Disney Will Edit and Censor Certain Films and Cartoons Available on Disney+.

Disney will modify and censor certain films and cartoons available on Disney+. The firm with the big ears wants at all costs to offer programmes accessible to the whole family, even if it means deleting several scenes deemed racist and sexist. Classics such as Dumbo or Toy Story will be shortened.

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Disney+ is officially available since Tuesday, November 12, 2019 in the United States and will arrive in France on March 31, 2020. The streaming service aims to be a showcase for the Disney “magic”, with content accessible to the whole family. The big-eared firm does not want any controversy or scandal with its new platform. Even if it means amputating certain films and classics with scenes that are deemed inappropriate to society’s current image and values.

Disney has carefully analysed its very extensive catalogue and has removed all excerpts that could be controversial. Among the cuts made, the one of Dumbois worth mentioning. The American company saw fit to remove the scene of Jim Crown the Raven. This part of the film has long been considered racist. The cartoon will therefore have this portion cut off on Disney+. The decision is not new, however, as Jim Crown’s scene was also absent from Tim Burton’s reboot released in 2018.

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A classic Pixar also targeted

A classic from Pixar is also in the line of sight of Disney: the much appreciated Toy Story 2. This scene is in the credits of the film. It shows old cowboy Stinky Pete discussing/educating two dolls and offering them a place in Toy Story 3. These are hardly defensible words and attitudes for Disney in 2019, especially after the Weinstein affair and the MeToo wave.

In addition, other films will also be retouched, including the 1946 polemical filmMelody of the South. The feature film has always been strongly criticized for its racist depictions of African-American people. The future live-action adaptation ofLa Belle et le Clochard may also be modified from the original. The “Song of the Siamese Cats” will be dropped in favour of a new title.

And what do you think of Disney’s decision to censor its own films? Give us your opinion in the comments. You can also take a look at our Disney+ test.





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