EASY ON Gutter Guard Initial Review and Test (March 2020)

Critics of Easy On Gutter Guard say this product is effective, but is it really as good as they say it is? In this report we will take a closer look at this product and see if it is really as good as advertised. If you’ve ever tried gutter railings, you know they’re not built the same way, so let’s see how good the Easy On is.

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Easy On is a continuous protector for the do-it-yourself sector that provides maximum protection for your roof. According to the product advertisement, this eavestrough protection system works on every roof and gutter and is quick and easy to install. Let’s look at its characteristics and what makes it possible.

  • Easy On Gutter Guard has a high quality stainless steel microfiltration system. This system has been developed to protect your roof as much as possible against dirt and deposits.
  • After installing the eavestrough guard, it filters the sand, pine needles and leaves and keeps the eavestrough free of dirt.
  • The gutter strip uses 3M VHB brand adhesive tape for better adhesion. Once he’s there, you don’t have to worry about the adjustment anymore.
  • The rainwater fence can be installed quickly, up to 30% faster than other fences.
  • 10-year basic warranty. If you register the product, the warranty is extended to 25 years.

There are a few other points we would like to draw your attention to: The properties of the eavestrough guard reduce the need for excessive forming and cutting. All you need is a drill to screw the gutter protection and you don’t even need it if you use 3M adhesive tape.

The fine mesh is durable and unlike other eavestroughs you don’t have to worry about soiling or cutting the roof. The fact that the Easy On eavestrough protection is well designed means that there is less chance of water running out of the drain.

The feature set is impressive, but how good is Gutter Guard’s installation? And how does he work in real life?

Gutter feedback

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Installation and power supply

The installation is easy because there are different ways to do it. You can fix it with adhesive tape or self-tapping screws (supplied). You can even combine them to make them even stronger.

Many prefer to work with screws because it seems more efficient, but 3M foam tapes are actually quite good. The adhesion is excellent and can be used in various applications. It is easy to use and will not damage the roof or invalidate the warranty.

Another advantage of 3M foam tape is the adhesion. It not only fixes itself, but also has elastic properties, allowing the gutter protection to adapt to heat and cold. One of the problems with other gutter holders is their inability to stay in place.

With Easy On Gutter Guard 3M you get a protective barrier for different metals. There is no need to worry about galvanic corrosion, which is a common problem with some eavestroughs.

There are many guards, but Easy On is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Installation is simple and both methods described here are effective. Even those who have no experience installing eavestroughs can complete the installation in about 2 hours.

Light tube inspection

Installation reminders

  • To make the best of it, you have to clean the gutter first. If you want the Rainwater Guard to work, it must be free of pine needles, dirt, leaves, etc. A guard wouldn’t be very useful if the gutter was already dirty. If you clean it first, the gutter system prevents clogging.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual. The instructions are clear and there are pictures that show how to install the eavestrough guard.
  • Follow the instructions for connecting the sections. The pictures show you how it works step by step, so use it as a guide to help you through the installation.

Overall, we are satisfied with the instructions and installation. The manual is clear and shows you what to do. A problem with other gutter closures is that the user manual contains insufficient information and creates confusion. But with Easy On, everything is crystal clear.

How does rainwater safety work?

After the installation of Easy On, the gutter protection does the rest. When rain falls on the roof and the gutter, the rainwater enters the stainless steel grid. Because it is surgical equipment, rainwater comes in and out through the rain gutter. Leaves, sand and other debris come out of the gutter. With this guard, your gutter won’t get clogged.

The advantage of Easy On Gutter Guard is that the stainless steel mesh works smoothly. Leaves, soil and sand can’t get through. This effect works regardless of whether you use tape, a screw or both. To return to the tape, it has a double-sided adhesive for extra strength.

All this means that eavestrough safety does what it’s supposed to do, namely protect your eavestrough. Although there are different types of gutters, the problem of clogging is always present. But if you install this gutter protection, you can rely on your roof even in heavy rain.

The Easy On Gutter Guard guide is available online and contains all the information you need. The box is good enough for a 24-inch surface and is quick to set up. We have already described how simple this process is, but if that’s not enough, there are videos that explain how it should be done.


Cleaning gutters is not a picnic, and if they are clogged with leaves and other debris, it becomes a difficult routine job. However, the Easy On Gutter guard follows the rules of the trade and does what he has to do. These eavestrough guards are nothing less than the functionality offered by the Easy On eavestrough guard.

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