Destiny 2 Warden of Nothing Strike Walkthrough

  • Type of mission : Strike (Joint Contest)
  • Location: The prison of the elderly
  • Duration of the stroke: 15-25 minutes
  • Size of fire brigade: 1-3 players

Prisoners have begun to escape from the prison of the elderly, and it is up to you to go to the source of the problem and put an end to it.

The Drifter will tell you that the reason for the problem is that the Warden Server is malfunctioning and that you need to destroy it.

You and your fiery team must make your way through the escaped prisoners to the Elder’s prison, and find and destroy the wandering Guardian.

Objectives of the strike

Stabilisation of the retirement home

Follow the route to the next objective, where you and your team can assess the situation and make your way to the prison for the elderly.

Along the way you will encounter escaped prisoners who will attack you on the spot, and you will have to fight your way past them to the crossing.

Further into prison

When you reach the border crossing, Director AI will welcome you into the Prison of the Elders, while the enemies will attack you through the portals.

At that point, Tramp will explain how Varick left prison and how that may have affected the servant.

You will learn that there will be a sub-program called Elders Challenge, which will then take you and your team through a series of challenges.

Make your way through the prison and defeat the many enemies that appear through the gates to open the locked entrance.

Transport movement

You will notice that the path is blocked by a vehicle that looks like a subway train parked between you and the crosswalk.

Interact with a neighboring console so Ghost can hack it and move the transport to open a deeper path into the prison.

Once the path is clear, you and your fire team should go to the tunnels and use them as a path to the crossing.

Tunnel passage

Drive through the tunnels and watch out for oncoming vehicles, as they can run into you and kill you on the spot.

There will be sections on the left side of the tunnel that you can pass through to avoid being hit by traffic.

At the end of the first part of the tunnel the plates are destroyed and you have to get rid of them to enter the second tunnel.

You can grab one of the SMG Strikers (a vehicle with a bicycle) to quickly get through this tunnel, or you can use your jumping skills to get through.

Tunnel exit

Continue on your way to the crossing by fighting past enemies, and you’ll reach a tunnel to get to the Vex Block.

Tramp will tell you how inmates in prison began to form groups that you will meet later.

When you leave the tunnels, you’ll be at Gate 6 and in a restricted area, which means there will be no re-engagement if you and your team are destroyed.

When you arrive at an intersection, the exits are blocked by barriers, and you must defeat the enemies in this area before they are deactivated.

Overcoming escaped prisoners

Once the enemies in this area are eliminated, a final boss called Apaktos, the Oxidizing Spirit, appears and you must defeat it to continue.

Warden AI will tell you that this is an important objective, and will tell you to kill or be killed, meaning destroy the Apaktos.

Apactos, the oxidizing spirit, is an enlarged and enhanced version of the Minotaur Vex that can teleport.

Channel monitoring server

After you defeat Apactos, go to a landmark that will lead you to a gravity lift that will take you upstairs.

Once you have passed through this elevator-shaped passage, you will face the troops of the Cabal on your way to the location of the High Servant.

At the dwelling

You and your team will enter an area called the Arena, where the Overlord AI will test your skills.

Fight the escaped prisoners of the Cabal and get out, where you will have to face adversity.

1st turn – Eliminate all hostiles

The first task will be to eliminate all the enemies in the area, as Director Ai will order you to kill them all.

When Director Ai determines that you have defeated all enemies and declares them dead, but you have not, the second challenge begins.

Cycle 2 – Shield mine discharge

The second task is to defuse the anti-personnel mines that spawn in the area, which you can do by staying in a circular field below it, as you do when you take the area.

You must dismantle 2 bombs, A and B, before the challenge is over, but if you don’t, you and your team will die.

As you attempt to dismantle cluster mines, enemy troops approach your location and disrupt the dismantling process.

Round 3 – Victory over Kabal

Your final task is to defeat the boss of the Cabal, Taaul, the evil colossus, which you and your team will have to defeat with ease.

When the Ta’aul is defeated, the task is complete and you and your team can proceed to the Guardian Servant’s location.

Channel monitoring server

After you defeat the Taaul, the door will open and you can go with your fire team to where the servant is.

Go to the room with a circular hole that you and your team need to enter.

Claim your treasure

The watchman will tell you that there is a treasure waiting for you at the end of the road, which you and your fire team must reach.

As obvious as it sounds, it’s a trap, and you and your fire team are captured and thrown into a prison mainframe computer, which, as The Drifter mentions, is a service nest.

Overlord defeat server

The servant of the Supreme Master will eventually appear when you and your fire team enter the main computer, and you’ll have to defeat him.

You and your team must focus your fire to defeat the High Servant once and for all before he overpowers you and your team.

The Overlord server is similar to the Fallen server, but it is larger and has a remote core and several attachments to replace it.


  • With your skills, you can easily do a lot of damage and defeat the High Servant in a matter of seconds.
  • On the way to the prison, you and your team have several chances to get killed, so watch out for falls and moving vehicles.
  • Even if there are multiple bosses, it’s best to save your skills for the Master Servant as he approaches his stage so you can get him out easily.


When you have defeated the Overseer’s servant, the mission is complete and you can open the chest, which you won after the Overseer’s servant defeated you.

After defeating the Warden’s Servant, you and your team will manage to rebalance the prison of the elders.

This prevents future detainees from escaping, but it is not certain that such events will occur in the future.

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