Devil May Cry 5: Censor Scenes on Pc and Ps4 in the West

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The latest iteration of the Capcom saga, Devil May Cry 5 has been acclaimed by both players and critics alike. Rated PEGI 18, DMC5 had to face censorship of some of its scenes, which were considered too inappropriate. A decision contested by many. A solution has already been found to overcome this censorship.

Two pairs of unproven buttocks

Despite shredding demons in good standing, Devil May Cry 5 did not escape censorship. First seen at Sony on PS4, the censorship finally reached Steam, players say in the Valve platform forums. The scenes concerned contain elements of a sexual nature and two characters in particular: Trish and Lady. We discover the buttocks of the two protagonists, naked and without artifice.

Hindlegs that are not to the liking of Sony and Valve who decided to censor them by means of a flash of purple light. To bypass censorship, some advocate turning off the depth of field. Many players have contested this decision, especially when the game is rated PEGI 18. Sony had announced in 2018 that it wanted to tighten its policy on sexual elements. An initiative that continues to cause controversy but to which the manufacturer seems determined not to give up.

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