Destiny 2 The Mirror Mission

The game allows players to explore the world on their own terms and create their own story. The Destiny 2 community is a critical aspect of the game, with thousands of people creating mods for every player’s unique experience.

The “the girl in the mirror ” is a mission that can be found in Destiny 2. It’s recommended to complete this mission before going into the raid.

Destiny 2 The Mirror Mission

Since the Pyramid has reacted to your presence, Ikora is certain that the memories from Sagira’s shell may now be completely exposed.

The Hidden have discovered a comparable concentration of allocation inside the Throne World which may be enough to restore the memories.

You must transport Sagira to the place and apply the mental focus there to completely manifest Savathun’s recollection.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Mirror Mission?

Once you’ve finished The Communion mission and talked with Ikora Rey at the Enclave, you may start The Mirror quest.

The Mirror task is the fifth and last phase in The Witch Queen quest, and it must be completed before you can go on.

Check out our The Communion mission walkthrough if you need additional information on the previous assignment.

The Mirror’s Mission GoalsD2TheMirror-2

1) Find the Psychic Concentration point.

After beginning the quest, you’ll find yourself in Quagmire and must go to Miasma (marked by a waypoint), which you may reach by car or foot.

Enemies will be outside a massive gate, with an orange glowing crystal hovering above them that must be destroyed in order to open the gate.

Clear all the adversaries and be careful to kill the Shimmering Chieftan before destroying the orange item (which Ghost swears is the interference).

Another interference will appear nearby, blocking a way with an orange barrier, forcing you to eliminate the interference in order to remove the barrier.

After that, you’ll need to enter the enormous subterranean tunnel and continue following the waypoint while fighting Scorn opponents.

2) Make the Path Known

You’ll arrive at a circle area with a barrier and a bizarre floating object above it, and you’ll need to clear the interference associated with it.

The interference is really under the enormous round ground, and you’ll have to work with the mental focus to disclose a passage to the left.

When you interact with the psychic concentration, a secret route will emerge in the rocky wall to your left, leading to a path that leads to a huge cavern.

You’ll have to navigate your way across the region, relying on psychic concentrations to uncover further pathways.

This will let you to go further into the tunnels, allowing you to locate the interferences required to open the previous one.

3) Eliminate the Interference (2 Spikes)

You’ll need to engage a mental focus as you go through the tunnels to lead you in the direction of the interferences.

When you engage with the concentration, a statue will transform and point to the right, indicating that the way is blocked and that you must go in the other direction.

To access the path that the statue is pointing to, you’ll need to discover two interference spikes, which you may achieve by following the waypoint and defeating monsters.

4) Eliminate the Interference (3 Spikes)

After completing the previous task, you will be sent to a big chamber where you must eliminate three spikes.

The spikes can be found by going to the psychic concentration in the centre and activating it to view trails and open up secret locations where they may be found.

5) Eliminate the Interference (1 Spike)

After you’ve completed eliminating the previous spikes, go to the waypoint, which will take you back to the circular area, but this time there will be no barrier.

When you destroy the spike in the ground, the barrier in front of you will vanish, enabling you to enter the next area.

6) Remove the Interference Once More (1 Spike)

You must destroy another spike in the huge area to begin a boss encounter against Skirvaa, Abhorred Chieftain.

7) Discover where the Psychic Concentration is.

You must first beat Skirvaa before proceeding to the mental focus, which will emerge once you defeat it.

Skirvaa will be simple to fight since you have lots of room and cover, as well as the ability to consistently inflict damage on its health without having to do anything special.

8) Place the Rune in its proper place.

After you’ve vanquished Skirvaa, go to the psychic concentration and interact with it to uncover the glyphs of The Witch Queen

You’ll need to gain a better perspective, so climb to the platform above you to get a better look at the glyph, and then go through the doorway ahead.

You’ll find yourself at the Altar of Reflection, and you’ll need to go through another portal to reach the Memory Altar.

Interact with the pool to expose the memory, which will complete the objective and reveal Savathun’s memories once completed.

The Benefits of the Mirror Mission

You will be able to receive various treasure boxes during the quest, as well as Glimmer and XP after it is completed. 


  • When traveling around the caverns, be cautious to inspect before jumping, since leaps may be extremely tough.
  • Finding the interference spikes might be a pain at first, so use mental concentrations to help you find them.
  • You may shoot at Skirvaa indefinitely, making the boss battle much easier since you don’t have to wait for it to become susceptible.


Savathun’s recollection shows her speaking about a person with a thousand names, but only one she has to remember: “The Witness.”

It is then shown how she came up with her plan to take the Light by using Osiris and getting close to his buddies.

Everything seems to be coming together, and we’re learning a lot about how Savathun was able to carry out her plans.

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