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The secret of birth and death can be hidden from the view of the human eye. Birth and death are therefore very important in human history because of the contrary effects that they have on the world population. The birth of a child is a part of the human population, and the death of a person is a part of the same population. The process of birth and death is the same but the effect that each has on the population is different. In both cases the birth of a person adds their number to the population. In the case of death, the death of a person reduces the population of the world. Death and birth affect population therefore the birth of a person or the death of a person is important to society.

Many people today think that the world population will increase until its peak, after which it will begin to decline. The idea is simple: If population growth exceeds the ability of the planet to support and sustain that growth, then the world population will eventually stabilize.

Population control is the concept of limiting the growth of the human population. This is the subject of many passionate controversial discussions, but one fact that is not disputed is that population control is not an easy task. Some people are against humans having children at all, others only do it after careful consideration, while others are against it only if they’re the child’s parents.. Read more about population control essay 250 words and let us know what you think.

Population development and control Essay, article, speech, reference

Introduction to population development and control

The world’s population has passed the 7 billion mark and is expected to surpass 9 billion by 2043. Current demographic trends are characterised by increasing divergence between countries and regions. While many lagging countries continue to experience rapid population growth, others, the most demographically complex, are experiencing rapid aging and, in some cases, population decline. Moreover, the world is witnessing an increasingly complex migration pattern, with many countries still experiencing very high rates of urbanization. These demographic dynamics shape development at the national and sub-national levels, as well as at the provincial and global levels. The challenge of this century will therefore be to meet the growing needs and expectations of a growing population while changing current patterns of production and consumption to achieve a more sustainable model of development and meet the challenges of development and rapid population change.

Why is population dynamics important for sustainable development?

Population growth, ageing and population decline, as well as resettlement and urbanisation, affect almost all development objectives that feature prominently in national and international development agendas. They affect consumption, production, employment, income distribution, deficits and social protection, including pensions; they also impede our efforts to achieve universal access to health care, education, housing, sanitation, water, food and energy.

Community involvement

In particular, population growth is putting increasing pressure on the world’s resources – water, forests, land and the environment – contributing to climate change and threatening environmental sustainability. However, population dynamics not only affect key development objectives, but are themselves affected by social, financial and environmental changes.

How is population size monitored?

Population dynamics are the result of individual choices and opportunities. To address and manage population dynamics for sustainable improvement, countries should strive to expand rather than limit individual rights. Countries should strive to increase people’s freedom of choice, originality, creativity and resilience through rights-based and gender-sensitive policies.

Human rights – Development – Population control

Rights-based and gender-sensitive measures, such as the promotion of universal sexual and reproductive health and rights and voluntary family planning, as well as education, including comprehensive sexuality education, can make a big difference to communities and societies. Together, these measures prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce adolescent pregnancies, control infant and maternal mortality, and reduce gender-based violence and unsafe abortions. They also help fight HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which claim millions of lives every year.


The challenge of reducing poverty and improving human well-being while ensuring environmental sustainability is inextricably linked to demographic patterns and trends. Tapping into the opportunities provided by population dynamics requires stronger and more effective partnerships at global, regional and national levels, with an emphasis on information sharing and technical and economic support to help countries implement evidence-based and rights-based policies, based on population statistics, projections and research.

Development and population issues

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A lot of people are critical of the development and population control. This is because the people who are in the control of the population think that the population has to be controlled. In my view, the people have to be controlled because the population has to be controlled. The people have to be controlled because the population has to be controlled. The people have to be controlled because the population has to be controlled.. Read more about population problems pdf and let us know what you think.

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