Elgato Stream Deck Pedal review

The Elgato Stream Deck a clip-on guitar pedal for streaming services that supports both 4K and HDR. We take it for a spin to see if the streamers will stop using their laptop in favor of this nifty controller

The “corsair stream deck pedal” is a device that allows users to control their streaming devices. It has the ability to change streams, volume, and more.

My Elgato Stream Deck Mini, a tiny keypad that allows me to go live and make seamless transitions during Twitch broadcasts without having to touch my mouse or keyboard, has been a lifesaver for me for a long time So when Elgato announced the Stream Deck Pedal, which allows you to accomplish all of that without raising a finger, I knew I had to get my hands (or feet) on one.

This premium foot pedal lets you do practically everything a conventional Stream Deck does, from switching scenes and performing effects to common productivity activities like opening applications, loading web pages and muting your microphone during a video conference. Except now you’ll have more time to work and play games with your hands free. It’s another another great addition to Elgato’s accessory collection, and it’s the one I’ve found to be most beneficial for particular creative tasks. This is why.

PC control without using your hands

The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal is a great, multi-purpose instrument for managing your Twitch broadcasts and productivity chores without having to use your hands.

Who, what, and how are the questions that need to be answered.

Who it’s for: The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal is designed for content producers who wish to operate their broadcasts without having to use their hands. It may also be beneficial in any home office situation since you can configure it to do almost any activity on your PC with a touch of your foot. It’s particularly useful for folks who already have a lot of Elgato gear since it allows you to manage the company’s Key Lights, Wave microphones, and Facecam camera without having to fiddle with software.

What you should know: The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal is a foot pedal that can be programmed to execute a variety of activities using the Stream Deck app. It may be used to change camera angles while Twitch broadcasting, flip slides during a presentation, or even add more controllers to a PC game. You can probably program Stream Deck to do whatever you can think of.

How it compares: With just three programmable keys, the Stream Deck Pedal is one of the most cheap members of the Stream Deck family for $89.99. It’s a little more expensive than the $79.99 Stream Deck Mini keypad with six keys, but far less expensive than the conventional $149.99 Stream Deck (15 keys) and $249.99 Stream Deck XL keypads (32 keys). Other PC foot pedals are available for less money on the internet, but they aren’t as modern and won’t operate with the simple Stream Deck software for programming inputs.

A basic slab of plastic that accomplishes a great deal


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For those unfamiliar with the Stream Deck, it’s a programmable keypad that’s primarily built for Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers, but can be programmed to do practically any computer function. The Stream Deck Pedal puts this capability at your fingertips with three big pedals that can be used for anything from changing cameras to evading in-game attackers at the touch of a button.

Elgato’s sleek, robust slab of black plastic withstood weeks of stomping well, and its 9.6-by-6.9-inch shape takes up very little room beneath my desk. It didn’t slide around much because to its textured surface and rubberized feet, and it reacted to inputs swiftly and precisely. Plus, you can remove the bottom panel and change in one of three sets of different springs that come included in the package if you want the Stream Deck Pedal to have a little more (or less) resistance. If you wish to utilize the middle pedal as a static footrest, Elgato offers stoppers for it.


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Even if you haven’t been using Stream Decks for years like I have, setting up the Pedal to be your hands-free control center is simple. You can easily drag and drop certain tasks to any of the Pedal’s three zones after installing the Stream Deck program on your PC or Mac. Basic tasks like as going live on Twitch or YouTube, accessing a website, sending a Tweet, or running an app are included out of the box.

However, the Stream Deck shop has a massive, ever-growing ecosystem of free plugins from Elgato and a slew of other independent designers, allowing you to control things like Spotify, Philips Hue lighting, and Elgato’s own hardware with a fast touch of your foot. Within the Stream Deck software, you can store an unlimited number of custom profiles and even have them load automatically with particular programs, such as a set of video call controls that appear as soon as Zoom is launched.

For working, producing, and gaming, great hands-free control is essential.


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I find the Stream Deck Pedal to be another another helpful Elgato tool for operating broadcasts as a gamer and sometimes broadcaster. Elgato’s foot pedal is an incredible game changer for me as a music producer.

When capturing various instruments in Ableton Live, the Stream Deck Pedal became an indispensable element of my workflow after setting some simple hotkeys. Because my electronic drum equipment isn’t adjacent to my computer, I have to go over to my keyboard every time I want to start recording. But, by programming the Pedal to operate as a large record button at my feet, I was able to get a lot of different takes done without having to travel around my little home studio.

The Pedal, like any other Stream Deck, works nicely with other Elgato devices. It worked well with the company’s Key Light Mini, allowing me to turn the light on and off as well as change color profiles in real time, all without taking my gaze away from the camera during video chats and broadcasts. I was able to tweak things like clarity, contrast, and zoom without lifting a finger while utilizing Elgato’s Facecam camera, which is important when you want to make corrections without disengaging from your audience.


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The Broadcast Deck Pedal integrates seamlessly with Open Broadcasting Software (which I use to create videos and stream on Twitch), enabling me to switch camera feeds and start recording while leaving my hands free to game or listen to music. When it comes to getting real work done, I’ve put up a handy profile that allows me to start Slack, email, and my job’s CMS all with a single foot touch.

While the Stream Deck Pedal has improved several of my processes, it does have certain restrictions when compared to a conventional Stream Deck. There are only three programmable inputs on the Stream Deck Mini, compared to six on the Stream Deck Mini and up to 32 on the Stream Deck XL. Set up app-specific profiles and program several actions to a single button to get around the Pedal’s restricted inputs, but the other Decks give you greater total flexibility.

The regular Stream Decks also have customisable LCD keys, which are helpful for identifying certain operations (for example, a huge red circle on your “record” button) or using visual plugins that show things like the time or the performance of your PC. The Pedal’s hands-off features make it ideal for certain gaming, broadcasting, and productivity circumstances, but serious streamers will most likely want to utilize a combination of the Pedal and a conventional Stream Deck.

In conclusion


CNN/Mike Andronico

I never imagined I’d want to use my foot to manage my computer until I tried out a Stream Deck Pedal. Whether you’re a Twitch streamer who wants to change cameras and trigger effects while keeping engaged, or a home office worker who needs a tool to help them rocket through PowerPoint presentations or quietly silence oneself on Zoom, having hands-free control over your PC has a lot of utility.

If you don’t mind not being able to control your music with your hands, the $79.99 Stream Deck Mini gives you additional options for a somewhat cheaper price. The $89.99 Stream Deck Pedal is an immensely flexible instrument whose possibilities are only limited by your creativity, whether you’re buying up your first Stream Deck or want to supplement your current broadcast arsenal.

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