Download Zone is Back, or Almost Back

It is becoming difficult to follow the different projects of the download platform in direct link since the original Download Zone platform was grounded in November 2018.

For nearly 8 years, the site was the French reference in warez by offering video games music, anime, series, films, concerts and eBooks for direct download. Then in November 2018, a police operation led to the closure of the site and the seizure of the servers.

Quickly, several forks of the platform were set up, claiming the originality of the name to retrieve users. It must be said that this type of site has everything to gain: the traffic is enormous and the advertising broadcast, sometimes ultra aggressive, generates huge revenues …

A site called Zone-Telechargement claimed to be the logical continuation of the original platform… As time went by and to recover its identity by distinguishing itself from the clones, the site became Directory-Download. A change of name also explained at the time by the return of the original version of Zone-Download at the same time … Except that this return announced with great pomp and circumstance will have had the effect of a wet firecracker.

Net Download Zone

In the past few weeks access to the Directory-Download has sometimes become difficult, with users wondering whether the site was once again experiencing various blockages from the authorities and imposed on operators. Some users indicated that they would have to go through the .cc address to get access to the platform.

From now on, the situation can be explained since Directory-Download becomes again The team explains quickly The main reason is to facilitate the accessibility of the site to all our visitors and thus avoid complex manipulations to access the site. Blockages have been found that would make it very difficult or even impossible for many people to connect to the site. The other reason is that the copiers keep multiplying using our current name to try to cheat you.

Keep your vigilance at its highest level by keeping a constant eye on your address bar.

The Directory-Download site will be accessible until 15 July, after which the only address to access the platform will be

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