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Notice of redaction

Rich in new features, improvements and patches, this Service Pack 1 SP1 of the famous Microsoft Office 2010 office suite for Windows is a must-have cumulative update to download for free and install without further delay!

Published by François Verrier, updated on 04/10/2019

The trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 is no longer available for download.

You can download the Preview version of Microsoft Office 2016, use Office Online the free online suite, or choose the new Office 365 subscription package.

However, you can access Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (or SP1) downloads at the bottom of the page.

An update for all Office 2010 suite tools

Service pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows is now available. Unsurprisingly, this famous free SP1, translated into French and available in 32 and 64 bit versions, contains all cumulative updates released since the release of Office 2010 for Windows. It is intended for all editions of Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows : Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, Microsoft Office Home and Small Business 2010, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, Microsoft Office Standard 2010 and Microsoft Office Starter 2010.

The patches, improvements and feature additions apply to all applications in the Microsoft Office 2010 office suite, namely : the word processor Word 2010, the spreadsheet Excel 2010, the presentation creator PowerPoint 2010, the database manager Access 2010, the DTP publishing solution Publisher 2010, the note-taking wizard OneNote 2010 and the essential mail client Outlook 2010.

Features and improvements in detail

The Word 2010word processor has, among other things, fixes for problems such as receiving error messages when opening corrupted Word documents, displaying vector fonts, editing conflicts in Word co-creation mode, and running the display plan function, losing the properties of paragraph indents, saving images in an ODF file, copying Excel data including cells and graphics, using resizing handles on a graphic, rendering graphics when converting a Word document to HTML or sharing children in a Word group.


For its part, OneNote 2010takes advantage of new sharing features, including the Windows Live SkyDrive online storage service. It is now possible to open OneNote notebooks from SkyDrive, share notebooks more easily via the Web and Network options, and quickly archive unclassified notes on SkyDrive.

In the same area, OneNote now uses the Windows Live Essentials service pack to connect to SkyDrive, offers better synchronization management with SharePoint and WLSD, and allows you to disable the online notepad backup wizard. OneNote 2010 SP1 also takes advantage of numerous fixes regarding bulleted lists, copying links, pages marked as read, a conflict between the highlighter tool and highlighting, the search function in an XPS file, managing multiple notebooks at the same time, moving an ink, sharing notebooks with SharePoint 2010, and printing a OneNote 2010 document converted to the OneNote 2007 format.

PowerPoint 2010 SP1 allows you to solve a multitude of bugs related to the display of animations, the disappearance of the mouse pointer, the activation of an Excel object integrating VBA code, the execution of a command in a PowerPoint 2003 presentation, Playing Windows audio-video content in a PowerPoint document designed for the Mac, converting a slide to EMF image format, using a stylus, changing the default language, or saving images when saving a presentation in ODF format. Some practical improvements in PowerPoint 2010, such as the automatic display of slideshows on a secondary screen or the systematic integration of the PowerPoint viewer when creating a CD-ROM package.

For its part, the Access 2010 database manager offers better performance for publishing customer forms that include images, now has a function to transfer content from the Community to its component gallery and finally fixes a recurring problem related to the export of Access files to an Excel document.

Note also that the Excel spreadsheet finally restores the backward compatibility of the names of its functions. Finally, it should be noted that client Outlook 2011 inaugurates support for the famous Office 365 online collaboration tool launched at the end of June 2011 by , now allows you to designate a single sending account by default and also benefits from a patch concerning the time of repetition of appointments.

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1: previous versions

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