Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the Comeback of the Akira Toriyama Saga

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the Comeback of the Akira Toriyama Saga

– February 03, 2019 – Pop culture

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Scheduled for March 13th in all theatres, the film Dragon Ball Super : Broly took the temperature from French spectators last week at multiple previews across the country. Mission accomplished: the audience was hot as hell!

The saga Dragon Ball may have been finished for more than 20 years with its more than 500 episodes and a bevy of films, but it has nevertheless remained very popular. She has left her mark on an entire generation and continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for manga. In the same way as Saint Seiya , it made sense (especially commercially) for the franchise to return one day in the form of a new TV series. It was first in 2009 with Dragon Ball Z Kai , new editing and remastering in high definition of the original anime. The latter was a huge success when it was broadcast in Japan, so Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation thought about following up on it.

It arrived in 2013, in the form of a feature film, titled Battle of Gods , chronologically located just after the Buu arc. The anomaly Dragon Ball GT is therefore definitively forgotten. A second film was produced two years later ( The Resurrection of ‘F’ ) just before the arrival of the project Dragon Ball Super . Released between 2015 and 2018, this new series is the true sequel to Dragon Ball Z . The events narrated in Battle of Gods and The Resurrection of ‘F’ are rewritten for inclusion. Then Toriyama wrote new bows that are part of the continuity of history. The action no longer takes place in a single universe, but in several.

Toei Animation

Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Reloaded

Dragon Ball Super however struggled to find its cruising speed with a rather chaotic start. In addition to the lazy re-use of the weft of the feature films, the technical quality of the whole was strongly criticized. Fortunately, the series has improved over time, improving in all areas, even offering one last exciting bow.

Put on pause last June, the Super saga returns today with a new film that displays ambitions of a whole new dimension. The plot is directly after the end of the series. There we find Freezer, freshly resurrected, in search of the famous Dragon Balls. He arrives on Earth in the company of Paragus and his son Broly, Saiyans survivors who were living in autarky on a hostile planet. A confrontation between Goku, Vegeta and Broly…

Akira Toriyama decided to make a big splash by including the most popular non-canon character in the chronology of the series: Broly. The latter first appeared in 1993 in Broly the super warrior by Shigeyasu Yamauchi. He then came back in two other movies, Dangerous Rivals and Super Warrior Attack! , released together at the cinema in France under the title Dragon Ball Z 2, the film (1996). The circle is complete, the return of the franchise in French theatres will be done again with Broly. Since its release last December in Japan, Dragon Ball Super: Broly generated $100 million in revenue worldwide. Which makes it the most lucrative film in the saga. An unprecedented success that was felt during the French previews, as most exhibitors had to add theatres to meet demand.

Toei Animation

Toei Animation

One hell of an experience

The feature film is directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, first hired on the series to deal with the arc Survival of the Universe before being chosen to direct Broly . He made his debut with Toei, then went on to direct on Beet the Vandel Buster in 2004. He then participated in Heatcatch Precure! , Saint Seiya Omega and especially the feature film One Piece Film Z . We find a good part of the team of this last film, including the famous animator and character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi (in charge of the animation of Gogeta). A well-trained staff and above all a large budget to offer fans the most spectacular match in the entire saga. This galvanizing sequence, of unheard-of brutality, alone occupies a good third of the footage.

Filled with completely crazy directing ideas (the passage in subjective camera!) and choreographed to the extreme, this clash of titans sets the bar very high (to the dungeons Marvel and DC). For the first time in the history of the saga, we really feel like we’re watching movies and not an extended episode of the TV series. However, those who are allergic to flying planes and flashy colour explosions may be able to avoid them. The fact that Nagamine is connected to the reboot in Broly’s story is no coincidence. In addition to his solid experience, he is also considered in the milieu as the spiritual son of Shigeyasu Yamauchi, with whom he worked on FVO Saint Seiya: Hades Chapter – Sanctuary . Veteran Yamauchi was director on Dragon Ball Z at the time (the first transformation of Goku into Super Saiyan, that’s him), but he is also the creator of Broly and Gogeta via the movie Fusions in 1995. This new chapter therefore serves as a handover.

Toei Animation

Toei Animation

Broly’s popularity is mainly due to his status as the Legendary Super Saiyan. But in reality in the 1993 film, it’s just a nasty cartoon born the same day of Goku and traumatized by the latter’s incessant crying. This new Broly is very different. The term Legendary Super Saiyan is never mentioned for example. He appears here as a victim, conditioned by a vengeful father. The character is much more touching and we hope to see him again in future episodes.

To introduce Broly, Toriyama’s script takes us back to the time of the destruction of planet Vegeta. There we find Baddack, Goku’s father, whose story had already been counted in a TV movie. Here too, the changes that have been made make sense and give a more dramatic resonance to the whole. Notably through Goku’s touching separation sequence from his parents.

Of course, the “Toriyamesque” humour is also always very present. The Dragon Ball Super series marked a return to a decidedly lighter tone. Sometimes the comedy works: in particular Vegeta announces that he would rather die than try the famous ridiculous fusion dance. Probably the funniest moment in the movie. On the other hand, the choice of making Freezer a comic sidekick is more dubious. Something already started in the series, which takes on a new dimension here. Thus, a pivotal sequence in the film could have been of tremendous dramatic intensity if it had not been spoiled by the antics of the former tyrant of the universe. But that’s the only thing wrong with a film that goes way beyond our expectations. To be seen in theatres from March 13th.

The first part of the Dragon Bal Super series is available in a DVD or Blu-ray box set on Anime-Store (the second will arrive on March 27th).

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The first plug and play techno album cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive is coming soon. Technoptimistic will be released in March. pic.twitter.com/SKWjyuRn5d

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Expected for March 22, 2019 for 33.33 euros (the cartridge has to be financed),Technoptimistic will bring together 16 pieces in all. A first free sample, called ‘A Warm Feeling Of Total Immersion’, gives a good indication of the identity of disc : we’ll be dealing with retro electro (with 16-bit sounds). For a total experience, Remute encourages you to listen to it on a Mega Drive, knowing that the cartridge will not be regionalized (it will work on all consoles in the world). However, it cannot be read on a copy of the console.

Remute is not at his trial run. His previous opus, entitled Limited, was on a… floppy disk. In the columns of Magnetic, he explained, in 2017, that his tracks didn’t have “the delicatetouch” of vinyl but this “raw” aspect which feeds his vision of techno. And, of course, with formats so limited in size, he has to use his creativity to push the limits of technology.

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