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Dentures or Implants: That Is the Question

Teeth loss can lead to adverse effects. You could lose your confidence because you are not able to smile as you once did. Speech is also affected since most of the pronunciation of words depends on the position of your tongue to your teeth. Feeding habits are also affected here.

A loss in teeth could mean that you cannot eat some of the foods you used to. When this happens, considering dental implants cost is a logical step.

How Dentures Work

Dentures are such replacements for your missing teeth that can be removed at will. There are two core types of dentures: either partial or full. Dentures are designed to fit over your gums. The acrylic base covers your gum and the palate as well if placed on the upper jaw. When the denture is placed on the lower jaw, it takes a C-shape to accommodate your tongue.

These new teeth might initially be uncomfortable for the wearer. This extends to mouth activities like speaking and eating. Moreover, there could be some irritation associated with getting dentures. Eventually, both your cheeks and tongue will learn how to hold them in place, but the wearer may also experience some soreness and excess saliva in the meantime. If you got the dentures at a young age, the changes in your mouth might warrant you to go for a replacement.

Dentures are much more labor-intensive than the other solutions available for teeth replacement. For starters, the acrylic base that the fake teeth are supported on is fragile. Whenever you take them off, you should always take care to make sure they do not get damaged. It could be that they do not fit as well and so some adhesive is used to improve their stability.

How Implants Work

Having implants is generally better than using dentures. The intensive care one must take when handling dentures is already a turnoff for people looking to replace their missing teeth. Implants work by inserting a metal root into the jawbone where the missing tooth is located. The metal root then gets a crown attached to it that resembles the lost tooth. The crowns are made to look like your natural tooth. It could be an incisor, molar, or even canine. These replacements are permanent, and they help stimulate natural teeth better than dentures. Dental implants cost is more affordable than having dentures.

A bridge is another method of replacing lost teeth. It works best when the missing teeth are about two or three and are right next to each other. Crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth still left in your mouth then a fake tooth is attached to both of the crowns. The materials used to make these bridges vary from gold to porcelain and even zirconium.

Implants could also be implemented using a bridge. The expected scenario is similar to when you would get a bridge. That is, the missing tooth or teeth are adjacent to teeth left in the mouth. A bridge is placed over two or more implants.

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