Devil’s Lair was the first “Strike” in the history of Fate. It was available at the beginning of Alpha for Destiny 1 and has since become a firm favorite among fans of the series. In the selection season, Bungie brought Blow back to Destiny 2. In this journey, we’ll guide you step-by-step through Strike so you know exactly what to do. We’ll even give you a few helpful tips along the way.

Going on strike

The first step, of course, is to take Strike and play it. At the time of writing, the best way to do this is to play Nightfall: Playlist of Hordals. Devil’s Den is this week’s Strike, so don’t hesitate. Choose your difficulty level and move on.

Step 1 – Go through the spaceport

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The beginning of Devil’s Lair immerses you in the spaceport as the traps and the hive collide. The entire area is littered with small battles. If you have a few fights to finish, this is a good place to collect a few kills. Keep going through this area. The path should be relatively easy.

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You have to go through that makeshift tunnel in the photo above. On the other side is an intersection where the Fallen and the Beehive exchange blows. Go straight if you don’t want to fight, or stay close if you do.

Once you’re through here, look for the stairs. Go up and turn right at the top. There will be an opening to a small yard with a submerged truck. That’s where more Beehive and Fallen meet.

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On the other side of this arena, there is a path that seems to go nowhere. On the right side is another truck overturned. You have to go through a small door on the left, in the back.

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Inside you will find a scary ladder. Climb it. At the top there is a place where some enemies hang out. But they won’t give you any trouble. Push up and follow the path that leads you through the door below.

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This leads to the stairs that go to the next level. Go left and you will come to the first encounter with real impact.

Step 2 – Paving the Way

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You try to go through the door to the left of the object in the picture above. Unfortunately, it’s blocked by land mines, and the only way to gain access is by breaking into this device. Of course, attacking these countermeasures attracts three different waves of enemies.

These waves are not too worrying if you are on the right power. The best tactic is to stand next to the unit you are breaking into to see where the enemies are coming from.

The main paths the enemies will take to reach you are on the left, where there is a decent population of the Hive, down the room filled with fallen Hocks, and through the path you entered, where everything else flows.

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Keep an eye on everything from all sides, and you should be able to get out of it pretty easily. The first wave consists of the Fallen Enemies. The second adds a bit of Hive. The third wave confronts you with the Fallen and the Hive, and they collect much more difficult enemies.

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After defeating all the waves, the way is clear. Follow him into the industrial chaos of this place. There is a section filled with water where some traps are waiting for you. Don’t get caught where they are at. Knock first.

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Step 3 – A Fallen Tramp

If you follow this section, you will come to another open area. Don’t get too comfortable. Things are about to get very uncomfortable.

In the first attack on the devil’s lair, there were only fallen walkers and a few enemies to fight. Now there are many more enemies, with stronger enemies among them, and also a brigade.

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The only way is to kill Falien Walker. Of course, you have to kill everything else too. Start with the nearest enemy and advance until you are close to the brigade. Take out the device, as it will only harm your health.

It is not that difficult to eliminate the Fallen Walkers from here. The best place to attack from here is on the right, where there is a small path. Here you can shoot Fallen Walker in the legs, paralyze him, and then jump for critical attacks. Do this a few times and the boss is defeated.

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They can attack from the left, but then they are much more vulnerable. It is just stupid to fight this enemy from the front.

When the boss is dead, it’s time to follow the path through the door behind him. This one is still twisty and full of human bones, but otherwise very smooth. Continue up the stairs to the door in the picture below. Soon we will meet Sepix Prime.

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Step 4 – Kill the Seven Prime

When you first encounter the boss, he sucks the ether out of the fallen one’s worshipper. You must kill these little fallen ones before you even think of hurting them.

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Once the boss starts taking damage, he will teleport through the arena. Keep firing as long as you can. Watch out for other fallen enemies. They will start running through the arena to protect their god, so you have to kill them and keep damaging that god.

A good place to take cover if you take a lot of damage is on the left side of the arena. There is a small structure here that you can reach from above or hide from below.

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When the boss has had enough, he summons a group of intransigent subordinates. They form a shield for Sepix Prime, which means you must kill them all before you can move to the next stage of damage.

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They are not that difficult to defeat, but more fallen will fill the arena. At this stage of the battle, you will have to fight for space with a large number of opponents. As you can imagine, you also have to watch your health, because every enemy is looking for your blood.

Once you’ve destroyed those intransigent servants, you can do damage again. If you’re lucky, you only have to do it twice before you kill the boss. The important thing is to do as much damage as possible. Even if you end up getting killed, the more damage you do, the faster this fight will end.

If you let too many enemies drag you into the swarm, you and your feisty friend are toast.

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Once the boss is killed, the vault will spawn deep in this arena. As with all activities in Destiny 2, you will get better loot if you play on the hardest difficulty.

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