Destiny 2 Update 2.14 Patch Notes 3.1.1

has announced the 3.1.1 update for Destiny 2. Today is the 16th. March 2021, the game’s developer has announced the upcoming release of Destiny 2 Server Down. The servers for this game will be down and you will not be able to enjoy the game while it is inactive. After the maintenance you can install the latest 3.1.1 update for this game.

The Destiny 2.14 update is now available on all platforms. The download size on Playstation 4 is 866MB, depending on the platform.

Destiny 2 patch notes Fixes and Changes



  • Fixed an issue in the Osiris exam where the I am invincible medal appeared on all players when a player earned it.
    • The medal wasn’t really given to players who didn’t deserve it, they just misunderstood what the UI popup was.
  • Fixed an issue where restricted players could not access the Crucible and Gambit private matches.
  • Fixed bug where beeps would not sound when resuscitating an enemy player in a test match.


  • Fixed a bug in Exodus 2A’s garden where players could miss the first barrier when exiting.


  • Fixed a bug where region box icons would remain on the map after a box was found.


  • Fixed an issue with the drift eliminator that was reducing performance.
    • This should improve performance somewhat in encounters with bosses when landing ships arrive.


  • The names of the key elements were made more consistent during the work.
  • Fixed an issue where the close dialog was running longer than the end of activity timer.


  • Player positioning is blocked during the Tribute Chest Slam animation. Should reduce the chance of teammates being killed when opening a vault.
  • Fixed an issue where flying cages would visibly snag on the player’s hand.


  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.:
    • Fixed a bug where the Strike Boss could only appear when all players were alive and present.
    • Improving objective behavior at the crosswalk.
    • Correction of various grammatical errors in the player’s text.
    • Fixed an issue where the dialogue about the debris in the first area could be read multiple times.
    • Fixed a bug where a falling energy shield could stick out of the wall.
  • The Devil’s Den:
    • Sepix Prime now has a health bar for the boss.
    • Fixed some floating environment objects.
    • Fixed a bug where some monster appearance points looked like doors accessible to players.
    • Fixed an issue where an overloaded captain could appear with the wrong name.
    • Fixed problem where fallen Walkers and Briggs could rest after being defeated.
    • Fixed an issue where wall physics was missing at the beginning of a hit, causing players to get lost in the environment.


  • Fixed a bug where players who died after slamming Heart could repeatedly jump out of the zone and die.
  • Fixed an issue where creeping darkness was not killing players.


  • Fixed problem where cable distributors could accept cables when shielded.



  • Updated the description of the fragments Whispers of Agony and Whispers of Fracture.
  • Replace fighters with targets to clarify that these items apply to both PvE and PvP.


  • Fixed bug in the online driving benefit for Dunemarcher that was not working properly.
  • The bonus now behaves as expected, activating each subsequent melee move after the appropriate sprint time.
  • The power font no longer shows the general damage acceleration bar when its perk is active.
  • Fixed bug where the Cloak of Battle Harmony and Omnioculus were not displaying their flavor text.
  • Omiokul also doesn’t give more melee energy if you become invisible in certain circumstances.
  • Kurass Shooting Star no longer gives Super Shield when used with Super Tools other than Thunderbolt.


  • Fixed bug where the scent text for different seasonal weapons was not displayed.
  • A rumble added to the end of the cover for Dead Man’s Tale.
  • Adjusted the VFX in Riskrunner Perk that was causing epileptic issues.
  • The crossbow’s aiming aid has been reduced, making headshots more difficult in the Crucible.
  • Adjust the Frenzy and Skull Spike bonuses to use the correct buffer symbols.
  • Fixed missing power icon on Ticuu fortune telling.


  • In the search for the new defense light :
    • Fixed an error where the text in step 2 of 4 still contained references to weekly payments.
    • Level 2 has been rebalanced to provide the most efficient progression of daily earnings.
  • Battlefields:
    • Players now get their cabal gold back when they trade challenger medals.


  • Fixed an issue where quickly completing the Rising Altar challenge did not result in a triumphant outcome.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Agonarch’s Ascent to the Abyss challenge did not result in triumph.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Ouroborea Ascendant Challenge did not result in a triumphant outcome.
  • Fixed an issue where Vigilantes and Pecken Paradise could not appear in the Blind Well area, preventing completion of Double Trouble Triumph.


  • Added quick action cards for PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed a notification that some users were not listed as friends or clan members on PlayStation 5 and on issued cards.


  • Fixed a bug where players could see incorrect space flight transitions when launching certain maps during Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris
  • Fixed bug where players whose spirit was absent while scanning an object would instead summon their sparrow.
  • Fixed an issue where players could have 12 people participate in an activity that clearly couldn’t handle the power of that many Guardians.

Source: Bungie

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