Destiny 2 How To Get Cryosthesia 77K (Perks, Intrinsic Traits & Unlocking Catalyst)

This article will go through the steps to get Cryosthesia 77K (Perks, Intrinsic Traits & Unlocking Catalyst) in Destiny 2.

Cryosthesia is a perk in Destiny 2 that allows players to regenerate health when they are below freezing. This article will show you how to get cryosthesia without the Season Pass Read more in detail here: how to get cryosthesia 77k without season pass .

Destiny 2 Cryosthesia 77KThere are certain things that are even colder than cold.

Enemies will be furious when you use the Cryosthesia 77K, a strong Exotic Sidearm that may quickly disable them, to swiftly freeze them.

With a magazine capacity of 13 rounds and a charge rate of 533, this weapon can fire up to 260 rounds per minute.

With charged bullets, you may use this weapon to slow down or even fully freeze adversaries, enabling you to take advantage of the crippled enemies.

What Is The Best Way To Get Cryosthesia 77K?

The Cryosthesia 77K was a weapon available during the Season of the Splicer, which was available to players that attained level 35 or purchased the season pass

If you have all of the requisite ingredients, you may now receive the Cryosthesia 77K from the Monument to Lost Lights.

To buy Cryosthesia 77K, you’ll need the following items:

  • Cipher Exotic (1)
  • glisten (100,000)
  • Leaves of Spinmetal (150)
  • Shard Ascendant (1)

77K Cryosthesia Perks

1) Rifling in Polygons (Barrel)

The barrel of the Cryosthesia 77K is designed to reduce recoil.

  • Stability is improved.

2) Repeater of Particles (Battery)

With the Cryosthesia 77K, each bolt fired limits recoil.

  • Stability is improved.

3) Cooling via liquid (Trait)

The target will be instantaneously frozen if a charged shot strikes it directly. Indirect strikes delay enemy Guardians and freeze fighters.

4) Grip with Polymer (Grip)

The grip of the Cryosthesia 77K is constructed of a lighter material.

  • Increases the quickness of handling

Intrinsic Characteristics

LN2 Burst

After inflicting a last blow, pressing reload will alter the shooting mode, allowing you to fire a charged shot.

The charged shot will freeze adjacent adversaries and maybe slow them down, giving you an edge over those who are afflicted.

This comes in helpful when you need to deactivate a group of foes or a formidable adversary.

Where Can I Find Cryosthesia 77K Catalyst?

Efficiency in the Cold

The Stasis Trigger mission, gained by Banshee-44, requires you to beat fighters, guardians, and deliver final blows in order to earn the Cryosthesia 77K catalyst.

You can unlock the Cryosthesisa 77K catalyst to provide the Exotic Sidearm with the Efficiency in the Cold perk, which refills your magazine from reserves when you shatter a frozen target.

This is a significant benefit since it saves you time from having to reload every time you shatter an enemy, which is simple to accomplish due to the weapon’s freezing abilities.

You must beat 700 foes with the Exotic Sidearm to unlock the Cryosthesia 77K catalyst.


When you’re on a challenging task or facing harder foes, the Cryosthesia 77K comes in handy, enabling you to delay or freeze them.

This is a huge aid for not just you, but your whole fireteam, as it enables you to concentrate your fire on other foes or eliminate the disabled.

This Exotic Weapon is ideal for immobilizing adversaries while also doing a significant amount of damage.

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Cryosthesia is a perk that allows players to regenerate health at a faster rate. This perk can be unlocked through the catalyst, which is an item that can be found in Destiny 2. Reference: cryosthesia 77k is bad .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Cryosthesia in Destiny 2?

A: Cryosthesia is a build of the Warlock tree in Destiny 2. This can be achieved by following this link .

How do you get Cryosthesia 77K catalyst?

A: Im not sure about the answer to this one.

How does Cryosthesia work?

A: It is a medical process in which liquid nitrogen is used to cool down blood flowing through an artery, typically reducing the amount of oxygen delivered to tissues.

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