-a-kind class with a focus on doing area damage and driving adversaries out of cover. It works well with others, but it may also stand on its own if addressed correctly.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Assault class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Advanced Molotov Cocktail

  • Molotov range is increased by 20%. +2 Molotov cocktails and increased weight capacity
  • Molotov range is increased by 50%.
  • Molotov throwing range is 100 percent.

Depending on the level of participation, this card might be a winner or a loser. In a firefight, switching to a Molotov may be risky, but it can also force foes out of cover.


Rounds in Chemistry

  • Chemical Rounds are unlocked, as well as Area of Effect damage and a 5-second delay on opponent healing.
  • The duration of enemy healing interruption has been raised to 7 seconds.
  • The duration of enemy healing interruption has been raised to 10 seconds.

Chem Rounds may be used to kill adversaries hiding under cover, and they can’t hunker down to heal either. A bonus that distinguishes your class.


Indoors is my natural habitat.

  • While inside, damage is increased by 5%, 7%, and 10%.

Buff for the Homeground perk, which may be used inside any structure.


Grenade of Toxic Smoke

  • Toxic Smoke grenades have been added, along with +2 grenades and increased weight capacity.
  • Damage from poisonous smoke is increased by 5%.
  • Toxic smoke damage is increased by 10%.

Toxic Gases Grenades are a useful perk for forcing foes out of cover, such as homes. If utilized correctly, Molotov cocktails may wipe out whole squads.


Gas Mask

  • Enemies’ poisonous smoke damage is negated, and smoke heals the player with 10 HP after a 30-second cooldown.
  • Every 30 seconds, the smoke heals the players for 15 HP.
  • Every 30 seconds, heals players for 25 HP in smoke.

Gas Soldier looks to be a less popular pick among many players (due to the weaker ultimate, which has caused many to shift), but the extra benefits of being able to heal while in smoke provide a unique playstyle.


Booster for fuel

  • After utilizing a fuel tank, you get 10% more damage and 10% more HP for 60 seconds, as well as two more fuel tanks and greater carrying capacity.
  • After utilizing the fuel tank, you get 20% more damage and 30% more HP for 60 seconds.
  • After utilizing the fuel tank, you get 30% more damage and 50 more HP for 60 seconds.

It’s best to utilize towards the end of the perk card to avoid wasting fuel, although it may come in helpful in a hurry. When this card procs, explode a fuel tank when you know an enemy engagement is coming up.


Detector of Muzzle Flash

  • When the player fires at 50/100/150 meters, the adversary is detected.

Players may use the Muzzle Flash Detector to discover where gunshots are originating from within a certain radius.


Screen of Smoke

  • +3% increase in movement speed
  • In a smoke screen, movement speed is increased by 15%.
  • In a smoke screen, the movement speed is increased by 25%.

The Smoke Screen perk is best used in conjunction with Gas Mask and Toxic Smoke, enabling Gas Soldiers to charge into their own Toxic Smoke and swiftly annihilate hostiles while healing.


Fireball is the ultimate.

  • With a 50-second cooldown, launch a moving ball of fire ahead.

The Gas Soldier ultimate isn’t always a fight-winner in its present state. It may be used to take out squads in a single shot, however the shooting animation gives adversaries some time to attack safely. Use with caution.

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Soldier Gatling

There are fewer issues when there are more bullets. The Gatling Soldier may lack accuracy in combat, but he can wipe out numerous squads without ever letting go of the trigger. It’s a good match for precision-based courses.



The Gatling Gun is a fictional character created by Gatling

  • In slot 4, get the Gatling Gun.
  • Gatling damage is increased by 20%.
  • Gatling damage is increased by 40%.

This is the origin of the Gatling Soldier’s moniker, and it’s worth noting. When boosted, this weapon can hold far over 100 rounds per magazine, making it the uncontested monarch of peppering adversaries.


Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Assault class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Extension of the AR Magazine

  • For assault rifles and Gatling, increase magazine capacity by 30%, 60%, or 90%.

Assault rifles and Gatling gun magazines get bigger as a result of this perk. Keep an eye out for ammo and liberally apply the spray.


Defense from the front

  • Damage received from the front is -5 percent, -10 percent, and 15%.

Players should remember to never turn their back on a firefight while using this perk.


Bullet Detector

  • The enemy’s bullet trajectory may be seen.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

This perk’s initial level may assist players in fast swiveling towards new foes, ensuring that Forward Defense procs.


Rolling Dodge

  • Dodge Roll gives you +30 HP for 3 seconds after you use it. By striking an adversary, you may reduce the cooldown by 20 seconds.
  • Dodge Roll has a 15-second cooldown.
  • Dodge Roll has a ten-second cooldown.

Dodge Roll is a basic card with a straightforward use: always turn when dodge rolling when engaging a new adversary with this perk. The Soldier will be prepared with more HP and Forward Defense.


Smart Bullet

  • Bullets bend towards the direction of the opponent.
  • +30 capacity for inventory.
  • Inventory capacity is +60.

This perk card, above all others, transforms the Gatling Soldier into a nightmare for engagements. Hundreds of shots per second, with few misses, is a lethal combination that will rapidly dispatch most high-leveled adversaries.


Defend yourself

  • After being struck, you will get a bonus of 5% damage for the next five seconds.
  • Damage increased by 10%.
  • Damage increased by 20%.

When Defend yourself is used in conjunction with Smart Bullet, engagements are completed fast. Maintain a shooting stance with your back to the adversary.


Slide Tactical

  • Unlock the ability to slide and increase your movement speed by 3%.
  • +5% increase in movement speed
  • +7% increase in movement speed

The Dodge Roll has mostly replaced the slide, although if the combat isn’t going your way, it may assist players in finding hard cover. In later stages, a useful movement speed enhancement is available.


Spitfire is the ultimate.

  • The Gatling Gun fires explosive projectiles with a wide area of effect, increasing defense.

Because of your increased protection and powerful rounds, you’re very tough to kill as long as you know where your opponent is.

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While under the sea, the Marine gains buffs and has a useful smoke that may disrupt sight lines. This class should not be overlooked: every map in Super People has major bodies of water that Marines may take advantage of.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 20%, and 30%.

Assault class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.



  • C4 Unlock (60 second cooldown).
  • C4 damage is increased by 25%. (40 second cooldown).
  • C4 damage is increased by 50%. (20 second cooldown).

If you know approximately where your adversary is, the C4 IED can kill through barriers. It also works nicely for catching supply boxes.


Silencers that have been upgraded

  • With silent weapons, you get an extra 10% /15% /20% damage and less recoil.

When ambushing adversaries from shallow seas, silencers may be quite useful, since it’s impossible to see where the fire is coming from without perk cards.


Water is my natural habitat.

  • In water or fog of war, +5% /7% /10% may prone in shallow water.

On Super People, there is a lot of water on all of the maps, and Marine flourishes in it. To get an edge before the combat, lie down in the shallows.


Fire Against the Air

  • When shooting at an upwards angle, damage is increased by 10%, 20%, and 30%.

Anti-Air Fire is an odd perk in that it is seldom advantageous to confront an adversary who has a height advantage. However, when combined with the ability to prone in water, the initial ambush becomes devastating.


Ghillie of the Waters

  • Obtain a Ghillie half-suit.
  • Swimming causes a -30% reduction in damage.
  • While swimming, you took a -50 percent hit.

The Marine’s second water-based perk, albeit damage mitigation does not apply if you’re in the shallows. The Wetland Ghillie is a device that allows people to blend in with bodies of water.


Infiltration of water under the surface

  • Run in shallow water without being penalized for movement.
  • Swim speed and breath duration increased by 50%.
  • +100% increase in swimming speed and length of breath.

When a storm is coming, you won’t have to be afraid of bridges; just take the river and get there quickly.


Assault by Amphibious Vehicle

  • In Fog of War and shallow water, there is a -50 percent noise reduction.
  • After exiting shallow water or Fog of War, your HP will increase for 60 seconds.
  • After exiting shallow water or Fog of War, increase your mobility speed for 60 seconds.

The Marine’s last water-based boost, proccing this buff increases the Marine’s fearsomeness when in shallow water. Marines will want to start firefights from the ocean or their ultimate as soon as they reach level 2 of Amphibious Assault procs.



  • +20% increase in health recovery and energy bar consumption.
  • While healing or reviving an ally, get 20% cast speed and defense.
  • After healing or resurrecting an ally, gain 20 HP and increase movement speed for 10 seconds.

This perk is most useful when you’re playing alongside other members of your team.


Fog of War (Ultimate)

  • The Marine casts a large sphere of fog with a 90-second cooldown.

The cooldown is lengthy, but Fog of War generates a large sphere. It may be used to reposition, sit within, or pursue down adversaries.

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All debates can be put to a halt with a large enough explosion. With a wealth of HP-boosting choices, the explosive expert is a force to be reckoned with.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 20%, and 30%.

Assault rifle class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Shooting from a single point

  • +10% accuracy while shooting from the hip or shoulder.
  • While shooting from the hip or shoulder, you should expect a 20% increase in accuracy.
  • While shooting from the hip or shoulder, you get 10% more damage.

Nuclear isn’t given an ADS boost, which makes accuracy a little more tough. Point Shooting may help, but keep in mind how you aim when playing the lesson.



  • Unlock RPG in slot 4 (180 second cooldown).
  • Reduce the time it takes to cool down (90 seconds).
  • Reduce the time it takes to cool down (45 seconds).

You will be given an RPG that will reload on a timed.


Trees serve as a natural habitat.

  • While hiding behind trees, you will get a bonus of 5%, 7%, or 10% damage.

In the woods, nuclear is at ease; take advantage of sightlines to hard cover and call in the artillery from a safe distance.


Energy Bar has been upgraded.

  • After consuming an energy bar, you will gain 5 HP over time.
  • After consuming an energy bar, you will gain 10 HP over time.
  • While downed, your mobility speed is increased by 50%.

This perk isn’t really useful unless you’re playing with a group, since in solo mode, players are killed immediately rather than being downed. Energy bars have a negligible effect on HP recovery.



  • When standing or crouching, weave automatically.
  • While utilizing healing items or energy bars, you will take -20 damage.
  • While weaving, you will take -20% damage.

Weaving allows players to avoid gunfire while standing still, although at the penalty of seeming a little ridiculous. This perk also mitigates damage when standing stationary at higher levels.


Fire Wall

  • Upgrades Molotov Cocktail to Fire Wall, adding two more Molotovs and boosting carrying capacity.
  • Fire Wall duration is increased by 50%.
  • Fire Wall duration is increased by 100%.

The Fire Wall may be used to impede line-of-sight and pressure opponent defense positions.


Awareness of Space

  • Within 50/100/150 meters, it detects the position of shooters.

Spatial Awareness aids in determining the location of opponents with great precision and no tells.


March is flying by.

  • While empty-handed, increase your movement speed by 10%, 15%, or 20%.

The benefit earned by being empty-handed may not be enough to compensate for the disadvantage with the Quick March perk. If an adversary sneaks up on you while you’re rushing through empty space, there’s not much you can do if you don’t have a weapon equipped.


Tactical Nuke is the ultimate weapon.

  • After a brief duration, a bomb is dropped that does huge damage to any foes inside.

The Tactical Nuke kills all opponents within a building while causing no harm to the structure. When you don’t want to approach a defensive posture, this is a good way to seal kills.

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The Seeker is a de facto lone wolf player who uses perks to hunt down and assassinate adversaries before they realize they’re being followed.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

SMG class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Right, cover the fire.

  • Leaning angle and speed to the right have increased by 70%.
  • While leaning, you get a 20% bonus to your defense.
  • While leaning, you get 20% more damage.

When Cover Fire: Take advantage of the right procs and remain close to hard cover. Although the first level only activates when leaning to the right, it is similar to the Firearm Expert Cover Fire.


Control of the Border

  • As you get closer to the storm, your damage and protection increase by 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively.

Working near the Ice Storm is a good move with Border Control while using Seeker to pick off straggling players.


Mountainous terrain

  • Damage increases by 5%, 7%, or 10% when you’re near trees or rough terrain.

This is a standard Homeground perk; however, instead of being on top of a mountain, players may be near one.


Tracking of Projectiles

  • Gain access to the ability to view throwable things.
  • Throwables deal -25 percent damage.
  • Throwables deal -50 percent damage.

Only throwable items, such as the Tomahawk or grenades, are tracked by Projectile Tracking.


Hostiles have been discovered!

  • Within 50 meters, find a single adversary that is closest to you (80 second cooldown).
  • Cooldown time has been reduced (70 seconds).
  • Reduced cooldown (60 seconds).

On a cooldown, Hostiles Detected pings hostile positions on the map. It’s lethal when used with the Sensor for heartbeat.


Scan of the Landing Zone

  • For five minutes, opponents arriving near your landing point are tracked.
  • +5% increase in movement speed
  • +10% increase in movement speed.

Landing Zone Scan searches the region and updates opponent locations on the radar after the first landing.


Heartbeat Sensor

  • In slot 4, unlock the Heartbeat Sensor.
  • The detecting range is +10 meters.
  • The detecting range is +20 meters.

While in use, the Heartbeat Sensor dims the player’s view of the screen, but the ability to see adversaries through the wall is crucial.


Molotov Cocktails

  • Upgrade Molotov cocktails to Molotov Traps for a total of +2 Traps and a higher carrying capacity.
  • 3 deployable traps with a trigger radius of +1 meter
  • There are 5 deployable traps with a trigger radius of +2 meters.

Molotov traps are visible to the adversary; clever players hide them in homes with riches so that they aren’t seen.


Quick Slide is the ultimate.

  • Within an eight-second interval, able can do three maximum-distance slides (60 second cooldown).

Quick Slide provides participants with an eight-second window during which they may slide up to three times. It has a long range and is useful for closing the space between you and your opponents once you’ve been formed.

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Master of the Shotgun

With funny leaps, the Shotgun Master covers gaps and shoots adversaries with the shotgun.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 7%, 10%, and 15%.

Shotgun class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Rapid-fire Shotgun

  • Shotgun firing rate and reload speed increased by 20%, 30%, and 40%, respectively.

Increases the pace of shotgun shooting and reloading.


Upgrade to SMG

  • Increased SMG Damage by 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Increases the damage done by SMGs. Shotgun Masters may want to consider SMGs as a backup weapon if the Fast Shotgun perk does not activate.


For shotgun users, the HP increase helps bridge the gap.


Flashbangs have been upgraded.

  • Upgrades flashbangs to impact grenades, adds 2 more flashbangs, and expands carry capacity.
  • Impact grenade damage radius increased by 20%.
  • +1 impact grenades hurled

Upgraded Flashbangs enable Shotgun Masters to cover landing zones with explosives when they’re maxed out. Try throwing a grenade at foes while jumping, then finishing them off with a shotgun.


Resistance to AR

  • Assault rifle damage was sustained by 10%, 20%, and 30% of the participants.

To bridge the gap against most foes, the Shotgun Master must reduce assault rifle damage.



  • Knockback is a passive ability that may be unlocked.
  • Knockback distance is increased by 25%.
  • Knockback distance is increased by 50%.

Knockback has two functions: first, it pushes adversaries out of cover. Second, it may cause adversaries’ targeting habits to be disrupted.


Jumping Practice

  • Jumping accuracy has improved.
  • On slopes, movement speed is increased by 50%.
  • Landing animation was removed, and HP was boosted for 3 seconds after landing.

Jump Training is fun on its own, but it isn’t truly useful until Super-jumping is obtained. The potential to entirely disable the landing animation, on the other hand, should not be overlooked.


Super Jump

  • 2 story jump (20 second cooldown).
  • 4 storeys jumped (20 second cooldown).
  • High cliffs must be jumped (20 second cooldown).

Super Jump is the Shotgun Master’s favorite feature, allowing him to jump atop most of the game’s structures.


Tank Shotgun is the ultimate weapon.

  • Shotgun shots do a lot of harm.

The tank shotgun is a powerful weapon that can rip through most foes with ease, regardless of their armor. That is, if the gamer can get near enough.

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The sniper may appeal to you if direct confrontation isn’t your thing. The ability to aim down sights to maximise damage is the sniper’s main attraction.



Shot with Consistency

  • While ADS, you get an extra 20%, 30%, or 40% damage.

Snipers will want to touch RMB to access the scope mode prior to engagements after Steady Shot is enabled. The damage boost is well worth the annoyance.


Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 20%, 30%, and 40%.

Sniper class, specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Upgrade to augmented reality

  • Damage from assault rifles is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

If your location is pressed on by opponents, you’ll need a rapid-fire answer, therefore the sniper rifle combines nicely with an assault rifle.



  • Obtain a Ghillie half-suit.
  • +10 HP.
  • +20 HP.

In Super People, the camouflage is situational. Players may only blend in in the wild (exposing themselves) and become clear targets in structures otherwise.


Air Strike with Precision

  • Within 100 meters, order an air attack with a 60-second cooldown.
  • The range has been increased to 200 meters, and the cooldown has been reduced to 50 seconds.
  • The range has been increased to 400 meters, and the cooldown has been reduced to 40 seconds.

Precision Air Strike automatically reloads depending on the level. If you suspect someone is utilizing hard cover, you may use this ability to kill them without jeopardizing your own life.


Trap for Booby

  • Upgrade flashbangs to booby traps, get +2 flashbangs, and have a higher carry capacity.
  • 3 deployable traps with a trigger radius of +1 meter
  • There are 5 deployable traps with a trigger radius of +2 meters.

Booby Traps are great for blocking the rear door of wherever you’re shooting.


Covert Operations

  • When walking, there is a 35% reduction in noise.
  • When jogging, there is a 35% reduction in noise.
  • All noise is reduced by 35%.

Character actions are audible, as they are in many FPS games. With this bonus, not so much.


Crawl of the Commandos

  • In a prone/crouched position, increase movement speed by 10%, 20%, or 30%.

Moving at a quicker pace each time.



  • In slot 4, unlock the amplifier.
  • A search radius of +12 meters has been established.
  • A search radius of +30 meters has been established.

Amplifier enhances the automated crafting search radius, allowing players to update their weapons and armor in the middle of a battle.



  • Once every 10 seconds, a sniper rifle or authorized marksman weapon will do 50% more damage. Reload speed and rate of fire have been increased somewhat.

Snipers should strive to timing their rounds for every 10 seconds after they’ve acquired the damage boost. It can easily one-hit kill most foes when combined with Steady Shot and Specialized Weapon.

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Forces of Strike

The Strike Force figure covers the gap swiftly with dashes and hops, giving adversaries whiplash.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

SMG class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Rapid-fire mode

  • SMG firing rate and magazine capacity increased by 5%, 10%, and 15%, respectively.

Increases the SMG’s fire rate and mag capacity for Strike Force. The SMG is Strike Force’s core weapon, and its several enhancements enable it to remain effective in a variety of circumstances.


Rounds of Laceration

  • Bleeding effect level 1 with a +10 percent accuracy.
  • With a +15 percent accuracy, level 2 bleed.
  • With a +20 percent accuracy, level 3 bleed.

Lacerate causes any adversary you strike to bleed, allowing you to relocate while they attempt to recover.


Shield Against Bullets

  • Obtain the ability to create a bulletproof shield (600 second cooldown).
  • +50 HP for the shield (300 second cooldown).
  • +100 HP for the shield (60 second cooldown).

When you are shot, Bulletproof Shield appears instantly, regardless of the direction you were struck from. When this perk activates, don’t run away when you’re shot.


Defense from afar

  • Damage sustained from outside of 120 meters is -8 percent, 16 percent, and 24 percent.

While several classes have specific protection, this only protects against damage from outside of 120 meters.


Assault on the Move

  • While running, damage and defense increases by 5%, 10%, and 15%, respectively.

While running, your chances of survival improve.


Air Walk

  • Air Walk duration increased by 50% with no fall damage.
  • Jumping accuracy has improved.
  • Air Walk, jump speed, and crosshairs while leaping are all buffs.

In Super People, air walking is accomplished by leaping again at the top of your leap, or at the start of your fall. This significantly improves that capability.


Slide Tactical

  • Increases movement speed by 3% and allows you to slide.
  • +5% increase in movement speed
  • +7% increase in movement speed

A tactical slide unlock is combined with a movement speed bonus.



  • While targeting, increase your movement speed by 30%, 60%, or 120 percent.

Shoot ‘n Run, at its most advanced setting, speeds up the clearance of structures when ADS is on. Shoot ‘n Run works nicely with the Strike Force class’s other mobility advantages.


Dash is the ultimate.

  • +200% movement speed for 5 seconds, followed by a 70-second cooldown.

When you’re flanked, Dash is useful for moving, but the high cooldown means you only have one chance to move, and it’s a short one.

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The Swat class excels at clearing structures, and its mobility and parkour boosts work well with SMGs.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Assault rifle class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


Breach of the Door

  • Smokescreen is deployed when you break through doors and windows, causing 40 damage.
  • After the breach, you’ll get a 20% increase in movement speed and damage for 5 seconds.
  • After the breach, you get 25 HP for 5 seconds.

You’ll want to kick the door open to any structure that requires a hard-clear once Breach Door procs as a perk.


HE Grenade is a high-explosive grenade that

  • Upgrading grenades to advanced grenades is a good idea. 2 more grenades and improved carrying capacity
  • Effect of hearing impairment at a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Effect of hearing impairment at a distance of 3 meters.

The HE Grenade perk’s ‘Impair Hearing’ effect deafens foes in close proximity to grenades, enabling Swat players to close the gap.


Indoors is my natural habitat.

  • While inside, damage is increased by 5%, 7%, and ten percent.

Buff for the Homeground perk, which may be used inside any structure. Defense at a Close Range goes nicely with this.


Close-range Defense

  • Enemies within 25 meters deal -15 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent damage.
  • Shotguns deal -25 percent, 35 percent, and 45 percent damage.

Close-range damage is mitigated by this potent antidote to the Shotgun Master. Because of the close-range specialty, it is required.


Parkour has been improved.

  • Breaking windows with parkour reduces noise.
  • Parkour speed increased by 30%.
  • After parkour, get 30 HP for 10 seconds.

When breaching, the parkour bonus is quite useful, and it helps complete out the Swat class by providing extra breaching possibilities.


Return Fire

  • After being struck by a player, you will get a bonus of 5%, 10%, or 20% damage.

Getting a short damage bonus after taking damage might help you survive close-range confrontations.


Combat Training at Close Quarters

  • +15 accuracy while shooting from the hip or shoulder.
  • +15% of the time, there is a fire.
  • Reload speed increased by 15%.

Close-quarters Combat Training is a collection of hard-clearing building buffs.


Urban Conflict

  • +2% increase in movement speed
  • +4% increase in movement speed
  • On ladders and stairs, movement speed is increased by 30%.

The only class with such a bonus. General movement speed buff with a specific option for ladders and stairs.


Blackout is the last option.

  • Creates a huge ball that engulfs foes trapped within, obscuring their eyesight.

Outside foes cannot see within the sphere, while enemies captured inside have their eyesight limited. It’s best to employ it before going in for a heavy hit on a recognized opponent defensive posture.

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The teleporter’s unquestionable power stems from its ability to attack from all sides.



Increased Major Damage

  • Damage from Specialized Weapons is increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Assault class specialized weapon. It’s worth noting that this weapon may alter from match to match.


One bullet, one death

  • In single-fire mode, recoil is reduced, and damage is increased by 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Single-fire weapons receives a massive boost.



  • When throwing Tomahawks, accuracy has improved (60 second cooldown).
  • +15 damage from Tomahawk (30 second cooldown).
  • +30 damage from Tomahawk (20 second cooldown).

Throwable weapon that can one-shot foes and does a lot of damage when struck.



  • Damage from headshots was -10%, 20%, and 30%, respectively.

Headstrong has no cooldown and stacks with head armor.


Crawl of the Commandos

When crouching or prone, increase movement speed by 10%, 20%, or 30%.

Crouching and crawling get a boost of speed every now and again.


Medic on the Field

  • After utilizing the energy bar, your HP will rise for 10 seconds.
  • +100% HP was provided for a short time.
  • Allies have a 50% chance of reviving.

Field Medic is most useful while playing with others, although the perk card isn’t very useful when playing alone.


Aiming on the Defensive

  • When using a scope with at least a 2x magnification, damage is reduced by 5%, 10%, and 15%.

When Defensive Aiming procs, your favorite weapon should have a 2x (minimum) scope. This perk may save your life in a fight that might otherwise be lost.


Evasive Behavior

  • +3% increase in movement speed
  • After being struck, you gain 20 HP for 5 seconds.
  • After being struck, your movement speed will increase by 10% for 5 seconds.

Various benefits that will help players stay alive while engaged in combat.


Quick Fix

  • On capsules, increase the speed by 30%.
  • On energy bars, increase the pace by 30%.
  • On healing goods, usage speed is increased by 30%.

Quick Fix becomes very useful since it enables players to heal themselves much more quickly than their opponents. Don’t dismiss this benefit: a 30% quicker consumable allows players to travel much faster.


Teleport is the ultimate power.

  • With range, teleport to a certain spot (120 second cooldown).

Teleport is a sneaky ultimate that allows Teleporters to sneak up on adversaries and assault them from behind. The opponent usually dies as a result of the surprise of the action, but be careful not to teleport beyond your intended position.

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