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If you are discovering the Anunnaki, 2 names you are going to listen to a great deal are Enki as well as Enlil. While there are a variety of “central characters” in the myths as well as tales of the Anunnaki, a lot of the action focuses on these 2 sibling competitors.


In this short article, I am mosting likely to provide you a crash course in the mythology of Enki as well as Enlil. However this is a complicated subject, as well as I do not wish to jump into it without laying the preliminary groundwork.|This is a complicated topic, as well as I do not desire to jump right into it without laying the preliminary groundwork. So right here are the outright fundamentals, just in situation you are brand-new to finding out about the Anunnaki.

| Right here are the outright fundamentals, just in situation you are brand name new to discovering regarding the Anunnaki.

When we discuss the Anunnaki, we are referring to the old gods of Mesopotamia. However depending upon who you ask, the Anunnaki might likewise have actually been alien site visitors from a world called Nibiru which remains in a lengthy orbit around the sun.

| Depending on who you ask, the Anunnaki might likewise have been unusual site visitors from a world called Nibiru which is in a lengthy orbit around the sun.

Naturally the area alien theory doesn’t fly in the mainstream, however it was popularized by a Russian-born American author called Zecharia Sitchin. Because he provided his concepts to the globe, they have actually ended up being an identifiable component in pop culture.

I will certainly be speaking even more regarding Sitchin as well as his concepts later, however first I wish to get back to Sumerian folklore. I am going to introduce you to Enki as well as Enlil as well as their location in the Mesopotamian pantheon, and after that I will tell you exactly how they figure right into the old flood legend. I will certainly explain exactly how they influenced various other folklores as well as religious beliefs, consisting of Christianity.

The Sumerian Pantheon as well as Development Myth

Anunnaki Sumerian Creation Myth

Just like numerous other polytheistic religious beliefs, the Sumerian pantheon includes

a variety of gods who are all pertaining to one another. It is simplest to explain the form of this ancestral tree by starting with Anu. Anu is likewise referred to as” An,”the Great Daddy of the Skies. He is the original supreme divine being in the pantheon, lord of all the various other gods. He loses this setting as the Sumerian story unravels, passing it off to Enlil and after that (in Babylonian tradition) to Marduk.

You will certainly discover that Anu is not the very first god in the household tree.

His parents are two prehistoric gods, Anshar as well as Kishar. If you occur to be versed in Greek mythology, you can think about these primitive gods as being a bit like the titans who preceded the ancient Greek gods. After the Greek gods overthrew the titans, the significance of the titans took a rear seat to the importance of the gods (generally).

The exact same holds true right here– the prehistoric gods element into the development myth of the Sumerians, however are less important in the future.

Returning to Anu, Anu’s two consorts are Antu, Great Mom of the Sky, as well as Ki, the Earth Mom. Both provided him kids.

  • Ki brought to life Enlil, Lord of the Air as well as Earth, Guardian of the Tablet Computer of Destinies (to start), as well as Nin-khursag, Woman of the Hill.
  • Antu’s kid was Enki, Lord of the Earth as well as Waters, understood likewise as “Ea.”

As you can see, Enlil as well as Enki are half-brothers. Following his birth, Enlil cleaved the planet from heaven. At this moment, he as well as Ki took command of the planet, while Anu remained to reign in paradise.

What is the Tablet of Destinies?

Just now I discussed Enlil as the “Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies.” This is a mythological item of supreme significance. It is rather actually meant to be a clay tablet computer etched with picture writing. Whichever god possessed it was thought about the leader of deep space.

Note that “Tablet of Destinies” is the proper name for this item. People typically get it incorrect. You might see it improperly referred to as the “Tablet computers of Destiny.” It is a particular item. I have actually likewise seen it called the “Table of Fate.” I have no concept what is up keeping that.

All the same, according to numerous texts, Enlil was in belongings of the Tablet computer for a very long time, which made him ultimate leader of the universe, exceeding also Anu. There is nevertheless a Sumerian poem entitled “Ninurta as well as the Turtle” which points out that Enki possessed the Tablet.

The Tablet computer modifications hands a variety of times, depending upon the text you check out. At one point, Tiamat, the Dragon Queen (try to find her at the extremely leading of the ancestral tree), has it. She provides it to her accompaniment Kingu, who ends up being commander of her army. Marduk, Enki’s kid, defeats Tiamat in single battle, then beats Kingu, declaring the Tablet as well as the authority for himself. Then, Marduk ends up being ultimate ruler.

Simply to make complex matters, this whole story with Marduk just appears in the Babylonian version of the misconception. In the Sumerian variation, Enlil beats Tiamat as well as preponderates.

Genesis of the Flooding Misconception

Yes, I intentionally entitled this area “Genesis of the Flooding Misconception”– not “The Flood Misconception of Genesis.” If you have actually checked out anything regarding Anunnaki in the Holy bible, you likely understood I was going to get around to this. This is where a great deal of the tales of the Anunnaki assemble. And as you may likewise have thought, Enki as well as Enlil are principals.

The Judeo-Christian Variation:

Lots of people recognize with the flood myth in the Holy bible. This is the tale of Noah’s Ark.. The summary variation is that Yahweh was getting fed up with the transgressions of mankind. Much more particularly, He was distressed regarding the corruption of humanity by beings referred to as the “Nephilim.” Consider this passage from The Book of Jubilees, 7:21 -25:

“21 For owing to these 3 things came the flooding upon the earth, specifically, owing to the fornication where the Watchers against the legislation of their regulations went a whoring after the children of guys, as well as took themselves partners of all which they selected: as well as they made the start of uncleanness.”

It is rather simple to correspond the “Watchers” or “Nephilim” with the Anunnaki.

I advise you to research this subject thoroughly in my short article “That Were the Nephilim?” Generally, fallen angels brought scientific research as well as innovation to humankind, however did it to oppress as well as corrupt them. Interbreeding taken place, causing a race of demigods.

Yahweh made a decision to erase everybody as well as begin again.

So He told Noah to develop an excellent Ark..|He informed Noah to develop an excellent Ark.. Noah packed up the Ark with 2 of every animal as well as put his very own household onboard. The flooding ruined all pet as well as human life outside the Ark– in addition to (most likely) the dropped angels as well as Nephilim. Noah’s household were able to repopulate the planet after they disembarked. God put a rainbow in the sky as a guarantee He would never judge the planet once again with one more flooding.

The Sumerian Variation:

Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh: Palace of Sargon II, Khorsabad, 8th century BC Assyrian. The Sumerian flooding misconception is older than the one in Genesis, which is why I asserted with my title that the Sumerian story is the genesis of the Holy bible flooding myth. This belief is shared by numerous scholars.

It is believed that a number of early ancient Hebrews remained in truth residents of Mesopotamia. This would certainly have allowed them to detect the Sumerian misconceptions as well as tales as well as utilize them as

a basis for their own religious beliefs. There are a number of Sumerian texts which include an excellent flooding in one type or one more. The earliest recognized instance is in the Legendary of Ziusudra. Others include the Legendary of Atrahasis as well as the widely known Legendary of Gilgamesh.

The Legendary of Gilgamesh is the story which births the best resemblance to the later Genesis variation included in the Holy bible. Remarkably sufficient, it does not appear to have actually been initially included in the tablet computers; it was edited into Tablet XI later by somebody that was influenced by the Legendary of Atrahasis.

I will tell you a lot more regarding Gilgamesh momentarily, however initially I wish to briefly discuss the Eridu Genesis.

The Eridu Genesis was found on a fragmentary tablet computer by historian Thorkild Jacobsen. This is exactly how we discovered the Sumerian development misconception which I have actually already shared in part with you.

Since the tablets are fragmentary, bits as well as pieces of the story are missing. Initially, we discover that Anu, Enlil, Enki as well as Nin-khursag have actually produced humans.

Anu Enlil Enki NinHurSag Cities have actually been established as well as life is growing. There is after that a missing out on area. Complying with that, we learn that a major harmful flood gets on its method, as well as the pantheon has actually chosen not to caution humankind or do anything to save them.

Enki chooses he isn’t fine with this, so he alerts a hero as well as informs him he ought to develop an Ark.. In the Eridu Genesis, this hero is Atra-hasis. In the better-known Legendary of Gilgamesh, it is Utnapishtim.

Certainly the tales of Enlil as well as Enki are woven deeply into the material of Sumerian tales. These two played a role in many various elements of the mythos. There are lots of manner ins which I might approach this conversation, however I have actually made a decision that the easiest method to organize the info would be to compose a summary on each. While I might just inform a comprehensive chronology of events, I personally discover it much easier to keep in mind info when it exists in connection with certain characters.

Enlil: Humankind’s Oppressor


Enlil’s function in Sumerian folklore can

be summarized with recommendation to humankind in one word: oppressor. Enlil was really the god who(according to the Atrahasis-Epos message)initially appointed the development of the human race. You may believe that would be an advantage, however the only reason he desired humans was to ensure that he would certainly have a race he might shackle to do his bidding process.

As a matter of fact, this was itself a quote for power among the gods.|This was itself a quote for power among the gods. In the Sumerian misconception (not the Babylonian one, which includes Marduk, as gone over earlier), a variety of the gods are on strike since they are tired of preserving development.

Enlil suggests that he will resolve the problem of the strike if he is named ultimate leader of the gods. In this version of the tale, it is he (not Marduk) that controls Tiamat.

In the future, Enlil ends up being sick of humankind’s “noise,” and also because of this, chooses to eliminate them all with the fantastic flood. As the god of weather condition, this was simple for him to do.

This after that brings us cycle back to the story of Utnapishtim from the Legendary of Gilgamesh, who was conserved by Enki as well as corresponds to Noah in the Judeo-Christian variation of the misconception.

Amusingly sufficient, Enlil ultimately overcomes his rage after the flooding as well as chooses to make Utnapishtim immortal.

Enki: Humankind’s Champ


< img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-573"course ="wp-image-573 size-full "src =" "alt=" Enki" size="540"height="260"/ > Enki stands with the Gods Currently let’s discuss Enki, Enlil’s half-brother. Enki’s function can be summed up as humankind’s designer as well as champ. While Enlil is battling with Tiamat, Enki is missing the whole point, since he is asleep. Luckily, his mom Antu, likewise referred to as “Nammu, “has the ability to interact with him. She states: Oh my child, occur from thy bed, from thy(sleep), job what is smart, Fashion slaves for the Gods, may they create their (bread?).

Enki gets up as well as recommends the development of a slave race– humankind. Currently, you may believe this made it his concept, however in reality, it was Enlil’s. Enlil was the one that talked to Nammu, who then suggested the concept to Enki.

The Creation Of Man From Clay

The Development Of Guy From Clay Enki himself produces humans out of a mix of clay as well as the blood of the killed god Kingu.

If you are experienced regarding Greek folklore, this most likely will sound a bell– Prometheus, the old titan, produced humankind out of clay. Both function as extremely comparable figures. Like Prometheus, Enki has a tendency to stand up for the human race in dispute with the gods.

Returning around to the flooding story, Enki wasn’t as well delighted when he found Enlil prepared to erase the race he had actually produced.

So he took it upon himself to caution Utnapishtim.|He took it upon himself to caution Utnapishtim. He told Utnapishtim to build an Ark.

. Like Noah, Utnapishtim was commanded to pack the Ark up with animals. Along with his other half, he protected life on earth when the flood was released.

After the waters began to decline, he released the pets to repopulate the world. As I pointed out previously, Enlil ultimately got over his outrage as well as given eternal life to Utnapishtim as well as his spouse.

The Extraterrestrial Version of the Flooding Myth:

You now understand the Sumerian as well as Judeo-Christian|Judeo-Christian as well as sumerian versions of the development as well as flood myths.

The contemporary extraterrestrial variation was popularized by author Zecharia Sitchin in quantities such as The Lost Publication of Enki.

The concept is this: the Anunnaki weren’t gods, or weren’t just gods– they were unusual visitors from deep space. You have most likely heard Arthur C. Clarke’s popular quote, “Any type of adequately sophisticated innovation is identical from magic.” This is the underlying assumption in corresponding the Anunnaki with aliens.

If ancient people came across beings from one more world, they would certainly explain them in a language that made feeling to them at the time. As they did not have the word “aliens,” they would just choose “gods.”

There are many parallels as well as disagreements which Sitchin as well as other Anunnaki alien philosophers draw throughout the texts. There is no chance to sum everything up right here (I recommend taking a look at the remainder of the short articles on our site), however right here are a few crucial tips:

  • The Anunnaki come from the world Nibiru.
  • They concerned planet to mine gold, which they need to power their people. They produced as well as oppressed|shackled as well as produced humankind to do the effort for them.
  • All the familiar players from Sumerian folklore– Enlil, Enki, Anu, Marduk et cetera– were really alien managers.
  • Nibiru remains in a long orbit around the sunlight. The last time it resembled Earth, it distressed the trends, triggering the terrific flooding.
  • Ultimately Nibiru will certainly return, triggering one more calamity.

Those in the mainstream view Sitchin’s deal with some ridicule– however I would certainly suggest that it assists to see the extraterrestrial tale as contemporary folklore. Consider it for a minute. Even the Sumerian as well as Babylonian|Babylonian as well as sumerian texts dispute over whatever seed of reality may have influenced them. So indeed, there are some variances including Sitchin’s unusual theory– however there are variances between the old messages also.

| Indeed, there are some variances including Sitchin’s alien theory– however there are disparities between the old messages as well.

So I wish to cover this up on the exact same note I normally return to with our research study.|I desire to wrap this up on the exact same note I normally come back to with our research study. I really hope that you currently have a much stronger understanding of both Enki as well as Enlil as well as their functions in Sumerian folklore as well as the Anunnaki alien mythos. You likewise must have a respectable concept exactly how this all ties into Judeo-Christian lore.

However I truly hope that your primary takeaway is this: Every version of every story is expository.|I truly wish that your primary takeaway is this: Every version of every tale is expository. The reality behind the tales is unidentified. By piecing together what we gain from a variety of various mythologies– both old as well as contemporary|contemporary as well as ancient– we can start to envision what the finished challenge may appear like.

All of these pieces have value, as well as all have something to inform us regarding our cumulative journey as mankind. This is why it pays to keep an open mind!

| In this post, I am going to provide you an accident program in the folklore of Enki as well as Enlil. The Sumerian Variation:

Epic of Gilgamesh

|Course Gilgamesh: Palace of Sargon II, Royal Residence, 8th century BC Assyrian. While Enlil is fighting with Tiamat, Enki is missing out on the whole point, since he is asleep.

In this short article, I am going to provide you an accident program in the folklore of Enki as well as Enlil. The Sumerian Version:

Epic of Gilgamesh

|Course Gilgamesh: Palace of Sargon II, Royal Residence, 8th century BC Assyrian. Enlil was really the god that(according to the Atrahasis-Epos message)originally appointed the development of the human race. While Enlil is fighting with Tiamat, Enki is missing out on the whole thing, since he is asleep. I really hope that you now have a much more powerful understanding of both Enki as well as Enlil as well as their functions in Sumerian folklore as well as the Anunnaki alien mythos.

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