Eight Things You Might Not Know About Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…

With the much-anticipated live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast and its beautiful teasers that make us impatient (and because Emma Watson, let’s be honest!) it’s a good opportunity to take a look at the original animated version of Disney. Let’s not forget that Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film nominated at the Oscars (The Lion King being released 3 years later) and that it remains today one of the great classics of the Disney studios! Let’s see, the secrets he’s keeping from us…  

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#1 The name of the Beast is never mentioned in the cartoon

The cartoon never mentions the real name of the Beast! It is only in 1998, in the CD-ROM of a video game The D Show that we learn its name : Adam


How are we supposed to know that? 

Since then, the official name of the Beast is Prince Adam, also used in the Broadway version! 

#2 Mrs. Samovar was to be called Mrs. Chamomile

mrs samovar

During an anniversary screening of Beauty and the Beastat Lincoln Center in New York, producer Don Hahn revealed to the audience that Mrs. Samovar (Mrs. Potts) should be named Mrs. Chamomile. 

For Mrs Samovar we wanted a name, as soothing as possible, and we found Mrs Chamomile. Chamomile is a very soothing herb, but no one could pronounce it. So we changed the name. 

For info, the samovar (name that was chosen for the French version) comes to us from Russia, it’s a metal kettle of two levels that is used to make tea. The lower level contains hot water and the upper level contains tea that brews in a small amount of water. Although the term is used very little, it does exist in French. 

#3 Belle is the first princess to be over 20


When you look at them like that, they look like they’re in their 20s, but in reality most Disney princesses are teenage girls. Belle is the first to have passed the twenties, a fact that Belle’s voice actress is very pleased about: 

I’m very happy to have been able to create such a revolutionary heroine. It is the only one ever created (editor’s note: at the time) in her twenties. All the other princesses are teenage girls. 

For comparison, Aurore (Sleeping Beauty) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid), for example, are 16 years old

What’s more, Belle was only the second princess without royal blood, after Cinderella! 

#4 Even incomplete, the cartoon receives the ovations

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Beauty and the Beast was released in the United States on November 22, 1991, but the film was first shown at the New York Film Festival in September of that year. At that time, only 70% of the film was finished. It was therefore broadcast with preparatory sketches, and even under these conditions, the public rose to give a standing ovation to the feature film A very good sign for the future of the events then!

#5 Zip was not meant to be a cup, but a music box!

Instead of being a small cup, Zip should have been a music box! After the choice of his final shape, Zip was to have only one line in the whole cartoon, but the performance of his voice actor,Bradley Pierce, during the casting was so convincing that more space was given to the character! 

As for the music box, it does make a few small appearances in the feature film! 



Bottom left!


#6 The eyes of Gaston prophesy his death


During his fall from the top of the castle tower, we can see very briefly in Gaston’s eyes, of the skulls, which confirm that his fall will be indeed mortal!

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A 2:53 ! 

#7 Belle is the only one in her village dressed in blue

If we look more closely, especially in the song Bonjour , Belle is indeed the only inhabitant of her small village to be dressed in blue, we can also see that the colours of the decorations are warm and are yellow/orange. Far from being the result of chance, this effect shows how Belle is different from the rest of the inhabitants, and that she has difficulty integrating into her universe. The bright red colour of Gaston’s clothes, the complete opposite of Belle’s, is perhaps not a coincidence! 

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#8 Some of the sculptures in the castle are ancient concepts of the Beast

When Belle, curious, ventures into the part of the castle that is forbidden to her, she can see scary sculptures representing monsters (nice as a collection). Some of them are an idea of what the Beast might have looked like! Disney doesn’t like to mess up his prep sketches. 

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