Do We Really Need to Buy a Connected Electric Toothbrush?

In 2019, there are connected electric toothbrushes on earth. Are they the best? Do they offer adequate brushing? How to choose and differentiate between them? Does Oral-B have a monopoly on mouths? Find the answers to these questions in our guide.

The electric toothbrush and me, it’s a shame. A disgrace to a haughty and disdainful dentist, who in addition to a contemptuous paternalistic discourse about the irregularity of my consultations, had attemptedmoney-shaming. This dear gentleman did not understand that, as a student earning about €400 per month by doing piges right and left, I could not afford to invest in a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush. His “300 € that you won’t regret” hasn’t let go of me for 10 years (I stole some toothpaste samples from him).

And then, as nothing is absolute in this world, I found at the beginning of 2018, completely by chance, an absolutely adorable and competent dentist, taking care of the well-being of her patients and giving good advice. The electric toothbrush came back into my life: she advised me to use it to fight against saliva that wouldn’t do its job of scaling well enough. We got the saliva we probably deserve.

So I plunged into the wonderful world of electric toothbrushes, skimmed through tests, comparisons, models, brands, single brushes, brushes in packages, brush sizes, brush innovation, connected toothbrushes… in short. I’ve made some mistakes and some discoveries. This guide shares them with you.

The temptation of the high-end

Oral-B Genius 9000N Cross Action

Nerd in my spare time, I obviously immediately looked at what was being made of moretechy on the toothbrush market. Spoiler: there isobviously of the Bluetooth electric toothbrushes connected with a companion application. Even if I had to give it a try, and thanks to a promotion, I let myself be tempted by the Rolls: the Oral-B Genius 9000N Cross Action. More expensive than most connected toothbrushes, this brush promised perfectly healthy teeth and the exhilaration of numerical self quantification. Honestly, it’s both my best and worst hygiene purchase.

Best of all, because the electric toothbrush, rechargeable on a base or in a box to take it everywhere, quickly becomes a dental must-have. The first times are strange (close your mouth), but very quickly, nothing can replace it. And in this, the 9000N’s most violent mode does its job very well, oscillating a metal slat at full speed that will spin a complex head all around the teeth. A form that must have taken years of R&D at the giant. It’s quite simple: after two weeks of brushing withelectric toothbrush, you can only feelclean onteeth with it. Manual brushing leaves a feeling of unfinished, unfulfilled. A void. And 6 months after a tartar removal, not a trace of tartar in my teeth: mission accomplished.

What’s the worst part? Well, the worst part is everything else. The brush features 5 brush modes which are less powerful versions of the maximum mode. One wonders what they’re for – just like the heads that are supposed to wash the tongue or make whiter teeth, which appear to be better for a particular task when the best head is better at everything. The application is a gimmick from the worst series of anticipations in which the future is null: it connects to your brush via Bluetooth, monitors the regularity of your oral care and can even monitor the way you pass the brush, thanks to the webcam on your smartphone, attached to your mirror (suction cup holder supplied, sic). In short, gadgets that are once used for fun and that probably justify the exorbitant price of the 9000N.

It’s my toothbrush, but I don’t recommend it to anyone except nerdy toothbrushes who want to change the color of the LED light for recharging and to backpackers for whom the carrying case is of interest.

Performance without gadgets

Oral-B Smart 5

When you become an electric toothbrush user, you start talking about an electric toothbrush. “My girlfriend put my electric toothbrush down wrong and it didn’t charge! ,” I heard, at a party. Eye contact. The other one now knows that I also have an electric toothbrush. We get closer and exchange on our respective models. He fell for the Smart 5, that’s what he fell for. Oral-B, the word we don’t say but which is theZeitgeistof all conversations, seems to be the king of the electric toothbrush game. No one talks about competition, as if it were a taboo subject.

The Smart 5 is roughly the version of the 9000N without the carrying case. It takes over the efficiency, is compatible with the same brushes and even has that silly connected side with its useless modes. But it costs almost half as much as the 9000N. So it’s a mid-range toothbrush (such a thing exists) that could suit everyone and could make a lasting and effective first purchase.

Philips Sonicare H8911

I would like to come back for a moment to the Oral-B monopoly that the media and the authorities seem to be hiding. While trying to do my job as a committed journalist and digging into the subject, I found at Philips an equivalent to the Smart 5, at least in terms of price. So it’s easy to see why Oral-B impresses: the Sonicare looksjust like a vibrating toothbrush. We feel a little less in the future, the head does not rotate but oscillates … from a distance, we have the impression thatbig P has capitulated and voluntarily offers a product at a discount.

But that would be forgetting that efficiency is not everything in body care. With its Sonicare, which still oscillates at 31,000 movements per minute, Philips is acclaimed for its smoothness and silence. It is true that the vibrations of the Oral-Bs could disturb sensitive jaws. Here, the movement is soft and more reminiscent of a classic brush. So you’re on familiar ground, especially since the ultra-quiet motor of the brush allows you to continue to listen to someone talking to you (reminder: do not open your mouth) when you use it. It’s another philosophy and another approach: we love.

Why pay so much?

Oral-B Pro 700

Clean teeth for everyone

As I continued my exploration, I realized that the electric toothbrush market was somewhat structured like the automobile market. When you buy a car in the full option prestige package, you get the sunroof, laser projector on the windscreen, driver assistance and surround sound. When you buy the same car in an I-want-to-run package, you don’t get the glitter, but the same engine as the most expensive one. And isn’t that basically the main thing? On toothbrushes, it’s about the same: for 30 €, you have the same Oral-B brush head and a motorized handle. You losejust the connected gadgets, the carrying case, the ten thousand unnecessary brushing modes and the feeling of belonging to the elite.

But you find exactly the same effectiveness in brushing, the same comfort afterwards and the same desire to evangelize around you for the adoption of the electric toothbrush. What’s more, you don’t even have to be as contemptuous as my first dentist: 30 € is not much to pay for an object that you renew less than a classic brush. Around that price, we really get tomust-have.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush

Finally, as there is not a single sector where Xiaomi hasn’t released a gadget vaguely resembling an Apple product that went wrong, we couldn’t but mention their version of the electric toothbrush. It pays itself the “luxury”, for around thirty euros, of offering functions connected with the Mi Home application (approximately translated into French). She was recommended to me by our e-commerce manager, who must be the person best equipped with Xiaomi products in France.

In short, buy an electric toothbrush, but don’t be surprised by the overkill of modern features. Your teeth, your dentist and your wallet will thank you. The meeting placeof club will be sent to you later.

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