Detroit Baptist Theological Academy” Homages to Rolland D. McCune

Monday, June 17, 2019, Rolland D. McCune mosted likely to be with his Lord as well as Hero Jesus Christ. Dr. McCune functioned as teacher of Organized Faith at Detroit Baptist Theological Academy from 1981 up until 2009, throughout which he additionally functioned as Head of state of the Academy for 10 years as well as Dean of the Professors for 6 years. Prior to concerning DBTS, Dr. McCune educated for fourteen years at our sibling academy, Central Baptist Theological Academy (Plymouth, MN).

In the 2004 DBSJ, a festschrift for Dr. McCune, numerous of his coworkers as well as graduates consisted of quick homages to Dr. McCune at the start of their write-ups. They are consisted of listed below as a testimony to a godly, talented, as well as simple guy of God.

” This [article] exists in honor of Dr. Rolland D. McCune, teacher, advisor, colleague, as well as good friend, in inmost gratefulness for his faithful training, never-failing support, as well as gratuitous assistance. Though every one of my teachers have actually had beneficial as well as long-term influence on my life as well as training, none has actually succeeded his.”– Dr. Roy Beacham

“Many men teach; some men educate; few men inspire. Dr. Rolland D. McCune does all three. When I first started seminary, I viewed theology as a cold and dry subject that one had to endure in order to graduate. While sitting under the instruction of Dr. McCune, I not only learned theology; I came to love theology. His life of dedication to knowing the Word of God and the God of the Word have been a constant example and inspiration to me. I consider it a great honor to be able to contribute to his festschrift.”– Dr. Alan Cole

“This essay is dedicated to my colleague of twenty-one years, Dr. Rolland D. McCune. I believe Dr. McCune was largely responsible for bringing me to Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983, and I have worked for him most of those years in which he served as the Seminary’s Dean, and later, President. But my greater appreciation for him is as a teacher and scholar of theology. He has taught me much over the years and strengthened my own convictions in many areas. Though we are happy to celebrate his seventieth birthday, I pray the Lord will give him many more years of effective ministry.”– Dr. William Combs

“This article is written in recognition of Dr. Rolland McCune’s seventieth birthday. My association with Dr. McCune began in the fall of 1982 when he called to invite me to join the faculty of the seminary. Although I was not able to accept at that time, he called again the following year, and I agreed to begin teaching in the fall of 1984. In the intervening twenty years I have come to appreciate Dr. McCune as a fundamentalist separatist and as a systematic theologian. He has proven himself a leader in fundamental Baptist circles and as one of our foremost professors of systematic theology. I have found myself on numerous occasions sitting down in his office to discuss the interpretation and theological implications of a particular passage. I have greatly benefited from those discussions. Dr. McCune has asked me several times to put in print our mutual understanding of 1 Cor 13 and the cessation of miraculous gifts. I am pleased to dedicate this article to him as a colleague and friend in celebration of his seventieth birthday.”– Dr. R. Bruce Compton

“This journal is dedicated to a man whose life and ministry have placed a positive, indelible mark on my own ministry of the Word. In 1978, I graduated from college and immediately entered seminary. In my first semester of class, I was required to take my first three-hour systematic theology course. Both the class and the professor were used of God to change the direction of my life. This is not just a platitude or words of flattery, for a genuine metamorphosis began in my soul that is continuing until this day. My systematic class was Theology 411, and my professor was Dr. Rolland McCune. From my class, I learned invaluable truths, and the indispensability of accuracy in handling the Word of God; however, from my professor I learned to love the God of this incredible truth. Thank you, Dr. McCune, for your life investment in many students like me—what longsuffering you have practiced!”– Dr. Daniel Davey

“My theological foundation was laid, in large part, by Dr. Rolland D. McCune. I was his student and am now honored to be his colleague, teaching his very notes that I once profitably studied myself. It is a privilege to dedicate this article to him.”– Dr. Sam Dawson

” Dr. Rolland McCune has actually substantially affected the lives of numerous males that travelled through the halls of both Central Baptist Theological Academy (1967 to 1981) as well as Detroit Baptist Theological Academy (1981 to today). I count it a fantastic true blessing from the Lord to have actually obtained my seminary training under Dr. McCune’s direction below at DBTS. Furthermore, it has actually been a significant opportunity to offer along side of him in the management of this seminary. He has actually been distinctively use the Lord in my life as well as in this seminary. His dedication to Christ, thorough solution, as well as unbending commitment to the reality of words have actually been an effective impact on my life as well as ministry.

For many years, one certain aspect of Dr. McCune’s training has actually offered both to spark the hearts of his trainees as well as to set off resistance from those that differ with it (as well as have generally never ever heard it firsthand!). It would certainly be difficult to find far from Dr. McCune’s training courses on organized faith, dispensationalism, apologetics, or brand-new evangelicalism without a better feeling of God’s splendor as well as a better acknowledgment of the requirement for God-centeredness in all points. A crucial part of this God-centeredness is a comprehensive dedication to God’s sovereignty. It was under Dr. McCune’s training that I concerned accept happily the marvelous vision of God provided in Romans 11: 36, ‘For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.’”– Dr. David Doran

“Dr. Rolland McCune had a significant role in bringing me to Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in May of 1983. From the inceptive days of my ministry here, I have held him in the highest esteem as seminary president, professor, and friend. He has had a profound influence on my own theological development as well as my own personal life. While he helped refine and stimulate my theological interests in many areas, one area of theology relates to the Spirit’s indwelling ministry in the Old Testament (see his “Systematic Theology II” [class notes, Fall 1997], pp. 196–205). Because of our typical rate of interest on this element of pneumatology, I desire to commit this short article to him on the event of his 70 th birthday celebration.”– Dr. Robert V Mccabe Jr

” It was with happiness as well as gratefulness that I review the e-mail welcoming me to join the quantity recognizing Dr. Rolland McCune on the event of his 70 th birthday celebration. It was my good luck, at God’s leading, to rest under his training ministry for both my M.Div. as well as Th.M. levels at Central Baptist Academy in Minneapolis in the 1970 s. His impact, instance, as well as support have actually never ever been much from my heart throughout my pastoral as well as training ministries. Subsequently, I provide this short article as an additional, though insufficient, expression of gratefulness for his loyal ministry not just to my life yet additionally to my prep work for labor in the harvest area of our Lord.

It has actually been an opportunity throughout greater than twenty years of training for me to open up guide of Daniel, which Dr. McCune initially open up to me as a trainee, to numerous trainees both country wide as well as globally. Prayerfully, in a tiny yet reliable method, the reproach of 2 Timothy 2:2 remains to be endured in my trainees due to the fact that Dr. McCune lived it out in his life: ‘The things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.’”– Dr. Charles McClain

“This article is affectionately dedicated to Dr. Rolland McCune, my good friend, colleague, and mentor, whose life and ministry epitomize the best qualities of fundamentalism.”– Dr. Gerald Clergyman

” Understanding that the overuse of superlatives can lower a homage right into plain flattery, I take a threat in recognizing Dr. McCune as amongst the best of coaches for teenage theologs in today generation. It is by God’s excellent divine superintendence that I can call him as my very own advisor. Dr. McCune’s individual godliness as well as functional faith add exceptionally to this fortunate duty as advisor, as well as he requires accept none in these locations; nevertheless, the area in which Dr. McCune has actually stood out most noticeably is that of systematics.

I did not completely realize the concept of a methodical faith up until I took 2 last courses from Dr. McCune, one on the Kingdom as well as the various other on apologetics, to finish my M.Div. at DBTS. I can well keep in mind the eureka minute, while taking these courses, when I ultimately recognized that organized faith was not a compilation of specific doctrinal researches or an array of fragmentary littles scriptural faith, yet that the fundamentalist, dispensationalist, Calvinist, Baptist, as well as various other components in Dr. McCune’s faith were actually component of a solitary, incorporated system– a system that avoids antinomy as well as likes congruity. No place is this seen extra plainly than in his conversations of the Kingdom (or, as he suches as to call it, “the unifying center to all God’s activity”) as well as of presuppositionalist apologetics. It is the latter of these 2 subjects that this essay will certainly attend to, as well as I rely on that its components precisely mirror Dr. McCune’s faith as well as really commemorate his payment to fundamentalist scholarship.”– Dr. Mark Snoeberger

KEEP IN MIND: Many Thanks to Chad McCune, Dr. McCune’s grand son, for assembling these homages in the above layout.

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