Elden Ring Mohg Lord of Blood Boss Guide – How to Beat, Attacks

In this Lord of Blood Guide, we will be taking you through the abilities and attacks that Mohg has. This is a boss fight in Elden Ring one of the most difficult places to get into even if it’s not technically considered a raid instance. We’re going to break down each ability so you know what he does and how best to avoid its effects.

The “Elden Ring mohg lord of blood guide” is a guide on how to beat, and the attacks of the Lord of Blood.

Mohg Lord of Blood Boss Guide - Elden Ring

Mohg Lord of Blood is a boss in Elden Ring who is not the primary boss, but rather an optional Demigod that players must first seek before confronting this terrible enemy. This Elden Ring Mohg Lord of Blood Monster Guide will explain you how to defeat this boss, what attacks to avoid, and what awards you’ll get at the end of the fight.

As a reward for defeating Mohg Lord of Blood, you will get the following items:

  • Runes: 420,000
  • The Great Rune of Mohg
  • The Blood Lord’s Remembrance

Mohg Lord of Blood Boss Guide – Elden Ring

Before we look at how to take on the boss and kill it, you should arm yourself with equipment that will help you fight this formidable foe.

For the Boss Fight, you’ll need the following items.

Mohg is a difficult deity to defeat, particularly because it may restore itself in the second phase and unleash even more lethal strikes. To ensure victory in the battle, you’ll need two key objects that will considerably aid you in the fight. The Mohg’s Shackles and the Purifying Crystal Tear are these goods.

In Yura’s questline, you may get the Purifying Crystal Tear by defeating Eleonora the Violet Bloody Finger. Eleonora is a character that may be found in the Altus Plateau’s Second Church of Marika. You’ll get the Purifying Crystal Tear if you defeat this boss, which you’ll need to combine with the Wondrous Physick Flask.

The Mohg’s Shackle is the second crucial item, and it must be obtained from the Avenue Balcony in Leyndell’s capital city. If you don’t have access to this region, travel to the Roundtable Hold and speak with the red-clad NPC, who will then hand you the Sewer Gaol Key to you. Make your way to the bottom-most region of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, which is accessible through a well.

This region has the enormous Crawfish adversary, which must be defeated in order for Mohg’s Shackle to be dropped.

Fight of the Mohg Boss

Now that you have all of the necessary goods, you may proceed to Mohgwyn Palace to face Mohg. Mohg will launch a few strikes in the early part of the combat, including a medium-range trident weapon stab and a fire claw assault that bursts in front of him. These assaults are part of a combination that may be avoided in closer to the monster for improved placement or backed off as Mohg prepares to stab with its trident weapons.

Mohg will throw blood pools throughout the vicinity that explode in flames in between the two major assaults. Getting trapped in one of these fire pools would not only hurt you, but it will also make you bleed more. Mohg will perform spells that produce Nihil Blood circles around your character in the last assault of the first phase. You may use Mohg’s Shackle to stun the monster for a few seconds in the opening phase, enabling you to counter with many blows until he collects himself and restarts the battle.

Only when you have three Nihil Rings surrounding your character at the start of the second phase will the monster do massive damage to you as he recovers. You must ingest the Purifying Crystal Tears that you mixed with the Wondrous Physick Flask, eliminating the rings, at this point.

The blood rain will be the most difficult to control in the second part of the combat, when Mohg unleashes his unrelenting strikes. This is because, in between the melee hit and melee charge assaults, there will be multiple fire pools near to the monster.

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The “how to get to lord of blood elden ring ” is a guide for players who are trying to beat the Elden Ring boss in the game, Lord of Blood. The guide will cover all of the attacks that the boss does and how best to avoid them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to defeat Mohg?

A: Mohg is not a character in the game, so it is impossible to defeat him.

Is Mohg optional Elden Ring?

A: Yes, Mohg is optional.

Where is the Lord of blood Elden Ring?

A: The Lord of Blood Elden Ring is a location in the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim.

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