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If everyone is on the same level, I think the support is the worst in the league. I believed that for a very long time over 5 years. Why? It takes a long and thorough analysis to hear me out. When you prepare the terrain, you need to know 3 things, the opponent and the cs each have their own mechanism and their own interactions and rules of the game. Top, adc, sup all have the same thought process with these 3 factors then different. There is one thing the soup does not do though, it is not the last cs hit. ofc they will try to hurt the opponent to miss the cs, but it is the same across the board. Therefore, the custodian must be able to spell check and read a chart. The last shot in cs is very hard, but you don’t have to pay attention to it, which is a very big advantage. But soloq sup usually doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, which is check spells, do minimal checking and ping enemy positions all over the map. While the TDC requires 100 attention to really work in the game, the soup requires less than 80 and thus can climb higher with less skill than the other courses. JG plays a completely different game with the other 4 players with different factors to divide the concentration and it gets harder each season as new factors are added. If the robot loses the most time, it feels bad. It’s like the soup and adc fight 90% of the time, its soup wine when I watch the replay. With the same Elo having gone from money to first place, supporters are generally much worse in terms of skill, focus and judgement. Examples: in the league, the one who uses lightning first in battles has a huge advantage: the soup can always use lightning first and can use the opponent’s attention and spread to the Cs or other opponents in teamfights in the lane phase. But even though the Supers fight so often, they lose 50/50 on straws, why? Because they’re worse. Are there any exceptions? It’s no different with the pros. Mata, maybe? Who replaced the rack? I said, on the same level. You can’t bring in players like Mata or Beryl to disagree with me. That’s like me saying the average man is stronger than the average woman, and you bring a fighter to beat me. If you want to compare players like Mata or Beryl, you have to do it with a pawn or a stopper. Sups are important and should be respected, but I can’t stand it when sups act like they are better at the game and start posting crappy ideas and firehats. As important as the middle line is, it doesn’t take up more than 25% of the game, even in a bad game where the midfielder had more than 15% influence on the game. Is Chowee different? No, you don’t know the game. The middle and top advertisers can all play soup if you look at the stats on the middle sub-role and the advertiser actually has a win rate of over 50% on the soup, which is crazy since every main has a 50% win rate. But when they drive on other tracks, it’s usually garbage. Finally, in competition the initiator has a higher level, and since most supers have a solid die, they usually take the initiative. Don’t act like you won the fight when you should have won it. If they are great actors and brag about how good they are in the competition and they commandeer me, I am really nauseous because I feel like puking. I’m not being sarcastic or ridiculous about any of this, these are 100% my real opinions.

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Display of Dopa’s thoughts in support of the League of Legends game.

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