Elden Ring: Fire Giant

In Elden Ring players roam the world in first-person perspective. While exploring the environment, they can become a farmer who grows food to trade and collect taxes; hunt wild animals for meat or pelts; craft clothing with wood gathered from forests; mine gems found in caves and cliffsides. As their skills grow more advanced, so does their power to shape the emergent society of this self-governing island nation that has emerged into existence over time.

The “elden ring fire giant reddit” is a game that was released in 2016. It has been described as a mix of “The Witcher 3” and “Skyrim”.

The ultimate boss is Elden Beast and In the Golden Order, Radagon. The Initial Stage is Radagon, while the Next Phase is Elden Beast. To finish the boss, you must beat both. Each of them has a unique ability that you must contend with throughout the battle. Each step of the plan requires a distinct approach.

In the Golden Order, Radagon

Elden Ring’s boss is like this. This towering, broken-skull deity disrupted the Elden Ring by holding a golden hammer in his right hand. As the first boss of the Elden Ring’s last fight, this one is not a choice.

Locating Radagon

As the game’s last monster, Radagon does not need you to kill any other bosses beforehand or require you to travel to a certain location. Warrior, you must defeat the Hoarah Loux.

Elden First Godfrey First

Elden Ring’s boss is like this. Godfrey, the First Lord of the Elden Ring has taken on this bodily appearance. This boss has a large axe in the right hand of its summon.

Warrior Hoarah Loux

Warrior Hoarah Loux is a boss in Elden Ring only kind of its boss. After reaching half of the health Godfrey will drop his armor and kill his summon to become in the Next Phase.

How to Win

You have to get rid of this boss. The assaults against this boss are many. This boss has a big axe.

Initial Stage

When he throws his axe forward, you may protect yourself by turning. A triple axe combo splashes his axe to the right before sweeping it from left to right. smashes his axe on the ground after rolling it around.

Next Phase

This monster will kill his lion summon in a second and take on a new form. His first assault consists of a lengthy leap, a splash on the ground, and lightning fire that emerges from the earth to put space between him and the monster. The second attack is when he leaps at you, catches you, throws you into the air, and then slams you to the ground. To avoid this attack, roll to the other side. He will attack you from behind his back by wiping his hands from left to right and slamming them to the ground. He will also kick you as you go forward. You can easily overcome him once you know how he attacks.

How to Win


In the Ashen Capital city of Leyndell, you may find this boss. Players must fight this monster in order to go on in Legacy Dungeons; it is not an optional boss.


You will get a 300000 Runes and a Horah Loux memory.

How to Win In the Golden Order, Radagon (Initial Stage)

This is the Initial Stage of the boss. He will attack with his spear-like lightning spear. He will through a large lightning spear towards you which will explode. Dodge to the right side to dodge the spear. He will also throw five lightning spears which will spread. He will also grab you and hit you several times with his hammer. When he will try to attack you wait for two seconds and then roll towards him to dodge. Also, splash with his hammer three times and then on the fourth time charges his hammer and then splash on the ground. Keep the distance dodge towards Redagon. After understanding all his patterns you can defeat him in the Initial Stage.

How to Win In the Golden Order, Radagon (Initial Stage)

How to Win Elden Beast (Next Phase)

This is a boss in Elden Ring and the true form of Elden Ring This boss is like a lightning Dragon acting as the vassal of the Greater Will. You will find this in Elden Thorne quickly after defeating In the Golden Order, Radagon. This is the Next Phase of the boss.

How to Win Elden Beast (Next Phase)

Considering that this is the boss, use many attacks. slams his hand and then swims away while bringing a long sword. Fly in the air, make an Elden Ring in the sky, and a circle will form around you that will pursue you and detonate. runs outside the circle, putting space between them. Roll on either side to defend yourself from the onslaught as Fire Stars pursue you. He will spew fire from his lips for two to three seconds.


You will be rewarded with Elden Remembrance and 500000 Runes once you kill this monster.

The “elden ring fire giant lore ” is a game that was released on December 14, 2018. The game is set in the world of Elden Ring and follows two siblings who are trying to escape from their home after it falls into ruin.

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