Epic Games Releases New Unreal Engine 5 Footage and Details Potential NVIDIA DLSS Competitor, “Temporal Super Resolution”

Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5 running on NVIDIA RTX technology at GDC 2019. Developers are excited about what NVIDIA RTX brings to game development. Epic Games is also currently working on a new technology that can compete with DLSS: Temporal Super Resolution. April 2019

Epic Games has released new footage and details about a potential competitor to NVIDIA DLSS, a technology that promises to deliver smooth frame rates even on lower-end GPUs. Their new technology, “Temporal Super Resolution,” is based on Microsoft’s research paper and promises comparable performance to NVIDIA DLSS while offering the ability to scale across all GPUs. Epic has since integrated the tech into their Unreal Engine 5, and has released a short video showing what it can do.

Epic Games released a new video today to showcase the impressive graphical capabilities of its Unreal Engine 5, which promises to be a competitive rival to the cutting-edge NVIDIA DLSS technology. The video focuses on a variety of “next-generation” graphical techniques that are not only more realistic than current games, but also more efficient, allowing players to enjoy better visual experiences on more affordable hardware.

Epic Games Last summer, Epic surprised gamers by revealing the first glimpse of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), with a stunning sequence that hinted at what future adventure games like Tomb Raider might look like on next-gen hardware. As part of a new video released today to celebrate the availability of Early Access, Epic has shared new footage that shows how beautiful UE5 games will look with advanced technologies like Nanite and Lumen to increase geometric detail and dynamic lighting. According to the release notes and a separate blog post from AMD, UE5 also has a new scaling feature called Temporal Super Resolution, which could be a potential alternative to NVIDIA’s DLSS oversampling technology. The Green team has indicated that they will be releasing a DLSS plugin for UE5 in the coming weeks.   TSR is a new lower resolution image magnification technique for maximum performance and visual fidelity. AMD has been working closely with Epic to optimize TSR features on Radeon-based systems. TSR is a standard feature of UE5 and is enabled on all GPUs and provides state-of-the-art scaling not only on PC, but also on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The temporary super resolution has the following properties: – Image quality is close to 4k quality at 1080p input resolution, resulting in improved frame rates and rendering accuracy. – Less glare for high frequency backgrounds. – Flicker reduction for highly complex geometries. – Works on all hardware that supports Shader Model 5: D3D11, D3D12, Vulkan, PS5, XSX. The metal will be here soon. – Shaders optimized specifically for PS5 and XSX GPU architectures. Sources: Epic Games (1, 2), AMD, NVIDIA

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26. May 202126 May 2021In the past, we’ve seen Epic Games make several announcements about the next iteration of its popular Unreal Engine 4. Now, the firm has released more details about the future of the engine, most notably that we will likely see a brand new form of anti-aliasing that could potentially compete with NVIDIA’s much-hyped DLSS technology.. Read more about nvidia dlss supported cards and let us know what you think.

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