Destiny 2 Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike Walkthrough

  • Type of assignment: Strike (Joint Contest)
  • Location: Old Russia, Earth.
  • Travel time: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Size of the fire brigade: 1-3 players

A high-pitched transmission was picked up along the coast near the cosmodrome, apparently sent by AI Warm Wind, Rasputin.

Ghost was able to translate the ancient language and determine that it was a distress call. So you and your firefighting team need to get on it urgently.

It seems that the Shank man known as S.A.B.E.R.-2 has tried to take control of Rasputin and his Golden Troopers, and you must stop him.

Go to destination

Disaster coordinates

You start at the Forgotten Coast and must follow the route to where the distress signal came from.

To get there quickly, you’ll need to get in your car and drive to the waypoint, passing a few enemies lurking nearby.

On the way to the landmark, Rasputin will send another message that Ghost will translate as Rasputin leaving Varshat.

Protection of the University

Rasputin sends Varshat out of orbit to give your fireteam the access codes to the bunker.

Go to the next waypoint on the route, which will show you where Varshat will fall, and you will witness his fall.

When you reach Warsat, handle it so the spirit can scan it; you will need it during the transfer process.

Inlet hopper

Once you’ve scanned the Varshat, head to the next intersection, which will take you to the bottom of the cliff.

The hidden entrance to the bunker is on the side, and you’ll have to work your way through the bunker to get through.

Interact with the large gate that covers the entrance and it will open since you already have the codes. Then you have to work your way past the landmark.

Eliminate favours

Once you get deep inside the bunker, you will encounter many fallen forces inside and you will have to eliminate them.

Fight the fallen troops and clear the area so you and your fireteam can continue your journey.

Once the area is cleared of enemies, you’ll have to hack your way through with an axe, but Ghost hints that this won’t match Rasputin’s systems.

Safety bypass protocols

At the end of the corridor, your landmark marks the ventilation cover, which you can bypass to bypass security protocols.

You’ll need to take a closer look at the vent, as it will be released after Ghost says a few lines.

Violating Rasputin’s protection

After you open the vent cover, you can go back to where you first entered and there will be an opening to enter.

Along the way, several enemies will intercept you, and you’ll have to fight to avoid them until you reach the next crossing point.

Funnel cross section

As you make your way through the ventilation shafts, you will come upon a destructible panel that will allow you to descend into the bunker.

By dealing damage, you can destroy the plate, and if the path is clear, you can jump into the hole.

Switching off arc currents

If you go further in, a path will be blocked by falling streams, which you should avoid.

To proceed, one of you must go past the arc currents and take on the load indicated by the nearest boogey unit.

Go to the border crossing to pick up the cargo and bring it back to the next border crossing where you will drop the cargo.

Don’t rush this part, as you could be killed; instead, synchronize your movements and hide behind barriers as the power arc comes your way.

Location of wound

It’s time to move on, but you need to be prepared, because there are many pitfalls ahead for you and your spirited team.

Keep fighting your way to the crossing, and you’ll soon find yourself at the breaking point where the Final Battle takes place.

Eliminate interference source

Once you enter the area, the improved Shank known as S.A.B.E.R.-2 will launch an attack on you and summon units.

To damage the boss, you have to deal with the other enemies around you and your shooting team.

Once S.A.B.E.R.-2 has few hit points, it will try to get closer to you at close range and attack you at close range.

Continue to damage the boss when his health is low and he starts moving frantically until he is destroyed and the mission is over.


  • Varshat needs at least one person in range to keep scanning, and it’s best if you all stay in range.
  • You’ll often encounter the Fallen in tight spaces, and you can easily take them out with weapons that damage the environment.
  • Watch out for traps in the area where the final boss fights, as there are power arcs and a trap door that can kill you.

Once S.A.B.E.R.-2 runs out of hit points, he’ll go crazy and try to attack you in melee, which makes it easy to lure him to the ledge and take him down.


Now that you’ve defeated S.A.B.E.R.-2, the Fallen can’t get their hands on a single Golden Warrior.

A team has been assigned to seal the coffin, as the connection to Rasputin is unclear at this time and it is best to keep it hidden.

You and your firefighters have robbed the fallen of dangerous technology and made the city much safer.

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