Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer Strike Walkthrough

  • Type of mission : Strike (Joint)
  • Location: European Dead Zone Earth
  • Duration of the stroke: 15-20 minutes
  • Size of fire brigade: 1-3 players

An arms dealer named Bracus Zahn produces deadly weapons to supply to the Red Legion.

You and your team of firefighters are responsible for finding Bracus Zahn and stopping his production once and for all.

Your team must penetrate the European battle zone, infiltrate Brakus Zahn’s operation and attack him when he is cornered.

Objectives of the strike

Find the tooth of Bracus

You and your fire team will first reach the point where you begin the search for Bracus Zahn.

The door closes near the starting point, which can be opened by interacting with the adjacent console, which spooks the pirate.

fighting through

Once Ghost has unlocked the hack, get out and get rid of all the enemies to continue.

The spirit will mention that in the last harvester an active spare cell was found, marked with a waypoint to which you will travel.

Untaxed tax

A nearby tank will charge a solar charge, and you have to walk on it and grab it and place it in the designated spot.

Put a solar charge in the harvester’s active fuel cell and it explodes so you can keep hitting.

Defeat Lieutenant

Lieutenant Bracus Zahn will arrive on the scene, and you will have to defeat her and go after the arms dealer shortly after.

Ground transit

Once you’ve defeated the lieutenant, continue on to the crossing where you can either cut your way through the enemy or overtake them.

When you leave the building, you will see that Zahn Brakus’ boat is still at the quay, and you go in to look for it.

Entrance from the bottom of the cabinet

Proceed to Cabal’s base where the enemies are, including the Cabal Goliath tank, and begin destroying the enemies inside.

Take out the enemies in this area, and Ghost will instruct you to operate the console to open a path to the next waypoint.


After interacting with the console, more enemies will appear and another Goliath tank will appear for you to fight.

Breach of hangar security

After you take out the enemies, go through a door that leads you to another console that you have to operate to enter the hangar.

You have to respond to the console to get Ghost to start the hacking sequence, and after a few seconds the door opens.

Overcoming the tooth of Cracus

Once the door is open, Bracus Tooth will be waiting for you and you can attack him until you damage him.

During the fight, Bracus Zahn will escape and you must follow him by interacting with the console marked as a landmark and jumping into the elevator that leads to the surface.

Once the elevator reaches the surface, Bracus Zahn will start shooting at you and your fireteam, but you can take cover behind objects.

From there, Dent de Braque will be vulnerable, and you and your firing squad can attack him until he is defeated.


  • Try to stay away from Cabal Goliath’s tanks, as they can be very strong, and instead take cover and bombard him from a distance.
  • You won’t be able to kill Bracus Tooth when you first meet him, but eliminate other enemies and get to the console.

Bracus Zahn will run at you and your fireteam, but you can take cover and approach his location later to punish him.


By defeating Bracus Zan, you and your fire team will put an end to his actions in keeping the Red Legion supplied.

They eventually defeated Bracus Zahn after a long chase and stopped his arms deliveries to the Red Legion.

frequently asked questions

How do you defeat an attack by an arms dealer in Destiny 2?

How can an arms dealer be successful?

To unlock the Foreshadowing quest and get the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle, you need to find the distress signal in Arm’s Dealer Strike. Open the Director and select the Arm’s Dealer Strike node in the FTA. When you land, clear the first room of enemies as you normally would.

How to fail in the job of arms dealer

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