Devin Booker Would Be The Perfect Fit With Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid – (via )

Today we seem to be so busy talking about basketball in the 90’s that we forget what’s in the game today. If the league is still in its infancy, the return to NBA basketball may be closer than you think.

In anticipation of the official launch date, the NBA earphone factory is becoming increasingly active – one of the last rattles in which the Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker is involved.

In a recent article by Paul Hadrick of NBC Sports Philadelphia, he talks about a potential couple, Devin Booker and Philadelphia stars Joel Ambide and Ben Simmons.

With Simmons and Ambiad, there is no better player for the entire NBA than Booker. The Sixers need shooters and artillerymen. Booker marks both squares on the elite level.

Both teams need some kind of shock, and this phase has makeup to solve a lot of problems. It is clear that he will bring a third star to Philadelphia, which will raise the ceiling ten times. The fact that he can shoot and do everything Embiid and Simmons can’t, doesn’t make this deal perfect for Sixers.

The Suns in turn could ask a man like Tobias Harris, an NBA veteran, to throw the ball through a hoop. With Harris (and several other projects) Suns will indeed give up the DeAndre Ayton franchise.

Booker is only 23 years old and fits perfectly in the chronology of the Sixers’ star duo. The Sixers have two contracts that can facilitate doing business with Tobias Harris or Al Horford.

Although Hadrik made it incredible that such an agreement was actually reached, it would be unfair to ignore it completely. As the suns become increasingly desperate to succeed, they can do anything to make it better.

The Bucher deal may be far off the list, but it’s still on the list.

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