Embr Achievement Guide

This guide describes the steps to follow to achieve 100% Embr. If you are one of those players trying to get all the achievements from Embr, then this guide is for you.

There are a total of 10 achievements in the field of Embr. None of these benefits are hidden or secret. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Embr’s 10 achievements.

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Embryo targeting guidelines

A new career – fill out the study guide.

  • Fill out the manual. When you start the game, this will be the only command that appears. His name is Embr Career Fare.

Come back for more information – win a 6. Flame on the bonus mission.

  • Each level, except the Escape and Boss levels, has additional bonus missions that you unlock after completing the rescue mission for that level. These bonus missions are as follows. Leave everything for this achievement.
    • Rescue: Remove as many objects as possible from the building as you rescue the customer. This mission only has one client at a time. making money is a fantastic and challenging task.
    • Damage to the lower chamber: It’s the same as a normal rescue mission, but you fail if the integrity of the building drops below 50%.
    • Special item: Find the special item in the building and bring it to the yellow rescue zone. This item usually costs a few hundred dollars and is painted yellow to distinguish it from other similar items.
    • Embrah eats: Use Client Findr to find out what customers want to eat and deliver it safely.

Halla Halla – Collect $5,000 in cash and valuables.

  • Steal items with a total value of $5,000 from your customers, cumulatively for all assignments. You can do this by placing objects in the trunk of your car.

IPO – full first district

  • Collect a total of 48 Flame missions to unlock the first boss, Maple St. John’s. Warehouse As with the escape missions, you only have access to your axe and your hose, with all the modifications you have. To carry out this mission, we must dodge flying barrels, blow up barrels and fire to survive. Damage to the boss by doing the following: Put some stuff in the trunk of your car.
    • Use your hose to take out the barrels of explosives from Hosr’s CEO on the platform above you.
    • Use a hose to connect the power from the outlet to the damaged cord and turn off the power.

Turn off the light. – Disconnect the power supply to the captain.

  • Turn off the power supply in all operations where a power supply is present. This can be accomplished at the first mission, the first walk. Enter the house, turn right and go down the stairs. Go to the back basement and use the stairs to reach the switch.

Profit – Realisation of 2 fierce criticisms of the client

  • Achieve a 2-flame rating by the client in each mission. The easiest way to do this is the first breakthrough. Save a client in simple mode. Then enter the grounds, turn right and go down the stairs. Go to the back basement and turn left. There will be a cloud of gas. Walk into a cloud of gas and die. Then you get the benefit.

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Side Hustle – Give $500 to the customer.

  • Place items worth $500 in the yellow customer rescue zone and collect them during all missions. This can be done on the first rescue mission, First Ave.

Diamond Respondr – Buy and upgrade all available tools

  • Buy all the tools in the shop and upgrade the tool from the inventory/upgrade screen. Below is a list of combined purchase and upgrade prices.

Fire extinguisher

  • Main: $7,950 (you start there, but you have to buy upgrades).
  • Sprinkler system : $2,600
  • Fire extinguisher: $1,900
  • Ice Accelerator: $3,500
  • Total : $15,950


  • Fire Axe: $5,350 (you start there, but you have to buy upgrades).
  • Broken cargo: $1,650
  • Throwing an axe: $2,270
  • Total : $9,270


  • Folding ladder: $2,500
  • Trampoline: $2,400
  • Jumping mat: $3,700
  • Parachute suit: $4,800
  • Grapple: $6,000
  • Total : $19,400


  • Findr Customer: $2,150 (you start with this, but you have to buy upgrades)
  • Cheap metal box: $330
  • Hair dryer: $2,000
  • Slippery slippery slippery: $3,650
  • The needle of cure: $2,500
  • Total : $10,630

Total cost : $55,250

Fresh from the store – Buy all car cosmetics and updates available.

  • Buy an update from the available store. The Total Cost of all upgrades is $43,400. The following is a breakdown of all expenditures.
    • Chassis : $2,100
    • The color: $3,000
    • The wheels: $2,700
    • Siren: $20,200
    • Adornment: $7,700
    • The bed: $7,700

I’m the crazy blur. Wear a baseball cap and a varsity jacket.

  • Purchase and delivery of a baseball cap and varsity jacket for a total of $4,700. Equip it in the cargo and perform a mission with this cargo and you will unlock the achievement.
    • Basketball Hat: $4,000 (double jump)
    • University coat: $700 (+20% travel speed)

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