Elden Ring’s combat is too slow for the bosses in this game (explanation)

Elden Ring’s combat is defined by it being slow, but that’s because the developers intentionally wanted to avoid a game where players are waiting for their attacks to hit. The devs believe this makes Elden Ring more realistic than other MMOs with faster combat systems and want players focused on positioning during boss fights instead of just spamming skills until they’re dead

Elden Ring’s combat is too slow for the bosses in this game. The reason why it is slow, is because there are a lot of things that you have to do in order to defeat them. You have to dodge their attacks and counterattack at just the right time. Read more in detail here: elden ring combat reddit .

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The issue with this game’s fighting is that it hasn’t been adjusted to the pace of the bosses.

Apart from Sekiro, Elden Ring features the quickest bosses of any FromSoft game. Bloodborne or DS3 aren’t as fast as this.

The issue is that, despite the fact that bosses combo considerably more often, are quicker, and are much more powerful, you are still limited to DS3’s fighting pace.

This seems to be a developing issue in this series.

Consider the topic of healing. Healing was a talent in the first game in the series. Because healing was so slow, you needed to know the boss’ tendencies well in order to heal without getting penalized. Unless you were near to Gwyn and evaded his grab strike, you could never heal on him without him penalizing you. Healing was deliberately slow, but since everything else was sluggish, it seemed balanced; it also rewarded player knowledge and ability.

Fast forward to Bloodborne, where quicker bosses with the ability to stun lock you were balanced with faster and more plentiful healing, as well as rallying. Everything was in harmony, even the ability to recognize when to heal.

Fast forward to Elden Ring which has quicker bosses than DS3, harder-hitting monsters, and a slew of bosses that can combo at breakneck speed. You’re still stuck with the DS3 healing animation, however. Furthermore, bosses have a lot more moves, making it more difficult to figure out which attacks can be healed when evaded or blocked and which cannot. Furthermore, the duration between monster strikes is much shorter, and many enemies have lightning fast closing attacks, allowing for less healing time. As a consequence, you’ll find yourself in a game of chance where you’ll get attacked often, forced to heal frequently, and be penalised for healing frequently. This game also lacks passive poise, which means you may find yourself in a loop of getting struck while healing, retreating, healing, and then being punished again. Healing seems more like a chance than a reward for figuring out who the boss or adversary is.

The fundamental issue with ER’s combat may be seen in this scenario. The player is ill-prepared to face these bosses. Many of them seem to have been created with Bloodborne or possibly Sekiro in mind.

I believe the shield was included by the devs to counteract this, allowing you to resist quicker assaults while avoiding slower ones. But this seems like a bandage on a bullet wound to me. This isn’t Dark Souls this is Elden Ring as far as I’m aware. However, I believe that FromSoftware has not progressed beyond the main foundations of DS3 fighting, and as a consequence, the game suffers.

TLDR: I’m not pushing for slower bosses; rather, I’m calling for FromSoftware to rethink or reimagine their underlying fighting mechanisms, which go beyond the weapons, armors, and shields available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bosses do you need to kill in Elden ring?

A: There are no bosses in the Elden Ring

Where are the bosses in Elden ring?

A: There are no bosses in the game.

How do you fight Radahn?

A: I do not know how to fight Radahn.

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