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you excited for the newest Hearthstone expansion, “The Boomsday Project”? If so, you’re not alone! We’ve gathered all the details from the Season of the Splicer trailer and turned them into a handy guide. Like every Hearthstone expansion, the Boomsday Project will kick off with a free prologue mission. Players will be able to play this tutorial experience once per account, and it will introduce a new mechanic called Magnetic.

The following is a transcript of the Season of the Splicer trailer, which was announced yesterday and will begin on September 14th: Though we’ve saved the world from the Adversary, The old gods have not returned, Nor have they given us a place to call home. So we made one. For those who seek to be among the first to do battle with the new threats to our life, the Society of the Evening Star is now open for membership. We offer a way forward for those who yearn for a way to turn back the tide. And a way to start over. Join us. Join us, and fight the old

I thought I’d go through it, I’m sure there are a lot of things people missed. (We apologize if this has been done before)

Weapons are related:

  1. Crown Splitter, Quickfang, and Eternity’s Edge return. This is important to note because both Quickfang and Crown splitters have unique frames when it comes to swords. I wonder if Eternity’s Edge will keep the adaptive frame, or if they’ll change it to a Vortex frame (after all, cutting the Vortex frame was weird, and it might work well as a Vortex frame).
  2. Seasonal weapons: Reconnaissance rifle, pistol, automatic rifle or pulse rifle, grenade launcher under the barrel, machine gun and shotgun.
  3. The scout rifle appears to be kinetic. Shotgun, looks like the Bow. I’m pretty sure this machine gun was solar powered? It’s hard to see because of the light and flash from the gun.
  4. Cryosthesia 77K in the Season Pass is definitely Kinetic. But the trailer shows him firing stasis bullets and a freeze hit. This weapon may have a built-in osmosis effect.
  5. There’s a brand new Nothingness Fusion Gun. It looked pretty simple, so I had to look for existing Empty Mergers, but I couldn’t find any that matched the look of the one shown. The model is the same as that of Main Ingredient, Wizened Rebuke, and Nox Veneris II. And the Nox Veneris II is the nicest fusion rifle, but it lacks some important features of the presented rifle.
  6. It also looks like a brand new Solstice of Heroes Slug Shotgun. This is just a glimpse, but you can see the Solstice emblem and Slug cannon on it very clearly.

Aspects of stagnation?

  1. When a hunter throws a glacier grenade at a minotaur boss, it no longer appears as a wall, but as a circle. Perhaps this can be influenced by the new appearance of the hunter!
  2. When Sorcerer defeats some Vex with what appears to be a Coldsnap, he drops the Spear of Stasis, which is picked up by Titan. I think it might be the witchy aspect. However, I believe that after the targets were frozen, they were shot at almost immediately, so this could be an aspect of Titan. Anyway, this seems to have something to do with destroying frozen targets that the stasis spear can throw, the Titan can throw, or allies can pick up and throw.


  1. Hunter used a brand new bowstick as a finisher. This is interesting because Warlock and Hunter have new Solar finisher and Titan has an Arc finisher. Maybe Warlock and Hunter have arc finishers this time, and Titan the solar finisher? It probably has to do with Chaos Reach and Burning Maul.
  2. No season ticket this time! However, it looks like we’re still getting seasonal armor, as photos of the new exotic boots show the Guardians in armor that is clearly dedicated to fall, but none of which matches the seasonal decorations.
  3. If I’m not mistaken, it has been confirmed that we will see exotic missions each season. There’s nothing about it anywhere on the website, in the trailer, or even in the teaser. (As in Presage) It’s possible that Expunge is related to Exotic, since Expunge is curiously the 25th. The month of May begins and lasts more than 6 weeks. So it looks like we will have a total of 3 exotic weapons this season. Cryosthesia 77K, Vex Mythoclast, and something they’re trying to hide. (Like Traveler’s Chosen in Arrivals, which failed).
  4. The Splicer’s Gauntlet is not an artifact. It looks like the equivalent of the proof hammer and cryptolith bait from seasons 13 and 12.

EDIT: For those wondering, over 30 new and updated weapons, among those confirmed and announced that we already know…..

4 Iron Banner Weapon
6 Seasonal Weapon
1 Pursuit Weapon
9 Ambush Weapon
1 Fusion Rifle
3 Night Weapon
1 Solstice Weapon
3 Reformed Swords

There are 28 weapons in total. I’d say there will probably be retaliation and maybe, if we’re lucky, we won’t know the weapons on the mailing list.

That’s pretty much all the details I could find, except for some game elements. B. the drop mechanisms in Override, as in Gambit/Contact, and other such things.

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