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MàJ 07/02/20 – Already available in a handful of countries, Disney+ will soon arrive in France. Initially scheduled for March 31st, the SVoD platform will finally be launched on March 24th. Release Date price list, catalogue… here is all the information to remember about Mickey’s streaming service

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Last updated on February 07, 2020 after the information given by Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, on the Disney+ results. With more than 28 million subscribers SVoD’s new platform is already proving a success across the US and in the four other countries where it is already available. Barely four months after its release, all the lights are therefore green (or almost), before its arrival in France.

As a reminder, this article has also recently been reorganized to provide you with a clearer and more structured summary of the useful information we have on Disney+. release date pricing, catalog, and more… so here’s a digest of the latest news from the entertainment giant’s SVoD platform. 

  • This paper is a multipage, as its name indicates it is therefore structured in several distinct parts. To access it, look at the table of contents (on the left, below the photo) and click.

Disney+, what is it?

Disney+ will be an ad-freestreamingsubscription service that will complement the group’s SVoD offer. This is not the first time the firm has entered this segment, although it has never before done so on its own behalf. We sometimes tend to forget it, but Disney is not a neophyte, far from it. With Hulu, ESPN+ and FX+, it is already a major player in the US market for subscription-based streaming


The media and entertainment ogreentertainment takes the SVoD train late. With Disney+, he wants to put the small dishes in the big ones to dethrone Netflix, the undisputed king of the market. His main arguments for doing so? An extensive catalogue with all the franchises in his portfolio. Marvel, Pixel, Star Wars National Geographic and all the Disney productions since the creation of the studios… On top of that, there is also a very reasonable price of 6.99 euros per month (or 69.99 euros for a year), cheaper Netflix whose standard package costs 11.99 euros per month in France. 

On paper, the offer is very attractive, even if, in terms of content, Disney+ will not rival (in volume) Netflix or Prime Video from the moment of its launch. Eventually, Disney+ still plans to offer 7500 episodes of series and 500 films. It keeps its subscribers busy for a while.

In France for when and at what price already?

Fans of the world of Mickey and his friends will no doubt be thrilled to hear that: Disney+, the entertainment ogre’s SVoD service, is moving ahead with its release in France. Although it was due to come out of the woods on March 31 in France, it will finally arrive on March 24, 2020. The information is official since it has been confirmed by the Twitter account of Disney France.

As for prices, they remain unchanged. In order to buy the entire (or almost) Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic catalogues and access to numerous films from the Star Wars franchise, you will have to pay 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year (simultaneous access to 4 screens is included for this amount).

How do I get there?

There are several possibilities:  

  • web browser
  • Smartphone application, tablet
  • connected TV
  • Game Console
  • myCanal application or Canal+ decoder

Unsurprisingly, the future streaming SVoD platform will be accessible from most terminals. Note that agreements have also been signed with Apple and Amazon (among others) so that they can distribute the SVoD platform on their respective devices.


In France, Canal+ has won the exclusive television broadcast of Disney+. The Letter A had felt the blow as early as last month, and the information was confirmed on Sunday 15 December by Canal on its Twitter account. The service will join Netflix, OCS, and many private American channels in the French channel’s Ciné Séries package. As for telecom operators, they will have to negotiate with Canal to be able to offer Disney+ to their box office subscribers. Otherwise, they will have to go through the myCanal application. 

Please note, however, that Canal will obviously not be necessary to access Disney+. You will be able to subscribe to it directly.  

What contents?

If you want a complete list of programs available at launch, go to the last page of this article. Otherwise, between Star Wars Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Disney classics, the new platform’s catalogue is full of promise. Exclusive features include Star Wars : The Mandalorian, and several Marvel series in preparation.

So, finally,Falcon and the Winter Soldierwon’t be the only MCU series to be released on Disney + this year. WandaVision, the series on Scarlet Witch, also arrives in 2020, as confirmed by Disney on its YouTube account. It was originally planned for 2021, but this early arrival is not surprising. The competition, with Netflix in the lead, does not skimp on attractive original productions, and it is important for Disney to keep pace. 

A hot start across the Atlantic…

At Uncle Sam’s, we’ve been rubbing our hands since the launch of Disney + on November 12th. It should be said that one would have to be in very bad faith to challenge the success of the new SVoD platform in the first five countries (United States Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands) where it is available. Yesterday, Bob Iger, CEO of the entertainment giant, took the opportunity of announcing the first quarter 2019 results to shareholders to give some figures on the service. 

Disney+ already has a total of 28.6 million subscribers, even though the new provider is still in its infancy. Bob Iger is proud of that. Disney + has exceeded all our expectations,can be read in the written transcript of the report where it also praises the quality and diversity of the content intended for thestreaming service. And hard to prove him wrong, the statistics speak for themselves.  


First pillar of its success: a solid catalogue filled with all the Disney classics, but also those of Pixar, Star Wars Marvel and National Geographic. Of course, Disney has capitalized on this craze to offer original creations of quality. The Mandalorian, a series taken from the universe ofStar Wars, is probably the most striking example. The hit series, which has been acclaimed byaficionadosof the saga, has also created a huge buzz around the Baby Yoda character, who has quickly become a real darling.

The superheroes of the Marvel Studios are his other goose with golden eggs and Disney will launch several series where they are in the spotlight. Two will arrive in 2020,WandaVisionandThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier which will be shown inat the Super Bowl withLoki, another highly anticipated programme. Others should also arrive later. The continuation of the Mandalorian adventures is scheduled for next October. In short, Disney intends to do what it takes to keep Disney + on track and stack up more and more subscribers, this time around the world.  


But also some mistakes to report

Thousands of accounts have been stolen and then put up for sale on the black market. The information comes from ZDNet. Only a few hours after the launch of the platform, subscribers lost access to their accounts. Cyber-offenders have managed to crack theirlogs(email address and password) so that they can be changed. As a result, the unfortunate customers concerned cannot log in.

How did the pirates do it? When Internet users did not use a password dedicated solely to Disney+, they managed to obtain the combination on other sites. Otherwise,malware would have been used directly on the platform.


 But that’s not all: other little details have madeStar WarsandSimpsonfans unhappy with their favourite sagas. In Episode IV ofStar Wars, the scene of the shooting between Han Solo and bounty hunter Greedo has been changed again.

Episodes ofSimpsonhave changed from 4/3 to 16/9 (as has been the case since the mid-twentieth season). This reframing has a direct impact on the first twenty seasons of the series since certain visual humor traits are no longer visible on screen, as the most attentive Internet users have noticed. 


Otherwise, as the Polygon site reports, a handful of films have been removed from thestreamingplatform. These includeMom, I missed the plane!,Garfield 2orPirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth. How can I explain it? It is simply a question of licensing agreements and therefore of broadcasting rights. Of course, the rights to the feature films mentioned all belong to Disney, so the company has never had to pay a single cent to broadcast them. On the other hand, it did not hesitate to sell them to other SVOD players or to various television channels, as is customary in the audiovisual industry.

So Disney simply has to honour the agreements made with the competition. In this particular case, this means removing a few films from its offer because the broadcasting rights have been transferred to third parties. 

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