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While the game is old and has received a lot of love, I felt it’s still worth taking another look at.

The “borderlands 2 strongest character” is a list of every Borderlands 2 class ranked from weakest to best. The list includes the skills, weapons and attributes for each class.

Borderlands 2 holds a special place in our hearts because to its thrilling gameplay and the vast amount of customization and builds available for each class. When there is a choice, though, there are certain to be a few courses that stand out.

Despite the qualities of each class, Salvadore the Gunzerker remains our favorite. He has a ridiculous amount of DPS, regenerates lost life extremely quickly, and is effective in any circumstance thanks to his action skill, which allows him to absorb damage.

There’s more to it than meets the eye, however. Classes like the Commando, who are normally frowned upon in Ultra Vault Hunter, performed well throughout our game and were also a lot of fun to play! With that in mind, we’re going to rate every class in Borderlands 2 and give you our subjective opinion on how they compare to one another.

Borderlands 2 Class Rankings – Our Judging Criteria

In most situations, we evaluated each class using the Ultra Vault Hunter Mode as a benchmark. While certain classes, such as the Commando, excel in the early stages, they lose their efficacy as the game progresses.

Aside from that, here are a few crucial factors that we considered while determining our final rankings:

  • Survivability: How effective or durable is a class while playing single or with a team? Furthermore, we’ve made certain that their defensive talents are taken into account.
  • Strength is a metric that measures a class’s overall DPS / raw damage output. While it may differ for certain bosses owing to inherent flaws, it is typically an useful barometer for determining a class’s overall efficacy / influence in a team situation.
  • Action Skill: A character’s action skill isn’t their most significant feature. It does, however, improve their overall effect and usefulness. Maya, for example, is a fantastic class due of her action skill, Phaselock, rather than her durability or strength.

Let’s get started without further ado!

6. Gaige


Gaige the Mechromancer is a new class that was released as a DLC later in the game. If there’s one DLC you can probably avoid, it’s this one. While Gaige isn’t the poorest character in the whole Borderlands franchise, she is unquestionably the worst in Borderlands 2 owing to her fundamental dependency on her action abilities and her lack of resilience.

Deathtrap is an action skill.

Gaige’s action ability summons a Mechanized Robot who remains on the Battlefield for a total of 60 seconds and has a 60-second cooldown. If the enemy are closer, Deathtrap will launch a melee attack with its claw every 1.5 seconds, or an electric bolt if they are farther away.

Deathtrap doesn’t cause much damage in Normal, and it’s not horrible in Normal Vault Hunter mode, but once you go to Ultimate Vault Hunter level, Deathtrap becomes a true accessory. Gaige’s Action Skill seems to be useless in these situations.

Trees of Knowledge

Gaige has a unique assortment of Trees of Knowledge. Most skills have some sort of caveat present within them which in turn turns Gaige into one of the easiest and hardest classes to play in Borderlands 2.

Forever Best Friends


This talent tree is largely concerned with strengthening Gaige’s durability and the damage of her Action SKill, Deathtrap. This is the least useful skill tree in Gaige’s arsenal.

Top Forever Best Friends Skills
  • Sharing is Caring: Deathtrap gets your shield as well.
  • Cooler by 20%: Deathtrap’s cooldown has been decreased by 20%.
  • Deathtrap now does explosive damage to foes in front of him with his Explosive Clap.

Big Trouble in a Small Town


If you are a fan of Shock damage, Big Trouble in a Small Town is where it’s at. Other than that, the tree adds various other elemental effects improving your DPS:

Best Big Trouble in a Small Town Skills
  • Make It Sparkle: Using an elemental weapon to shoot Deathtrap charges your mech with the same element.
  • When you kill an adversary, your Burn, Electrocute, and Corrode damage increases.

Chaos with a Plan


Chaos with a Plan is Gaige’s best Skill Tree and gives the character a fighting chance. It focuses on Anarchy which inherently amps up your damage but offers significant drawbacks to your overall accuracy

Best Chaos with a Plan Skills
  • With Claws: Melee your foes whenever you have a stack of Anarchy to swipe twice with your claws, causing tremendous damage based on your stacks of Anarchy.
  • Annoyed Android: Makes your mech move faster.
  • Rational Anarchist: If you presently have 0 Anarchy stacks, instead of getting one the following time, acquire 25 stacks.


Before you grab your pitchforks, listen to what we have to say. Yes, if Krieg is played correctly, he can deliver a lot of damage. However, the fact that Anarchy disturbs your accuracy by default, as well as the fact that playing Gaige isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, detracts significantly from the class’s attractiveness.

Krieg, in our perspective, loses greatly in terms of survivability since she struggles against most Raid Bosses. While she has some great DPS talents like the Infinity Pistol and Sand Hawk, she also has a Shotgun like the Striker to aid her with her Anarchy stacks.

5. Psycho


Krieg the Psycho is one of the last classes to be introduced to Borderlands 2’s main game. Krieg’s main strength is his great melee weapon damage, which increases as he levels up. While he is a lot of fun to play, since he is pseudo-locked into melee combat, he isn’t simple to play against every boss or adversary.

Buzz Axe Rampage is an action skill.

Krieg summons a buzz axe that enhances his melee damage and movement speed when engaged. You completely replenish your health with each kill. Buzz Axe’s cool down is reduced by taking damage, with 1 second being shaved off for every 3.5 percent of health lost. The ability is one of the most enjoyable in the Borderlands game, allowing you to easily maul through anything.

Trees of Knowledge

Most of Krieg’s Trees of Knowledge focus on improving his damage and increasing his survivability. Therefore, if played appropriately, these skills can help Krieg come back from the brink of death with their insane regeneration!



Bloodlust attempts to enhance Krieg’s ranged combat and, as the name indicates, focuses heavily on Bloodlust stacks.

Best Bloodlust Techniques
  • Killing an adversary gives you two stacks of Bloodlust, as well as boosting your Grenade damage.
  • Nervous Blood: For every Bloodlust stack, killing an adversary boosts reload speed by 0.3 percent.
  • Bloodsplosion: Dealing elemental damage to an adversary causes them to explode in the same element.



The Mania talent tree has several fantastic abilities, but they come with a higher risk. You might wind up taking a lot of damage or concentrate on keeping your shield down to completely replenish your health or lessen cooldowns.

Best Mania Techniques
  • Release The Beast: Transform into a Psycho Mutant if you’re at 33% overall health, boosting melee damage by 100% and decreasing damage suffered by 50%, and recharging your Action Skill as soon as it expires. This is one of the game’s most powerful abilities.
  • Increases melee damage and gives you a chance to attack yourself when you use Silence The Voices.
  • Redeem The Soul: Instantly revive your colleagues, but at the cost of your own life.



The Hellborn tree grants you Elemental abilities, the most powerful of which is the ability to set yourself on fire.

The Best Hellborn Abilities
  • When on fire, produce fireballs that follow the adversary and explode when they collide.
  • Numbed Nerves: When on fire, they take less damage.
  • Burn, Baby, Burn: Increase your burn damage and your chances of catching fire.


Kreig isn’t the most resilient when it comes to surviving. However, if you know what you’re doing with him, he can still hold his own. He is a force to be reckoned with in terms of strength. You regain full health after every kill with Release the Beast, and the cooldown is practically immediate.

Aside from that, the Buzz Axe Rampage feels incredible on Krieg. While he isn’t designed to be a team player, abilities like Redeem the Soul might come in handy when your team is in a jam. The main reason he’s near the bottom of the list is because playing him may be unreliable, particularly against bosses when your melee isn’t very effective.

4. Axton


Borderlands 2’s Axton the Commando is possibly the most basic class. He is, however, the most well-rounded and flexible of the group. He’s perfect for novices, and his style of play doesn’t need much talent. However, as you go through the game, you’ll soon discover several of his limitations, which prevent him from being put higher on our list.

Sabre Turret is an action skill.

Sabre Turret is a mounted gun that can be rotated 360 degrees and is upgraded through your Trees of Knowledge. The gun itself lasts for 20 seconds and it has a 42-second cooldown without any inherent reductions.

Trees of Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, Axton’s Trees of Knowledge are quite versatile. You’ll be able to improve your DPS, mobility, and action skill from them with relative ease. However, none of these upgrades are that substantial per se.



The Sabre Turret’s DPS and Axton’s abilities are the main emphasis of this branch. In comparison to the other trees, it doesn’t seem to have as many good talents as the others.

Best Guerilla Techniques
  • Double Up: Adds a second gun to your turret, however it now fires slag rounds instead of bullets.
  • Laser Sight: Makes your laser sight more accurate.
  • Grenadier: Increases the capacity of grenades.



The Gunpowder skill tree focuses primarily on enhancing Axton’s rifle damage as well as the lethality and efficacy of his grenades.

Best Gunpowder Techniques
  • Ranger: Increases your overall stats across the board.
  • Consistent: Recoil decrease across the board.
  • Longbow Turret: Improves your turret’s health and range.



This talent reduces your Turret’s cooldown by a significant amount while also enhancing Axton’s overall tankiness.

Best Survival Techniques
  • Healthy: maximum health of 6% per level
  • Gemini: Place two Sabre Turrets on the battlefield.
  • Grit: You have a 4% chance of ignoring deadly damage and regaining 50% of your health.


Because of the talents he may gain from his Gunpowder skill tree, Axton can take use of excellent Assault Rifles like the Hammer Buster. Aside from that, you’ll need to utilize the Legendary Soldier Class Mod to fully play him. It improves his DPS and aids him with a variety of talents.

In your first two playthroughs of the game, the Sabre Turret performs well. In Ultra Vault Hunter Mode, however, it serves only as a shield and provides little DPS. This is Axton’s most serious flaw, and the reason he isn’t higher on the list.

If you’re new to the game, though, the Commando is still the best class to start with since the Turret delivers a lot of damage at Normal Difficulty and helps to flatten the learning curve.

3. Maya


In Borderlands 2, Maya the Siren possesses one of the finest action talents. Her action talent enables her to dominate the Battlefield, allowing her to construct complex combinations with your co-op teammate. In a nutshell, think of Maya as Borderlands 2’s healer or support. She is, however, no slouch when it comes to DPS, and her ability to trap adversaries makes her quite useful.

Phaselock is an action skill.

Maya’s gimmick is half of her Action Skill. It is one of the most powerful action talents in the game. You’ll be able to resurrect your friends in a matter of seconds, or fully halt adversaries from firing at you and moving.

Phaselock has a cooldown of 13 seconds and can go down to 10 seconds by increasing points in Quicken, one of her Trees of Knowledge.

Trees of Knowledge

Maya’s Phaselock is the centerpiece of her first talent tree. The second and third help enhance her total healing power and DPS while also adding features like slag to her overall kit, greatly improving her flexibility and usefulness.



By upgrading Maya’s Phaselock and offering distinctive new skills like the ability to brainwash foes into fighting amongst themselves, Motion improves Maya’s overall survivability and defense.

Best Motion Capabilities
  • Quicken: Increases the pace at which Phaselock cools down.
  • Thoughtlock: Enables adversaries to fight amongst themselves by brainwashing them.
  • Sub-sequence: If an adversary dies while in Phaselock, it has a 20% chance of jumping to someone else.



Harmony primarily aids in increasing Maya’s overall DPS and also provides some healing to her team. It is one of the strongest Trees of Knowledge due to its healing capabilities.

Harmony Expertise
  • Killing an adversary depletes a portion of their health for a brief period of time.
  • Sustenance: Every second, regenerate 0.4 percent of your lost health.
  • When an adversary is phaselocked, be elated and regenerate 1% health every second.



Cataclysm improves Maya’s Phaselock while also adding Elemental affects to her talents.

Cataclysm Expertise
  • Shooting an adversary causes an Acid Cloud to appear, which does corrosive damage for 5 seconds.
  • Ruin: Phaselock now corrodes, slags, and electrocutes any nearby opponents.
  • Reaper: Inflict more damage on foes with low health.


Maya’s ability to Phaselock foes and put them in stasis for an extended length of time gives her an advantage in terms of survival. Cloud Kill, one of her Tree’s skills, boosts her DPS to unprecedented heights and is a must-have.

You may also slag foes with the Ruin talent if you have Phaselock. Slag is essential in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, and Maya excels in that area as well. The Sand Hawk stands out among Maya’s weapons due of its ability to dependably provide DPS at medium to close range, which is where she excels.

2. Zer0


Zer0 the Assassin is one of the game’s most difficult yet rewarding classes to master. In comparison to classes like Salvador, he prefers to play from a safe distance and is more tactical. Despite the fact that the class is essentially situational, he can do huge damage.

Deception is an action skill.

Zer0 may use Deception to become invisible for six seconds while simultaneously launching a decoy that attracts all adversaries to it for the length of the invisibility. The more time you spend cloaked with Zer0, the more damage you’ll do in your next strike. However, completing the Action Skill early reduces the following time’s cooldown. The maximum cooldown for Decepti0n is 15 seconds.

Trees of Knowledge

The first skill tree focuses on enhancing Zer0’s critical chance and sniping, while the second improves the general efficacy of Zer0’s active skill, and the third is all about his sword.



Sniping is a talent that helps Zer0 enhance his sniping and contains B0re, one of the most powerful abilities in the game.

Best Sniping Techniques
  • Shots penetrate foes and cause huge damage, making B0re a definite must-have.
  • Critical Accumulation: Scoring criticals causes a stacking effect, which boosts your total damage in the next shot.
  • One Shot, One Kill: Your initial shot inflicts more damage.



Cunning is mostly concerned with enhancing Zer0’s active skill, although it has a significant impact on both melee and ranged combat.

The most cunning abilities
  • Gain the ability to shoot a gun twice with Tw0 Fang.
  • Death Bl0ss0m: Throw Kunais that explode with a random element type when your action skill is active. Deception does not stop with the kunais.
  • When your action skill is engaged, you will get health regeneration, enhanced gun damage, and increased movement speed.



Bloodshed solely focuses on your sword and melee assaults. If you choose a melee build on Zer0, concentrating on this build is critical for optimizing your DPS.

Best Bloodshed Techniques
  • Increase melee and gun damage when moving with Like The Wind.
  • Increase your maximum health and melee damage with Ir0n Hand.
  • Backstab: Hitting an adversary from behind inflicts more melee damage.


Zer0 is incredibly durable because to his Action Skill, Decepti0n, which enables him to become invisible while under heavy fire. Zer0’s Sniper Rifle build, in our view, enables him to do a lot of DPS while keeping out of opposing fire.

Since previously stated, B0re is one of the game’s most powerful talents, as it pierces through adversaries and causes enhanced damage. Putting out a decoy, being invisible for 5/6 seconds, and then throwing out your kunais may result in regular foes being killed without you ever being seen.

Salvador is number one.


Salvador the Gunzerker is often regarded as the game’s most broken character. With no buffs or nerfs to characters in Borderlands 2 for many years, it’s clear that a select few classes have climbed to the top, and Salvador is one of them.

Gunzerking is an action skill.

Gunzerkring, Salvador’s action talent, enabling him to dual-wield any two firearms in the game. During the 20 seconds he has the ability to perform the talent, he will also heal 50% of his HP, suffer less damage, and regenerate health and ammunition. The skill’s cooldown is 42 seconds, however without class modifications, it may be reduced to a whooping 33.6 seconds. This is, without a doubt, one of the most potent Action Skills in the game.

Trees of Knowledge


Salvador’s Skill first two Trees of Knowledge primarily amplify his dual-wielding duration, damage and amplify his capabilities with each weapon. However, the third Skill tree primarily increases Salvador’s overall survivability.

Gun Lust

Gun Lust largely focuses on enhancing your Gunzerking Action Skill in terms of swapping and reloading firearms, as well as giving your guns distinctive powers.

Skills with the Most Gun Lust
  • After reloading, Locked and Loaded improves the rate of fire.
  • Even if you’re paralyzed, you can still go berserk.
  • No Kill, No Overkill: Allows you to deliver additional damage to the next opponent based on the previous adversary. (Excellent versus tanky opponents.)



The Rampage skill tree is perhaps the least impressive of the bunch. It helps Salvadore get more ammunition and extends Gunzerking’s duration in several ways.

Best Rampage Techniques

  • Filled to the Brim: Increases the capacity of all of your firearms’ magazines (including carry capacity.)
  • Gunzerking Lasts Longer: Extends the length of Gunzerking.
  • Get Some: Shooting foes significantly reduces Gunzerking’s cooldown.



The Braum tree, as its name suggests, is dedicated to assisting Salvadore in improving his general resilience and survival. It boosts his tankiness and enables him to regenerate his health.

Best Braum Techniques

  • Take damage to boost your mobility and reload speed.
  • When you take injury as a sexual Tryannosaurus, your health regenerates for 5 seconds.
  • Come At Me: During Gunzerking, you may taunt an opponent to get full health and damage reduction for a short time.


Salvadore can take the most damage of any character in the game in terms of survivability. With the ability to Gunzerker a Grog Nozzle and a Conference Call, you’ll be able to wipe down just much every adversary that comes your way.

In terms of his strengths, being able to rocket jump with two weapons is quite enjoyable. But, most of his advantages come in the form of his Trees of Knowledge and Action Skill as we’ve already mentioned above. Being able to Gunzerk allows you to melt any weapon at any time given that you keep your distance.

In our experience, dual-wielding two pistols and repeatedly utilizing Money Shot resulted in huge amounts of DPS in a short period of time. Salvadore, on the other hand, does need some skill since you are intended to take the greatest damage. Since a result, messing up your talents might lead to your death, as you may overestimate your survivability.

Overall, Borderlands 2 is a timeless game with distinct personalities for each class. Even while there are definitely certain courses that are superior to others, we encourage that you attempt each one on your own before making a selection.

Fragging is fun!

The “borderlands 2 best class solo” is a video where the host ranks every Borderlands 2 class from weakest to strongest. The video includes each class’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the player’s opinion on which class is better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is best Borderlands 2?

A: The Berserker is the most effective class in Borderlands 2.

Who is the strongest character in bl2?

A: The strongest character in bl2 is master chief from halo.

Who is the easiest character in Borderlands 2?

A: The easiest character in Borderlands 2 is Salvador, the Gunzerker. He has a skill called Gunk Shot which deals significant damage to enemies who are too far away or cannot be approached without taking damage

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