Dns Windows Server 2008 (Big Galore)



first of all, please excuse me if this is not the right place to post

this message.

We have a 2008 server which is the only DC on our network. We’ve had

NETLOGON errors this morning on the server and abominable slowness at


My colleague saw fit to remove the DNS service and reinstall it.

The problem is that it is now impossible to reinstall the

DNS service without an error in the Event Viewer.

I can’t downgrade the server (dcpromo) either, because it tries to

connect to the server without success(normal no more DNS).

Basically, I find myself in a situation where the cat dies by the tail.

I’m interested in any good idea to reinstall DNS or to be able to

downgrade the server without dns.

Hoping to have been clear enough (if not, feel free to


Thank you for your help

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