Elden Ring: Ashes and How to Upgrade and Use

Elden Ring is a survival game set in the time of an alternate history where magic exists, but it’s been put to sleep for one hundred years. You wake up with no memories except your name and nothing special about yourself. When you finally find someone else who does remember their past lives, they help you piece together what happened after something went wrong with the sleeping spell at the top of Elden Tower. With this knowledge, it becomes clear that there are three important things left: finding out how to get into Elden Tower; figuring out what exactly happened when magic was put to sleep; and waking up everyone else from their slumber before more go wrong

The “elden ring upgrade spirit ashes ” is a game that has been released by Bethesda. The game is set in a world where the player must escape and find their way back to life. The player can do this by finding items, upgrading abilities, and defeating enemies.

Elden Ring has two different kinds of ashes:

  • War’s Ashes
  • Ghost Ashes

War’s Ashes

War’s Ashes are the special items which we enable to replace weapon skill and affiliate with the new one. You can apply Ashes to your weapon and shields to apply new skills. This will allow setting your class with your playstyle with each type of armaments. Some weapons cannot be customized with War’s Ashes. Each weapon has its type of equipment so all weapon skills are not compatible. There are a total of 12 War’s Ashes.

⦁ Standard War’s Ashes

⦁ Quality War’s Ashes

⦁ Lightning War’s Ashes

⦁ Sacred War’s Ashes

⦁ Magic War’s Ashes

⦁ Poison War’s Ashes

⦁ Fire War’s Ashes

⦁ Heavy War’s Ashes

⦁ Blood War’s Ashes

⦁ Cold War’s Ashes

⦁ Occult War’s Ashes

⦁ Keen War’s Ashes

Ghost Ashes

In Elden Ring Ghost Ashes are the Spirit companions that can help the player in combat. Apart from Weapons and Armor Ghost Ashes are another feature that you can add to your combat. That will create another approach in the combat time. You can summon spirit with. There is a total of 55 Ghost Ashes.

  • Ashes of Albino
  • The ashes of an ancestor
  • Axes of Archer
  • Army Soldier Avionette Ashes
  • Oleg Ashes, a banished knight
  • Tiche Black Knife
  • Demonic Ashes
  • Ashes Fanged Imp
  • Key Maiden puppet Therolina
  • Large Rat Ash
  • Sorcerer’s Glintstone Ashes
  • Soldier Ashes of Godrick
  • Ashes of a Greatshield soldier
  • Jeremy Puppet
  • Ashes of Kaiden Sellsword
  • The Headless Lhutel
  • Solitary Wolf Ashes
  • Ashes of a Crazy Pumpkin
  • Soldier Ashes on a Marionette
  • Recreate Tear Ashes
  • Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets
  • Sacred Sorcerer Ash
  • Ashes Nomad
  • Rollo “Omenkiller”
  • Web Ashes
  • Soldier Ashes by Raya Lucaria
  • Bandit skeleton ashes
  • Ashes of a skeletal soldier
  • Ashes of Spirit Jellyfish
  • Deenh Stormhawk
  • Ashes of Twinsage Sorcerer
  • Noble Ashes on the Move
  • Flying Misplaced Ashes
  • Stray, rotten ashes
  • Ashes of Warhawk
  • The Albinauric Latenna
  • Tricia, a perfumer
  • Knight Bloodhound Floh
  • Unclean Military Ashes
  • Ogha Ashes Redmane Knight
  • Ashes Of Fortune’s Soldier
  • rotten body ashes
  • Soldier Ashes of Radhan
  • puppeteer Napheli Loux
  • Ashes of Oracle Envoy
  • Ashes of Man Serpent
  • Soldier Ashes in a Mausoleum
  • Puppet Dung Eater
  • Puppet Dolores The Sleeping Arrow
  • Ashes of Crystal
  • Carmaan Ashes, a depraved perfumer
  • ashes of clayman
  • Finlay Ashes, Cleanrot Knight
  • Hughues Ashes, Battlemage
  • Soldier Ashes of Leyndell

How to Improve

Ashes may be strengthened and made more efficient by upgrading, which raises their attack, defense, and health numbers. The upgrade point is located near Strom-hill Shack.

There you will find this NPC [Roderika]. Talk to her and she will give you Ashes of Spirit Jellyfish.

After that, go to Storm-veil Castle. By using the elevator, you will arrive to a location where there are several dead corpses. You may locate Chrysalids Memento at the deceased person.

Go to the round table after that and ask Black-Smith about Roderika. Visit Roderika, then go back and tell Black-Smith what she told you. Lean back at the Table of Lost Grace. You may find Roderika on the ground if you talk to her again. You will be able to upgrade Spirit there.

upgradce ashes

Uses for Ashes

You must first locate any Site of Grace before you can access the menu. Add the weapon and spirit to your armor. The statistics of the upgrade will be shown. To enhance a weapon, you must first equip it with the desired ashes before using the class.

How to Improve

You will get every ash. Some of them are obtained during boss battles, while others come through side quests. Depending on your class, you may utilize and equip them.

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Elden Ring is a game in the “Ashes” series. The game has been released on Steam, but it is also available for purchase on GOG.com and Humble Store. The Ashes series is a turn-based strategy series that has been around since 1997. Reference: elden ring best spirit ashes .

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