Destiny 1 Deluxe Edition & Original Destiny 2 “Cabal” Collector’s Edition: High quality scans of all books, cards and posters

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First of all, Hughes. Thank you, sir.

u/Grimlock_205, who generously sent me two sets of books and posters for “destructive scanning.” Between the launch of Beyond Light, scanner problems, computer problems, pandemic, vacation and family, it took me a long time to get to this point. But I’ll be glad to get it out for next season.

Especially the Destiny of the 2nd century contains a lot of interesting information and references about the Cayatl and the Cabal betraying Calus, which could be revealing in the Season of the Chosen.

If you haven’t read the books yet, I highly recommend you do so. There is a lot of interesting information in them.

Destiny 1 Deluxe Scan Edition

Google Drive contains all images and content in original resolution, some of which are quite large.

Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition

Google Drive contains all the images and content in original resolution, some of which are quite large. It was especially nice to get the black light images of the original poster.

About scanning

All photos were taken at a resolution of 600 dpi on a flatbed scanner. Note: This resolution is much higher than the print resolution, so if you enlarge the originals, you will see strange dots or patterns caused by this phenomenon.

The images were then cleaned up individually and with batch processing in Photoshop and

The magic of the image.

The books were carefully taken apart using a heat gun to remove the pages from the binding one by one. I tried to remove the glue as I went along, but some of the glue is still visible on the pages. Once they were scanned, I imported them into Adobe Acrobat to convert them into a PDF file with searchable text using OCR.

The posters required 4 scans each, which were then compiled using Photoshop.


The black light version of the poster was particularly fun. It required a camera tripod, the poster to be placed between glass, and 4 x 4 foot black fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the poster.

I photographed the other posters using the same technique and improvised studio lighting, but I was not satisfied with the results compared to using a flatbed scanner. These “photo” versions can also be found on disc.

Fun Facts

  • The original edition of Destiny 1 “Deluxe” contains at least 4 emblem codes (Destiny 1 only). 3 of them are puzzle codes, see if you can find them!
  • The Leviathan poster under the black light shows clues to the location of the Underbelly, as well as the sequence of Leviathan raids during the first week.

Thank you, Guardian!

And thanks again.

u/Grimlock_205 to send me collector’s editions to scan!

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The Destiny 1 Deluxe Edition post and the Destiny 2 original collector’s edition: high quality scan of all “books, cards and posters” for the Destiny 2 game.

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