Deku Cries as he Begs His Classmates

Do you ever get bored of your daily grind? Do you ever feel like something should be done about it? Maybe you feel you could be making more of an impact on the world, and you just aren’t. Well, if you feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick, you’re not alone.

As Deku thought he was all alone in the world, he discovered that he wasn’t. As he silently wept and apologised to his classmates for his actions, he discovered that he wasn’t the only one feeling alone in the world. They all had it rough, and didn’t want to be here anymore. The only solution, Deku thought, was to go away for a while and make it all better for the others. However, the road to recovery was long, and the others doubted his intentions.

final chapter of the manga Boku no Hero Academia has finally been published. As expected, the students of class 1-A of the academy were confronted with the user One for all. The cliffhanger of this chapter has excited fans, so much so that most of them are now looking forward to Chapter 321 of My Hero Academia.

Earlier, in chapter 320, the confrontation between Decu and his classmates was described. The chapter begins with Bakugu teasing Izuku Midoriya, telling him that he and his classmates already know that he could use some quirks. Deku thanked them for coming, but instead of going with his classmates, Deku used a smoke screen and tried to escape. His escape attempt failed, however, as his classmates managed to catch him.

He tried to escape several times without hurting his classmates, but ultimately failed. When the manga ends, Deku’s mask has been removed from his face. Before Deku could say anything, the former One for All user started crying. Deku understood the concern of his classmates and asked them to leave him alone and deal with the situation.

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Chapter 321 Predictions

As you can see in the last part of chapter 320, it looks like Deku won’t stop there. But because they know his classmates are concerned about him, they will insist and may continue to hold him back. Since he is already tired and exhausted, it is likely that we will see him being dragged across the academy by his fellow students. Let’s see how events unfold in the next installment of the manga Boku no Hero Academia.

Chapter 321 Date of release

Will there be a delay in the next chapter of the manga Boku no Hero Academia? Unfortunately, the manga series will be interrupted for a week. The reason was that the Olympics were going on in Japan. This only means that we can participate the following Sunday, the 1st. August 2021, the 321st chapter of My Hero Academia.

You can read Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 321 at official manga distributors such as Manga Plus and Viz Media. Manga Plus is available on iOS and Android devices. So if you’re following the series on a mobile device, we highly recommend downloading the official Manga Plus app.

Chapter 321 Spoiler

Spoilers and raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 321 are not available at this time. Normally the rough scans and first spoilers in English are released two or three days before the official release of the manga. We will update this post as soon as spoilers or raw scans of Boku no Hero Academia chapter 321 appear online.

on My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a wayward boy who dreams of becoming a superhero. One day Izuka meets All Might, the number one professional hero. All Might decided to make Izuka the successor to One for All Quirk. Little by little, Izuku began to learn how to properly use the power he had acquired to save the world and become the number one hero.

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga went into mass production in July 2014 and was part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Since its publication, the series has grown to a total of 30 volumes. Boku no Hero Academia has also been the subject of its own anime adaptation and several cartoons.

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