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When hackers find a way to eat for free at McDonald's...

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The latest version of file compression/decompression software

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Archiving and compression

Google Chrome


The ever more powerful and complete web browser by Google

Updated on 05/02/2020 | Navigation

VLC media player


The must-have multimedia player, free and multi-platform!

Updated on 05/11/2019 | Video and DVD players



Play music and sync your Apple devices

Updated on 13/12/2019 | iOS

Microsoft Office 2016


Discover the 2016 version of Microsoft Office

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Office Automation

Windows 10


Download the ISO files of the final version of Windows 10

Updated on 19/12/2019 | Operating Systems

Internet Download Manager (IDM)


One of the most popular download managers and accelerators

Updated on 09/12/2019 | Download

µTorrent (uTorrent)


Lightweight and complete: probably one of the best BitTorrent clients

Updated on 16/12/2019 | Download



Optimize and clean your PC in just a few clicks with CCleaner!

Updated 04/02/2020 | Cleaning & optimization

Free YouTube Download


Download your favorite YouTube videos easily and for free to your computer.

Updated on 05/11/2019 | Download

Adobe Reader


The PDF reader reference signed by Adobe

Updated on 26/11/2019 | PDF Tools

WhatsApp Desktop


Multi-platform messaging service that works on smartphones, PCs and Macs

Updated on 16/12/2019 | Instant Messaging


A complete emulator to enjoy Android applications and games

Updated on 13/01/2020 | Emulators

Mozilla Team

Mozilla’s free browser and reference available for downloading

Updated 10/01/2020 | Navigation


A sandbox game that only limits the imagination.

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Adventure


Create virtual CD, DVD and Blu-ray players

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Virtual drives and disk images


Discover the world map in 3D satellite view, earth reliefs or 3D buildings

Updated on 05/11/2019 | History and Geography


Download the essential plugin from Adobe

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Navigation

Artur Kuzyakov

Installing your hardware drivers online and offline

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Operating Systems


Make buildings and 3D objects with SketchUp!

Updated on 26/11/2019 | 3D modeling & synthesis


Download Internet Explorer 11, the new web browser from Microsoft!

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Navigation

Foxit Reader

Foxit Software

The essential free PDF reader

Updated on 26/11/2019 | PDF Tools

Adobe Photoshop CC


Download Photoshop, the reference professional photo editing and composition software

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Photo retouching

Factory Format

Free Time

Easy and free conversion of audio and video files

Updated on 16/01/2020 | Audio file conversion



The leading software for audio and video conferencing and instant messaging from Microsoft

Updated on 13/12/2019 | Videoconference

Microsoft Office 2013


The Microsoft Office suite in its 2013 version

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Office suite

Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Professional video editing and post-production

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Editing & Editing

Avast Free Antivirus 2019


The new version of antivirus for everyone!

Updated 06/01/2020 | Antivirus


WeTransfer BV.

Free online file transfer service

Updated on 11/12/2019 | Storage and Sharing

Microsoft .NET Framework


The indispensable tool to run many applications!

Updated on 04/10/2019 | System & Optimization


Opera Software

Opera for Windows : The free, innovative, high-performance and customizable browser

Updated on 09/01/2020 | Navigation


Stefan Haglund

Burning data, video or audio to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray

Updated on 20/11/2019 | CD/DVD burning


Antonio Da Cruz

PhotoFilter : Apply over 100 graphic filters to images

Updated on 04/10/2019 | Photo processing


SFX Team

A powerful alternative to the Windows file copy system

Updated on 04/10/2019 | File management

Microsoft PowerPoint


Professional slide show design and presentations

Updated on 04/10/2019 | Presentation

Microsoft Office 365


The Microsoft Office Suite in its subscription version

Updated on 26/11/2019 | Office suite

Microsoft Excel


The Microsoft Office suite reference spreadsheet

Updated on 04/10/2019 | Spreadsheet

Microsoft Word


The famous word processing software of the office suite Microsoft Office

Updated on 04/10/2019 | Word processing


Atomix Productions

Free audio and video mixing software for DJ’s

Updated on 03/02/2020 | DJ & Mixing



Detect and remove malware with this award-winning security suite

Updated on 14/11/2019 | Antispyware

Windows software by category

Office automation

  • Office Suite, PDF Tools, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Calendar & Directory


  • Security & Privacy, Browsing, Communication, Sharing

Multimedia and Creation

  • Video, Audio & Mp3, Graphics, Photo, Music Composition & Production


  • File Management, System & Optimization, Customization, Networking, Accessibility

Leisure & Practical Life

  • Geolocation & GPS, Home, Cooking & Wine, E-books, Dating

Games & Entertainment

  • Game Utilities, Action, Arcade & Oldies, Reflection & Logic, Adventure

Development & Pro

  • Business Management & Commerce, Application Development, Website Development, Servers, Database Management

Education and Science

  • Mathematics, History and Geography, Languages, Music, Astronomy

Online Services

  • Documents and Collaboration, Storage and Sharing, Streaming and Multimedia, Browsing and Social Networking, Practical Life

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Antivirus comparison: which is the best in 2020?

Antivirus comparison: which is the best in 2020?

At a time when the stakes in cyber security have never been higher, antivirus vendors are working harder than ever to strengthen their protection. Focus on the best free and paid security suites…

All our tips to configure your VPN efficiently

In 99% of cases, VPN providers offer their users a dedicated application. With a few clicks or presses on the screen, you are connected to a secure server anywhere in the world. The configuration steps are reduced to the bare minimum, you only have to worry about choosing the server that best suits your needs.

VPN comparison: what is the best on the market in 2020?

VPN comparison: what is the best on the market in 2020?

The editors’ choice’The most complete price/performance ratioCyberGhost+ Unlocking of streaming services+ Best interface on the market+ Stability and speed of the connectionNordVPN+ Very large number of servers+ Coverage of up to 6 simultaneous devices+ Ultra competitive ratesExpressVPN+ Multi-platform management+ Browser extensions+ Speed and reliability of the connectionFrom 2,45€ / monthFrom 3,10€ / monthFrom 6€ / monthHow to choose a VPN according to your needs and features? Find the essential information in our selection of the best 2020 VPNs.

China's mobile giants ally against Google

China’s mobile giants ally against Google

No one saw it coming. This afternoon, Reuters news agency Reuters revealed that an alliance of Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo is being formed to compete head-on with the Google Play Store.

Google Maps: new logo, new identity, new features, the app celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Google Maps: new logo, new identity, new features, the app celebrates its 15th anniversary!

The world’s most famous mapping service celebrates its 15th anniversary this Saturday. Today it guides more than a billion users on their travels. The ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a real rejuvenation.

The Windows Application Your Phone can now make calls from your PC

The Your Phone application continues to gain functionality. Announced for the first time in August, the “Calls” mode from a computer is now available (and gradually deployed). A powerful addition to the connectivity between an Android phone and a Windows PC.

Chrome will soon block intrusive ads in YouTube videos

Chrome will soon block intrusive ads in YouTube videos

Chrome continues its fight against intrusive advertising. In a blog post, the browser made in Google announced that three types of ads would soon be blocked natively on videos, including YouTube content.

The free version of Google Stadia will be available in a few months.

The free version of Google Stadia will be available in a few months.

After its lukewarm launch last year, Stadia is looking for the miracle formula to bounce back and convince a wider audience.

Google deploys Chrome 80 and changes the way it handles cookies (for the better)

Google deploys Chrome 80 and changes the way it handles cookies (for the better)

Good news for the many Google Chrome users, who can now take full advantage of the new version 80.

When hackers find a way to eat for free at McDonald's...

When hackers find a way to get free food at McDonald’s…

Two German developers have found a loophole in the mobile application of the mobile restaurant chain to enjoy fast food for free and at will.

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