Diablo Clone: An Alignment of Economic Incentives

This article will teach you how to build a Diablo-clone game, using the Unity Game Engine. We’ll be building on top of Ethereum, using one of its private test networks for our own purposes.
Authors: Daniel Kuhns and Justin Channell
Provides A Detailed Example Of How To Build Your Own D3L3N7S G4M3T
Introduction: This is an in depth guide about developing your own blockchain based video game that uses cryptocurrency as a core component. By following this tutorial, it is easy to create games with never before seen economic incentives 8 hours into development!

The “diablo clones ” is a game that was made by Blizzard Entertainment in order to test out the new Diablo 3 engine. The game was released on May 15, 2012.

An Alignment of Economic Incentives for Diablo Clone

I suggest the following system:

– Diablo content makers are rewarded for creating clones of Diablo.

– Completely trustworthy alerts are possible

– We have a liquid virtual money, similar to forum gold, with the following differences:

o Using blockchain, everything is completely visible and readily verifiable.

o Each ladder is reset.

o Connected to actual in-game items

Diablo Clone walks are already being live-streamed by streamers.

Thank god they exist! Last week, I received an anni on tough ladder, which was an unbelievable delight; thank you, Dark Humility!

However, before these streamers can offer walks, they must first gather the sojs. People who do not donate their sojs are rewarded by the manner Diablo currently spawns (server-wide rather than IP-restricted). I can just wait till a large number of other individuals contribute their sojs.

Similarly, streamers must devote significant time and effort to organizing and mobilizing their communities in order to achieve these extraordinary accomplishments. Their sole compensation thus far has been advertising income from sites like YouTube and Twitch.

There is a requirement for dependable alerts.

If you haven’t already, give the

clone tracker on diablo2.io and the diablo clone tracker - An Alignment of Economic Incentives for Diablo Cloneclone tracker on d2runewizard.com.

Both are fantastic tools, thanks to the efforts of u/Teeb and u/Prowner1, respectively. Kudos.

In reality, however, the alerts are not always accurate. The fact that both systems rely on user reports on current Diablo spawn status is the fundamental reason behind this.

Streamers, on the other hand, have complete control over when a diablo clone appears. Perhaps they might be rewarded for providing notice a few hours before spawning him.

Streamers profit from alerts.

Isn’t it straightforward? If you want plenty of warning before a streamer produces dclone, you may pay a modest price to that streamer.

When you buy a notice, the money doesn’t go to the streamer; instead, it goes into a pot and is only distributed until the streamer has shown video evidence of selling the sojs and spawning Diablo Clone. A persistent URL for video evidence is required.

Streamers would be encouraged to keep pushing for the next dclone spawn. They do not get compensation until the whole community benefits.

Of course, receiving alerts if you contribute a Stone of Jordan is only fair.

What about the sojs, though?

It’s great because it may motivate streamers to put in extra effort, but what about my soj? Why would I submit it if I could wait?

Enter a new currency: Jordan’s Milli Stone (msoj).

Jordan’s Milli Stone

Each Stone of Jordan sent to a streamer will result in the creation of 1000 fresh new msoj.

The new msoj will be region-constrained since it is an actual in-game item. Each user will have four distinct balances (HC/SC, L/NL, etc.).

The user will not be allowed to spend the new msoj until the broadcaster has created a diablo clone and given video evidence.

Because each region’s msoj balance is related to actual Stone of Jordans, when the ladder is reset, all Ladder balances are shifted to Non-Ladder and reset to 0.

On d2CharsiFood.com, users may utilize msoj to bid on auctions in addition to traditional runes and pgems. Note: I’m still working on this, but it should be finished in the next few days. Maybe it will provide value to the community, maybe it won’t, but either way, you receive nothing for your soj donation.

Read the white paper from msoj.


This currency’s integrity is very important to me. Every transaction will be transparent to the public and verified by anybody. Without video confirmation of it being sold and dclone spawning, no msoj will ever be issued.

I’ll be personally confirming video proofs of Diablo clone spawning as they happen, and the permanent URL will be engrained in the blockchain for anybody else to verify at any time. However, as time passes, there will be much too much video data for any one individual to carefully verify.

My approach relies on actual Bitcoin payments to streams to verify that at least some real Bitcoin was transferred for each diablo clone walk. Without having to individually watch every video, we can utilize this to confirm that sojs were sold and a diablo clone was generated.

The first Partner Creator will get 2,500,000 satoshis!

I’m offering the first streamer 2,500,000 satoshis (about $750 right now) to:

– Join d2CharsiFood as a Partner Creator.

– Collect a total of 125 sojs by using the site

– Provide video evidence of selling the sojs and creating a diablo clone.

The second streamer will get 1,000,000 satoshis.

The third, fourth, and fifth places will each get 500,000 satoshis.

No more than one reward per livestream

Read More

– An Alignment of Economic Incentives for Diablo Clone

partner creator - An Alignment of Economic Incentives for Diablo Clone

Additional information on Partner Creators

– Additional information about Proof-of-Diablo

– More information at msoj

– Read the white paper from msoj.

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