Disney+ advances its release in France

– January 21, 2020 – Pop culture

Disney’s Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) platform will be launched a week earlier than planned in France on March 24, 2020.

Disney+ will bring forward its release in France and Europe to March 24, 2020, the company announced in a Press Release on January 21. That’s a week earlier than originally announced.

The other countries concerned are the United Kingdom Northern Ireland Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

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In France, there will be two ways to watch Disney+ :

  • Via the operators’ internet boxes: you will have to use the MyCanal app to access the Disney catalogue, as the two giants have recently reached an agreement.
  • OTT (over-the-top), i.e. by downloading the Disney+ application directly onto your mobile, tablet or multimedia box (Apple TV, Shield TV, etc.).

La page d’accueil de Disney+ // Source : Disney+

The Disney+ homepage // Source: Disney+.

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Disney+ will cost 6.99 euros per month

The subscription will cost 6.99 euros per month (or £5.99) or 69.99 euros per year (£59.99), as also now announced on the official website.

The platform allows you to create up to 7 profiles (with unlimited download to 10 devices) and watch content on up to 4 screens simultaneously.

Disney has also announced that its SVOD service will arrive in Belgium, Portugal and Scandinavia in the summer of 2020.

On Twitter, the official Star Wars France account had fun posting a humorous twist on a scene from The Mandalorian, Disney+’s first original production, which was launched in the United States Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands on November 12, 2019. It shows the famous Baby Yoda, Disney’s new mascot (and cash machine), “advancing” the arrival date of Disney+ in France to March 24.

Disney+ had managed to attract more than 10 million paying subscribers on its first day of launch across the Atlantic. Since Mickey’s firm has not yet released new figures, it is impossible to know at this time whether it has managed to keep them.

Which catalogue for Disney+?

What content will be on Disney+ when it launches? That’s the whole point. If the SVoD platform has a lot of films, series and documentaries (notably from National Geographic), the vagaries of broadcasting rights negotiations, as well as the chronology of the media in France, will inevitably prevent the service from offering the same works in France as it does internationally (for the list of films and series available in the US catalogue at its launch, it’s here).

Like many others who share this model, the service will be based on two types of content: “catalogue” content (the cold) and exclusivities only visible through the Disney+ subscription.

Quelques exclusivités de Disney+ à son lancement en France // Source : Disney+

A few Disney+ exclusives at its launch in France // Source: Disney+

What is certain is that there will be 100% original Disney+ productions such as The Mandalorian, but also the High School Musical series or the live-action film La Belle et le Clochard. These are some of the productions that have already been highlighted on the official DisneyPlus.com website.

For the rest of the catalogue, the platform is for the moment discreet. It’s barely known that there will be “unprecedented access to the unparalleled catalogue of Disney films and TV content and The Simpsons series“. On one of the promotional images highlighted on the site, however, we see the interface in French with a few movies, such as Snow White, Avengers (the first one, released more than 36 months ago) and Star Wars, episode IV: A New Hope.

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Disney+ arrive en France // Source : Disney

Disney+ arrives in France // Source: Disney

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