Éric Lévénez

Does anyone already have an eBlueCard <http://www.e-cartebleue.com/>?
Do you have a software that works on a Mac? What bank are you with? Can
use a web browser instead on soft?

Because I’m at the Banque Populaire and it’s been many years that it
you will soon be next in a short time to issue this card. On their website
<http://www.e-cartebleue.banquepopulaire.fr/> a future opening of the
service is announced with a future software for Mac OS 9! Ugh!

Of course nobody knows anything concrete at my bank. A
bank card specialist at BP even told me that such a
card did not and could not exist. So I can’t even complain that the software doesn’t run on Mac OS X :->

Éric Lévénez — <http://www.levenez.com/>
Unix is not only an OS, it’s a way of life.




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