Emui 10: Huawei Deploys Android 10 Update on Mate 20 Lite

EMUI 10 is currently landing on the Mate 20 Lite. Huawei is taking advantage of its umpteenth American reprieve to continue deploying the Android 10 update on the smartphones in its catalogue. You are instructed how to install the update to the stable version as soon as possible.

A few weeks after deploying the beta version, Huawei is deploying the Android 10 update, along with the EMUI 10 overlay, on the Mate 20 Lite, report our colleagues from Huawei Central. According to testimonials, the update is currently arriving on Europeansmartphones.

Dutch users have obviously already been able to install the firmware. French users can be expected to benefit quickly. As always, deployment is done in successive waves. In detail, the firmware is titled and weighs just over 4.0 GB.

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How do I install the update?

Before launching such an important update, we advise you as always to backup all the contents of your smartphone. In addition, make sure your battery still has at least 50% autonomy before starting the installation. To check if Android 10 is available on your phone, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your Mate 20 Lite
  • Go to section System
  • Then press Software update
  • Finally, click on Search for updates
  • Press Download and install

As a reminder, the Android 10 update is also available on the other variants of the Mate 20 range since mid-November. As planned, Huawei is taking advantage of its three-month reprieve to deploy the Android 10 update on the 35 smartphones in its catalog that are compatible. Have you been able to install the update yet? We await your testimony in the comments.

Source : Huawei Central


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