Eiza Gonzalez Reveals Intense, Funny Moments From Action Scenes

Godzilla and Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong were computerized, the actors in the film worked hard on set to present a human perspective on these collisions. In one scene, Godzilla rolls towards Kong while being carried by a fleet of giant ships. In this sequence, several characters are pushed into the water, turn around in the control rooms, and are almost all soaked. Eiza Gonzalez was one of the many performers involved in the aircraft carrier sequence, and she described an intense experience with .

It was great. I mean, it was like we were at the water park the whole time, we were filming, no joke, for three weeks, Gonzalez recalls. It looks so small. It only takes a second on the screen, but it takes so long. And it was crazy, because the whole team had to get wet. It was underwater, it was like an underwater situation. Kaylee [Hall], Rebecca [Hall], Alexander [Scargard], and me. And it was fun, it was like being a kid. How? Okay, dive in, step away, and spit out the water. It was so much fun.

Gonzalez is no stranger to underwater scenes. She starred in Bloodshot, which was only at the box office for one weekend before Global Pandemic 2020 closed cinemas, where she dived underwater with weights to bring an underwater scene to life. Now she’s giving it another go with a film she hopes will fill the box office after its release.

They put straps on us, pulled us from one side to the other and tipped us over, Gonzalez said, explaining how the performers moved through a room that seemed to have been turned upside down. It was great. Making a film like this is unexpected, she says.

All I can say is that it’s a very funny story, she says, as she enthusiastically introduces the story, which seems to have taken place a very long time ago. I was nauseous during the movie because we were walking in those heels the whole time. And I was always nauseous, and there’s a scene where we go to Antarctica in a helicopter. And I had all these sentences, and I couldn’t say them. For example, they took them away because I couldn’t talk because I kept throwing up. Adam said: I can’t save any of these lines. She can’t talk. I couldn’t talk. That’s how I learned a lot about myself as an actress. And then I recently made a movie where I’m thrown into an ambulance. So I’ve learned that I need to take something in advance every day. Because if you don’t, I can’t even talk.

After all the attempts she and her co-star have made to bring Godzilla vs Kong to life, Gonzalez has one wish for viewers of the new film: I hope they like it, she said. And I hope they go to the theaters now that we’re open. So I hope they feel safe enough to enjoy it, because it’s worth it. It’s worth seeing the film on the big screen.

Are you looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong? Share your thoughts in the comments or send them to me on Instagram! Godzilla vs Kong coming up on the 31st. March in theaters and on HBO Max.

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