Destiny 2 The Machinist Mission Walkthrough

After seeing the PlayStation 4’s massive success, we thought it would be a good idea to do a walkthrough of the first Destiny 2 mission. The Machinist is the first of two missions that will take place in the European Dead Zone, and after playing through it, it’s hard to not feel it’s a fitting start to this new Destiny 2 story.

The Owl is an old school Destiny 2 staple who’s main purpose is to keep you alive and healthy while you’re out in the field. To be perfectly honest, the Owl’s ability to revive you is a bit over-used. The Owl’s first ability is the only one that’s unique to it, and with a lack of a second ability, it’s not that great of a pickup. The Owl’s second ability, the Vigilance buff, is excellent in some situations, but prevents you from healing with your gear slot. This is a problem for the Owl since you can’t equip anything in your gear slot, so it’s important that the Owl

The Machinist was the first video game I ever got for X360. It was my only choice, since the PS3 required a PS+ subscription. I played that game for hours on end. I know every single mission and every single glitch. I’ve never played a game like it. And after playing it, I was hooked. I was so hooked, I started to play all the games in the series after that. I’ve memorized all the weapons, all the classes, all the different ship skins, and I’ve completed every mission in the series. I’ve beaten every game, including The Machinist, and I can tell you that the series might be my favorite. I love the story and the gameplay, and it. Read more about destiny 2 walkthrough and let us know what you think.

  • Type of assignment: Leaving (inheritance)
  • Place of employment: Tangled coasts

The final Baron for Uldren’s pursuit will be the Machinist, the right-hand man of the Fanatic, who is one of the highest ranking opponents of Uldren’s group.

Machinist will be in his territory, where he controls a huge arsenal of technology stolen from various factions.

Also read our descriptions of the other missions in the Forsaken expansion below:

Operational objectives

Tank repair

Once near the mechanic, Ghost will notice a tank made in town, admire its flavor, and offer to fix it for you.

Get to work on the tank so Ghost can start chopping, but there are two important parts that need to be replaced.

Repair of tank armament system

You need to recover two pieces that are nearby: a gun and a navigation module that Ghost will use to find a replacement.

Go to each waypoint to collect spare parts and put them back in the tank in the correct order.

Exceedance of barrier

Once you have obtained and installed the parts, you can saddle up the tank to destroy the obstacle blocking your path.

Tank recovery

Nearby is a repair block that you can bypass, restoring the health of the tank and allowing you to fight longer.

Attack Machine Operator Camp

After repairing your tank, move forward and storm the driver’s hideout by blowing up the barrier and defeating the enemies on the other side.

Open road

In the next area, there is a barrier in front of you, and you must find and destroy the power source before you can continue.

The barrier’s power source is on top of part of the structure, and you can access it on foot (you have to hack it to get there), but it’s smarter to take out the rest of the enemies with the tank.

Wrestling with the driver (part 1)

After you open the gate, your goal is to find and fight the machinist who is waiting for you on the other side of the gate by the ghost.

Destruction of fuel bearings

On his way to the Machinist, Ghost discovers stored dark ether in the area, which he believes is enough to raise an army of Scorn.

To destroy them, you need to destroy a total of 5 fuel depots located near Dark Aether.

There will also be a stolen Walken nearby that you may want to remove to make it easier to find the fuel caches.

After destroying all fuel caches, the destination will not be updated and instead you will have to follow a landmark that leads to the next area.

Open road

After going through a few doors, you will come to an open area with another barrier, and you must clear the area and get in touch with the power source.

The power source will be available to the right of the location the waypoint points to, and can be hacked by interacting with it.

Fight with driver (part 2)

Once the path is clear, you can fight the machinist, which is more of a pattern fight because you have to deal damage while dodging some attacks.

The driver will shoot missiles into the air, and you must keep moving and firing until his health runs out.


  • Thanks to the tank in this mission, it’s pretty easy to kill the enemies and move on to the final battle area.
  • Keep an eye on the health of the tank and make use of the recovery areas so that you can continue to use the tank until the end.
  • The driver will bend and fire missiles in the air, hitting the marked areas, so you can easily dodge them.

In the fight against the Machinists, you can just jump and slide and fire missiles at them to end the fight within minutes.


As the machinist’s life begins to fade, she says the words buy time, meaning something is happening.

After defeating the Machinist, you must pursue Uldren to avenge Caid-6 and stop the Baron’s plans.The New Year has brought a new video game to the table in the form of Destiny 2’s The Machinist Mission. However, this is not the first time Bungie has released a DLC mission for Destiny 2, and it certainly won’t be the last. Last year, the company released two free DLCs through the first two months of the year, but this year (and every year, for that matter) will likely be similar.. Read more about destiny 2 quest order and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the machinist in Destiny 2?

The best way to beat the machinist in Destiny 2 is to use a sniper rifle.

What mission is the machinist?

The machinist is a mission that allows you to build and maintain your base.

Where is the machinist Destiny 2?

The machinist Destiny 2 is located in the Tower.

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