Desktop Pc: Fixed Tower or All-in-one, Which to Choose?

All-in-one PCs are increasingly appealing to consumers for their convenience: do they really stand up to desktop PCs? Our answers to help you choose!

  • Wednesday 07 November 2018 at 14:49

For a long time it was thought that desktop computers were going to disappear under the crushing weight of portable models, which were better suited to today’s mobility challenges. However, many people continue to prefer desktops for one simple reason: they are often cheaper, with higher levels of performance.

But if you’re already firmly committed to the desktop, another question may arise: Should you choose a classic tower or an all-in-one PC? This last formula, although not new, is tending to develop. Is she really interesting? We compared the two alternatives for you!

Dimensional drawing: all-in-one advantage

If you don’t have a lot of space in your office, the all-in-one computer will earn points against the tower. Logically, this alternative allows you to optimize storage, because you simply need to find room for the keyboard, mouse and screen.

In cramped rooms or in a student apartment, for example, full advantage is taken of this truly compact equipment, which brings together screen and components in a single block and limits the number of cables on the desk.

Power: tower advantage

If you’re looking for the best possible performance, both in terms of speed and graphics, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for on the trick side. Indeed, all-in-one computer lines are rarely geared towards the goal of an excellent graphics card for video, for example.

As an avid gamer, you’ll undoubtedly prefer to use a classic rook, because you’ll find it easier to obtain configurations that provide an optimal gaming experience.

Mobility: all-in-one advantage

If you’re looking for mobility for your computer, make sure you don’t get the debate wrong: you may need a laptop, not a tower or an all-in-one model. Nevertheless, when it comes to this issue, the all-in-one computer is awarded the mobility point without any hesitation.

You won’t be able to take it with you every day to your place of study or work, but it will still be a good compromise if it has to change room or house occasionally, for example. No connection to make (except for the keyboard/mouse combo) and relatively easy to move around: the all-in-one PC will follow you more easily as your needs dictate.

Scalability: Turn advantage

For all those who like to tinker, the tower remains the best compromise. Concretely, you can very simply buy a rather classic model, with the aim of then boosting it by adapting it to your uses (add of the components such as RAM, insert a new graphics card, replace the Hard Disk etc.). Of course, to embark on such customizations, you need to take the time to learn about the parts that are compatible with your hardware and the right ways to make the changes (don’t hesitate to consult the experts in the community).

On the other hand, if you want to change something inside an all-in-one PC, you might be disappointed. As with laptops, we are very limited in this area. This type of device is dangerous to dismantle and even for people who already have some knowledge in this field, it is not recommended to do so!

Display technologies (touch, display quality): all-in-one advantage

The screens of all-in-one computers clearly display higher ambitions than those of conventional monitors. Often they include touch, which makes for a truly attractive user experience.

In addition, the dimensions very frequently exceed 20 inches, with consequent efforts, at manufacturer level, on the resolution and quality of the display. The advantage on this point is rather on the side of the all-in-one computer.

However, if you attach a lot of importance to this criterion, you can naturally invest in a nice screen connected to a tower, knowing that the power of the graphics card also plays on the display.

Quality/price ratio: to be judged according to each person’s priorities!

First of all, if you are looking for the fastest computer possible, you will inevitably get a better quality/price ratio with a tower. This will be the case for gamers, but also for anyone who wants a truly versatile PC, because they perform complex tasks such as Video Editing or photo editing

However, if you need the convenience of an all-in-one computer, you’ll be able to find models that perform well enough for all kinds of users. At the same configuration, the all-in-one will be more expensive, but it will satisfy you more if you want mobility and if you don’t have enough room for a tower.

For smaller configurations and less intensive use, good value for money can be found in both towers and all-in-ones. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the entry-level and lowest fares, you’d better go for the tower, which is more economical.

Learn more about the components that affect the speed of your computer

All in all, the price/performance ratio can be found on any PC, whether it is a tower or an all-in-one PC. The choice will depend above all on your own needs, as each solution has its Advantages and disadvantages Scalability and performance are good for the tower, but mobility and user experience are good for the all-in-one: the match remains extremely tight, the outcome will depend on everyone’s preferences!

Model selection

Whether you’re leaning towards the desktop with a classic tower or an all-in-one PC, now is the time to choose a model. The choice criteria will obviously depend on your budget, your uses and therefore on the more or less powerful components that integrate the computer.

You will find a wide range of pre-assembled tours in the shop or on the internet. Even if they are more scalable than an all-in-one PC they are less scalable than when you choose a case and decide which components to integrate yourself. If you are not ready to do this assembly, component vendors provide this service for a few extra euros. And as all needs vary, ask for advice on the choice of your components, specifying the use you wish to make of this machine.

To choose the configuration of your tower: ask for advice in the forum choices and purchases

There is also a wide range of all-in-one computers and the choice will also depend on your design tastes. If you opt for an all-in-one machine, it is because there is not enough space and the machine will therefore be directly visible in your home. Here are a few examples below with each manufacturer’s own design. Once you’ve found the style you want, choose the version that suits your budget and your needs. As with laptops you can vary the price depending on processor power, amount of memory, storage space and graphics card.

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