Dragon Ball Super: New Pisodes Announced

Last March, Dragon Ball Super came to an end after an eventful power tournament. A series that was strongly criticized at the beginning, but which finally managed to find an audience. The saga is not expected to end, however, as new episodes have been announced.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super are over the moon

After 130 episodes, the tournament of power finally ended with a memorable fight and an equally sublime sacrifice. And though the tears of sorrow have long since dried up, it is time for the tears of joy to flow: new episodes have been announced. Indeed, the WorldScreen website, whose seriousness is no longer to be proven, has just relayed the announcement during the NATPE Miami 2019 conference, reserved for American television professionals, that new episodes of Dragon Ball Super had been announced there.

These episodes are obviously created by Toei, even if a hypothetical Release Date has not been underlined. The Japanese production studio is also said to be working onSaint Seiya: Saintia Sho, One Piece andGe Ge no Kitaro. These new episodes shouldn’t take long to be talked about again, and eventually let more information about them leak out.

Once again scattered, the crystal balls will certainly be at the heart of the next narrative arc. A resurrection story in the offing? Nothing is less certain. However, Boo could be back, the latter being plunged into yet another nap cycle. Response within the next few weeks or even months.

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