Death Trash advanced tips, tricks, and hints

I recently learned that there are ‘death trash’ items that can be sold to the local shopkeeper. These items will make the shopkeeper angry, and he will occasionally throw them into the trash. After doing this, the player will be able to retrieve them and sell them to other players in the area. ‘Death trash’ are buried in different locations all over the map. The total number of ‘death trash’ items is greater than 100, and each ‘death trash’ item has a unique amount of gold in it. Here are the locations of every ‘death trash’ item that can be sold:

Death Trash is a free to play action RPG where you play as a wraith out to get your revenge. You must level up to get skills, buy equipment and items, and complete quests. We offer a variety of helpful tips on leveling, free to play items, equipment, and leveling tips.

Trash is a challenging game that is difficult to navigate at first. The world is big, scary, and full of statistics and possibilities that you probably don’t understand. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, there’s more lurking beneath the surface that you probably don’t realize. This guide covers some of the more advanced tips and tricks that will help you in the game.

Luring enemies into mines

Screenshot Often in Death Trash, you have nothing to do but fight two or three enemies at once. The problem is that this could be a death sentence. Enemies in this game suffer significant losses, so you need to find a way to even the odds. In some areas you will see black devices with red flashing lights on the ground. These are the mines. Once you’ve caught the attention of a group of enemies, run to the mine and go around them. This will attract your enemies, who will shoot him, after which he will explore and probably kill them all. All you have to do after that is clean up.

Kill carnivorous worms

Screenshot word-image-10973 If you put a few points into the Animalism skill, you can probably tame the meatworms that crawl around in almost every place in the game. If you tame them, you can cast spells on them and have them attack your enemies. You can also kill them and eat their flesh. It may sound cruel, but if you’re tight on cash and need a boost for your health, their meat is the freshest.

Stop to replenish concentration energy

Screenshot word-image-10974 As long as you use stealth, you use valuable focus energy with each step. What you may not know is that you can give Focus energy without exposing yourself. Stay where you are while the enemy can’t see you, and wait for the meter to fill up again. After that, you can continue to sneak around without being noticed. You only run the risk of being seen if your opponent’s red viewing cone stays above you for too long.

You can sell vomit

One of the unique aspects of Death Trash is the special vomit button. Click on it and your character will vomit up all the food still in his stomach. You may not have known that it can be collected and sold to resellers. There are even NPCs in the world that will actively vomit for you. It may sound disgusting, but a good source of money is collecting the vomit these NPCs leave behind and selling it to merchants. This requires little effort on your part and brings you one step closer to shiny new implants.

Stab enemies in the back for direct damage

Screenshot word-image-10975 Normally, when you’re sneaking around in Death Trash, you try not to get too close to the enemies. Discretion is the best way to avoid conflict. However, you can approach some enemies and stab them in the back. Just like in Dark Souls it does a huge amount of damage before the fight even starts. This makes the inevitable confrontations much easier and allows you to destroy at least one enemy before his friends join in.

Patrolling route monitoring

Screenshot word-image-10976 You’d think all the enemies in Death Trash would be wandering aimlessly, but that’s not the case. Each has a purpose, and most have a patrol that they religiously adhere to. You can use this to your advantage. If you see multiple enemies in a room or area in front of you, switch to stealth mode and keep an eye on them. You’ll see opportunities to distract an enemy from his friends or simply destroy him before others show up.

Talk to everyone before you go any further

Screenshot word-image-10977 Some areas of Death Trash are small, but others are huge and full of NPCs. Make sure you don’t leave the area without talking to everyone. For some NPCs, their name is displayed as ??? to indicate that you can have an important conversation with them. However, there are many NPCs in hard to reach places that can give you important quests or items. Pay close attention to what each one says, because often you can get a clue about something without getting a quest marker. There are even NPCs living underground, hiding from the humans on the surface. Search every nook and cranny of this game. There’s always something. You just have to find a way to get there. Watch out for spiders. They’ll ground you and kill you before you can do anything.

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