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Practical tip for unblocking a mobile phone previously used with a Bouygues subscription.

If, like me, you didn’t want to block your mobile phone before going to Free mobile (or another one), it’s a mess: your Bouygues customer area is closed and 1064 tells you that your phone is no longer recognized.

For a fee, some sites offer you to unlock for a few euros

But I have the free solution

– from another phone, call 1064

– when the voice asks you to dial your number, press # directly, without entering the number

– you are asked to enter your number, press # again

– ditto, for the third time, press #.

In the voice menu that is proposed, type 1, listen and then 1 again.

In summary: ### 1 1

You are then in contact with an operator, he asks you your mobile number and the EMEI code

(in google type retrieve EMEI code, if you don’t already have it, on an HTC tattoo, it’s under the battery).

It gives you the unlock code.

Insert the new SIM card switch on the phone: first enter the new PIN code (it’s 1234 for a new sim card from Free mobile).

And then you can type this f… …of code given to you by the nice operator at Bouygues.


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