Drone shooting: the list of places in France where its forbidden to take pictures

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UAVs capable of photographing or filming cannot be used everywhere. There is an official list of prohibited places on French territory. It was updated on January 22, 2020.

The list of areas where aerial photography is prohibited is getting longer and longer. This is shown by the new decree published in the Official Journal on 24 January 2020, which replaces the decree published in March 2019. From 289 sites benefiting from this ban, the number has now risen to 305. This order, spotted by Jérôme Rabenou, a project manager at the Ministry of Justice, is the fifth of its kind since the boom in the use of leisure drones by private individuals.

Areas that cover sensitive locations

The previous decrees date from 27 January and 27 October 2017, 12 October 2018 and, therefore, 1 March 2019. They have been progressively repealed as a new administrative text has been adopted, in order to update the list of prohibited areas. In fact, this list is not useful for the whole coming as it consists of a litany of entries defining geographical areas by coordinates.

For example, it is prohibited to take photographs in Bormes-les-Mimosas in an area bounded by the following polygon :

A: 006° 19′ 12.5″ E / 43° 05′ 26.00″ NB

: 006° 19′ 12.7″ E / 43° 05′ 40.50″ NC: 006° 19′

28.1″ E / 43° 05′ 39.10″ ND: 006° 19′

28.4″ E / 43° 05′ 38.40″ NB: 006° 19′

27.6″ E / 43° 05′ 36.64″ NF: 006° 19′

27.6″ E / 43° 05′ 25.65″ N

Emmanuel Macron et Vladimir Poutine au fort de Brégançon, en 2019. // Source : Kremlin

Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin at Fort Brégançon in 2019. // Source: Kremlin

For those who follow the political news a little, it is not very difficult to know why: it is in this commune that the famous Fort de Brégançon is located, a stronghold that has become a state residence for the Presidents of the Republic. They can spend holidays here, but also receive foreign delegations: it is here that Emmanuel Macron received Theresa May in 2018 and Vladimir Putin in 2019.

While this site is banned at the request of the Ministry of the Interior, more than half of the areas are in fact under the authority of the Ministry of the Armed Forces – mainly bases and ports. There is also the Ministry of Justice with its prisons, and the Ministries of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and Higher Education, Research and Innovation (with, for example, the Guyana Space Centre).

Inexploitable on a day-to-day basis, this list can nevertheless be used by UAV manufacturers to ensure that on-board software takes into account prohibited areas, so that they can, for example, turn back the clock. It can also be used to feed online services to see on a map where it is possible to take pictures and where it is categorically forbidden, under penalty of sanctions.

(updated on January 24, 2020 with the latest decree)

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